You Found the Grappling Hook

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You Found the Grappling Hook is a platform game where you get trapped in a cave and need to escape.

You will need to use the grappling hook to travel across the large chasms. When you eventually reach the pickaxe, you have 7 minutes to return to the beginning across the 16 other rooms (four of which are vertical), taking as much gold as possible.


  • Use left or right to moe.
  • Up and Down climd and descend ropes.
  • X Jumps. When jumping, X fires grappling hook.
  • Z uses item. On ground, it a pickaxe. In air, it's the hover boots.

The grappling hook is fired to the left or right. It can also be used to climb some walls when tapped repeatedly. Releasing X detaches the grappling hook from a surface.


  • The room after the corner has a nice vein before the two moving spike floors.
  • After the long, low-ceiling room, you are in a room with plenty of gold, appearing on the first platform and the cliff up.
  • After this room, there is a small vein in the middle platform.
  • The safe entrance room also has gold as well.

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