The Sandbox of God

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The Sandbox of God

From the official webpage:

"The Sandbox of god is a puzzle at heart, where every decision you make affects your outcome in the end.

For instance: I can use each godly power only once. So say I use the rain function. Then I make a comet hit the earth. The ground, being mushy, allows the comet to get stuck in the ground and become a mountain.

BUT if I use the comet function first, the comet will leave a big crator. THEN by using a rain function, I can fill the hole with water, making a lake.

This is only the tip of the iceburg, folks. Heavily inspired by GROW, it has taken off like wildfire and is one of the most popular games we've done to date."



There are two walkthroughs available.

The first is a non-spoiler hint guide for the game.

The second is a full spoiler walkthrough which is only recommended as a last resort, as it defeats the purpose of the game a bit.