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Mirrored from http://crystalshard.net/?f=theft_wt on 2nd January '08' by Terry

Art of Theft

*** Introduction ***
Trilby: Art of Theft is a stealth platform game by Ben Croshaw aka
Yahtzee, http://www.fullyramblomatic.com/

This walkthrough written by Radiant, http://crystalshard.net
It's not officially endorsed or anything, I just like the game.
With thanks to the bigbluecup and invisionfree forums.

*** Upgrades ***
You can make life very difficult for yourself by not choosing your upgrades
carefully. It is advised to take roll, locksmith/2 and locksmith/3 as early
as possible, as they allow access to many different areas.

Other skills that can make your life easier include sidle.

You can earn about 4000 RP total over the entire game, and at least 2000
more in the master challenge. The reported maximum is 8802 points. Note that
this is not enough to buy every upgrade, which would require 12250 RP.

Roll: Very useful. Many areas are only accessible by rolling.
Flit: I've never used it. It's very circumstantial; it does make you
  slightly faster, but only backwards, and it's only useful if you actually
  do end up in a shadow, or directly underneath a camera.
Gecko hold: The only point of this skill is to hide in full light, which can
  improve your speed in scenario 6 particularly. It is impractical for
  beginners; it takes too long to set up, and you'll fall down after five
  seconds, and it doesn't hide you from laser beams.
Spider hold: The upgrade to Gecko hold has no time limit. But since the point
  of the game is to move swiftly, hiding on the ceiling indefinitely is not
  going to help.
Sidle: Mainly useful for crossing multiple laser beams, as occuring in some
  of the later scenarios.
Sugar rush: Can be used to dodge an alarm or two, but you'll be fine
  without it. It lasts too short to be really effective. It's nice to
  have for the boss battle, or the occasional tough spot.
Bargain hunter: This makes it easier to pass a scenario's loot quota, but it
  is not required to get the maximum rank for loot collection. It does,
  however, allow you to do it faster. Not recommended for first playthrough.
Lower standards: Doesn't make enough of a difference to be really useful.
  Besides, you get higher ranks for triggerering no alarms period.
Sadist: Useless, as tasering people isn't really needed at any point in
  the game, and you get higher ranks for not tasering at all.
Locksmith/2: Very useful, as many areas are only accessible by lockpicking.
Locksmith/3: Again, very useful, for the same reason.
Cracksman: Not needed, safecracking isn't that hard. This makes the safe
  wheels spin slightly slower.
Reasonable doubt: Useful for improving your time and getting T ranks, as it
  makes it easier to run past human guards without them noticing.
Electrician: Useless; just write down which wire you need to cut. Apparently
  this upgrade doesn't always set off the alarm when you pick the wrong
Into shadow: Fun to play around with, but expensive, so be careful with your
  RP when aiming for this upgrade. Note that it doesn't work against
  laser beams. This is a nice goal for a second playthrough. You can afford
  it after completing all seven scenarios with just the Roll and Locksmith/3
Forgetfulness: It's okay for passing the last few scenarios, but remember
  you get a higher rank for not triggering alarms at all. However, this is
  very useful for completing the master challenge.

*** Tricks ***
Cameras cannot spot you if you stand directly underneath them.
You can actually walk past guards if you do it quickly enough, because when
they look at you they go "?" and it takes them a few seconds to actually
spot you.
If a guard spots you, you can rush up to him and taser him, before he rings
the alarm. Note that if you stand too close, you will taser PAST him, and
If a guard or camera spots you, if you are near the edge of the screen, run
off-screen quickly and the alarm won't trigger.
Remember that turning around is rather slow, and that Trilby will turn to
the right before jumping upwards.
Rolling off the edge of the screen makes you roll into the next screen as
well, which is slightly faster than walking.
When you repeat a scenario, you will only earn RP for purchasing upgrades
if you got more RP in the mission than you did earlier. For instance, if
you complete a mission once with 100 RP, then once again with 120, you gain
20 additional RP.
If you don't go through doors you unlock, you can in many cases unlock them
again from the other side for more RP. However, because of the previous
point, this is only helpful if doing so doesn't cause you to fail the time
limit (because if you are too slow, you gain less RP for completion).

*** Scenarios ***
(1) Par time 2:00, loot $635, 3 alarms, 3 tasers, my time 1:17 (T)
You can boost to the third floor from your starting position.
Clip the RED wire in the wire box to disable the cameras.
The flashing light doesn't actually light up long enough for the guard
to ever see you.

(2) Par time 1:30, loot $900, 3 alarms, 3 tasers, my time 1:08 (T)
The GREEN wire temporarily disables the lasers, once; however, the keypad
in the top left corner permanently disables those lasers. The code is on
the paper in the top right. Doing both of these gives you more RP.

(3) Par time 3:00, loot $1005, 3 alarms, 4 tasers, my time 2:42 (T)
Once again you can boost to the upper floor from your starting position.
This is necessary to avoid the first camera.
The toilet contains loot. Don't forget the various suitcases either.
This scenario has two screens, walk to the far right to access the next.
You can drop down from the right part of the attic to the laundry room.
The RED wire disables the lights on the lower floors.
The note on the bottom floor tells you which doors to open. You can enter
the two vacant rooms for loot; enter Perota's room last. Don't enter the
other three, but you can pick their locks for a few RPs.

