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OH NO! Someone stole Stargirl' Starscooter! She must get it back!!


An incomplete let's play is found on Youtube: <youtube>TIM1TDV0eag</youtube>

Level 6-1b

You need to keep hitting the incoming bullet with bombs. In general, this is a memorization course, since the camera is scrolling at a fixed rate.

  1. First bomb is accessible.
  2. Second bomb is on the crushing piston. When it opens and has the wall visible behind it, run and jump to reach it.
  3. Third bomb is on the ground in the alcove about one screen after the yellow barricade. Run along the ground until you enter the alcove.
  4. Fourth bomb is up a ladder.
  5. Fifth is a rolling bomb.


There's two endings, the second one available if you get at least 40 coins.