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Welcome to IndieFAQs! Our goal is to provide a central database of walkthroughs and FAQs for independent games. As it's a wiki, anyone visiting the site is free to add their own guides.

  • What qualifies as an indie game?: We don't feel it's necessary to be too strict about definitions for the purposes of this site. If you can't find a FAQ on, consider it an indie game!
  • Why create this site?: Because we figured having a central place to go to find walkthroughs for indie games would be useful. Walkthroughs for difficult indie games can be tricky to find, especially if it's been a while since the release. Having a place to store them means there's no danger of the walkthrough disappearing once the initial activity around the game's died down.


Looking for a new game? Try browsing games by category. Looking for a walkthrough? Simply type the name of the game into the searchbar at the side, or find it on the site's Master List in the "All Games" category.

If you can't find a walkthrough the game you're looking for, you could try asking for help over at the forums. Alternatively, if you manage to find a walkthrough somewhere else, consider coming back to add a link to it yourself for other users!

There is a To Do list on the site which lists a number of games that will likely be added to the wiki in the near future - feel free to suggest additions or priorities!

In general, though: if you're looking for help with a flash game, try searching the archives at JayIsGames - they frequently compile walkthroughs for difficult flash games from the comments. If you're looking for help with Interactive Fiction, try searching the Key & Compass IF walkthrough guides, or look for the game on Baf's Guide to the Interactive Fiction Archive.


If you'd like to help, there are quite a few things you can do:

  • Submit a Walkthrough: The best thing you can do to help the site is to submit content to it. If you've mastered a game, feel free to add a page for your walkthrough to the wiki. You can find a list of games on the wiki that need walkthrough information here.
  • Add a link: If you know of a walkthrough to an indie game that isn't on the site, it would be a big help to add a link to it on the appropriate game page.
  • Add a Game: Each game needs a portal page listing all the walkthroughs for it, along with a description of the game. If you'd like to see a particular game given a walkthrough you could add the game's page yourself to save someone else the hassle. To add a game, type its name into the search box and hit go. You will be prompted to create a page for the game if it doesn't already exist.
  • Add a Mirror: Part of the point of this site is to provide a mirror for all these walkthroughs so that even if the original site goes down, there's still a backup. If you come across a walkthrough that doesn't have a local mirror here, feel free to add one! (Unless the walkthrough asks that you don't do this).


New to wikis? You can get some basic editing help here.