(4) Par time 3:00, loot $845, 2 alarms, infinite tasers, my time 1:43 (A)
You must tap the X and Z buttons rapidly to avoid being brainwashed.
Unless you have either sidle, or both roll and locksmith/2, you cannot
avoid the laser directly below the entrance.
Ignore the file cabinet between the lasers, it's not necessary.
The GREEN wire disables the cameras.
The BLUE wire in the cellar disables the camera.
Note for optimizing this scenario, that the alarm count and taser count
are NOT reset when getting captured and having to restart the level.

(5) Par time 5:00, loot $1165, 4 alarms, 4 tasers, my time 4:10 (A)
This scenario CANNOT be completed without upgrades. You will need either
the roll or locksmith/2 to be able to reach sufficient loot.

Walk slowly past the sleeping people.
Both bathrooms contain loot, as does the fridge, and the bag on the roof.
The RED wire on the first screen temporarily disables the spotlight at the
bottom. Move there quickly to get the loot.
The BLUE wire on the right screen disables the television in the building.
The GREEN wire on the left screen disables the camera directly overhead.
If you have the roll upgrade, you can open the bottom left safe. To find
the keypad code, first read the note on the right screen. Then check out
the washing machine on the left screen. You should now have the titles of
two books. Check the corresponding shelves on the far left for both sides
of the code.

(6) Par time 4:20, loot $1365, 4 alarms 3 tasers, my time 5:50 (B)
This scenario is going to be very difficult without certain upgrades,
because there are a lot of laser beams to cross later in the scenario.
Using both roll and locksmith/3 is one way of doing it; sidling a lot
is another.

Welcome to the hardest level in the game.
On the first screen, read the three notes and add their numbers. Check
the wine rack in the bottom left, then enter the code on the keypad that
The BLUE wire disables the vertical lasers.
In the second room, the RED wire disables many lights throughout the room.
In the third room, the GREEN wire makes the lasers easier to bypass.
You can't actually roll underneath the lasers; be prepared to take a few
alarm hits, or use the sidle upgrade.

(7) Par time 5:40, loot $970, 4 alarms, 4 tasers, my time 7:52 (B)
As the note on the top floor states, push the brick two steps left from
the rightmost pipe to open the door.
Cut the GREEN wire to open the correct toilet door. Afterwards, cut either
other wire to open both other doors.
The first digit is on the paper in the upper right toilet. The second
digit is on the paper between the bunks. The third digit is at the start
of the third room.
Dodge the big lasers by hiding and/or crouching behind the crates.
In the final room, search under 'T' for Trilby, then afterwards under
'E' for Elizabeth, as well as 'C' for company.
Then it is time for the boss fight!
It's not that hard, just use rolls and/or sugar rush to evade the flying
things, and zap the loose wire with your umbrella. Whenever the guy says
something, quickly press Enter and ignore it. Repeat five times.
Of course, it's a load-bearing boss. Quickly retrace your steps!! The
fastest way up is through the toilet shaft.

Master challenge, my time 26:54 (B)
You get to play all seven scenarios in a row, with a grand maximum of
seven alarms and seven tasers. This is going to be tough...
The good point is, if you succeed, you'll easily get 2000 RPs. Not that
you'll need them... :)
Because of a bug, the game will clear your RP after the third scenario,
so don't bother optimizing the first three. Also, the sugar rush will
work only once during the entire challenge.

*** Rankings ***
Time: you get a T rating for making par time. You probably get an A for a
  minute more, a B for two minutes more, and a C above that, or something
Loot: you get a T rating for 100% loot. Apparently you get an A for at least
  2/3rds of the loot, a B for at least half, and a C below that. In some
  scenarios, you can get a few pieces above the "total" loot.
Alarms: you get a T rating for zero alarms, A for one, B for two, C for more.
Tasers: you get a T rating for zero tasers, A for one, B for two, C for more.
Your total rating is the average of the above four, rounded down.
You gain 200 extra RP for a T rank, 100 for A, 50 for B, and 20 for C.

Note that the Lower Standards, Sadist, and Forgetfulness upgrades do not
improve your ranks for alarms and tasers, and neither does Bargain Hunter
improve your loot rank.
On the other hand, Locksmith/3 and Roll are often needed to collect enough
loot and make it out in time.

*** Costumes ***
Costumes can be switched in your hideout. A nice touch is that the brainwash
scene looks different if you wear a different costume.

(1) Grey Pinstripe
    Available from the beginning
    Game effects: none
(2) Clanbronwyn Classic
    Available after beating scenario 4
    Game effects: none
(3) Lazy Sunday
    Available after beating scenario 7
    Game effects: you are ONLY hidden when hugging the wall in full darkness,
    or with the Into Darkness upgrade, at any time in full darkness only.
(4) Ninja Rain Gear
    Available after getting A ranks in all scenarios
    Game effects: improves your stealth a lot
(5) Gentleman Thief
    Available after beating the master challenge
    Game effects: none
(6) Menace to Society
    Available after getting an A rank on the master challenge
    Game effects: levels won't end if you run out of alarms or tasers
(7) Golden Boy
    Available after getting T ranks in all scenarios, or in the master challenge
    Game effects: it sparkles

The manual refers to a bonus for playing a certain scenario with a certain
costume. The scenario is the master challenge, and the costume is the Lazy
Sunday suit, because it makes the game much more difficult. The Forgetfulness
and Into Shadow upgrades are recommended for trying this - or Gecko Hold, which
enables you to hide anyway. It doesn't matter what score you get. The bonus is
a mini-game with a welder...