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Welcome to IndieFAQs! Our goal is to provide a central database of walkthroughs and FAQs for independent games. As it's a wiki, anyone visiting the site is free to add their own guides.

Looking for help with an indie game? Simply type the name of the game into the searchbar at the side, or find it on the site's Master List in the "All Games" category. If you can't find a walkthrough for the game you're looking for, you could try asking for help over at the forums.

For more information about the site and help on contributing, see the about page.


8th July '09:

Ok! So, due to the high volume of spam recently and the low activity of the site, I've disabled user registration completely. Sorry to put such a high barrier to participation. If you'd like to contribute to the site, great! Get in touch and I'll happily set up an account for you :)

14th September '08:

Sorry it's been so quiet around here lately. Want to help administrate the site? Get in touch!

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