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Mirrored from on 28th Jan '08 by User:Terry.

Guide To Nelly Cootalot:(For some things, you have to option to talk to other people, but 
I will skip them if possible for speed's sake)

hint:If you are talking to someone again, it means there's a new topic that wasn't there 

Scene opens with Nelly laying in the boat. The ghost of Blackbeard appears and asks for 
her assisstance. After a cut scene, she appears on the beach.

-Walk right into the Barnacle
-Talk to Captain Rehab. Exhaust all topics.
-Talk to Barman Friday. Exhaust all topics.
-Take MAP
-Open the map by going into your inventory(right click) and using the map or by just 
clicking the word map in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Go to the market 

-Go into Bjorn and Olafssen's.
-Talk to Bjorn and Olafssen. Exhaust all topics.
-Talk to the coot if you choose, but there is nothing to do with it for now.
-Leave the store and enter the store of Babylon on the right.
-Talk to Mme Leatherette. Exhaust all topics.
-Talk to The Baron. Exhaust all topics.
-Wait until he is distracted with his reading(he'll be speaking when this happens), then 
take the INK and QUILL.
-Walk to the right of the store and go USE the white book shelf. You'll get the BOOK(the 
bird book)
-Go back out and into Bjorn and Olafssen's
-Use BOOK on the coot. Exhaust all topics
-Exit the store. Walk to the right of the street.
-Talk to the Baroness. Exhaust all topics(and get a good laugh out of it)
-OPTIONAL: Read the notice board. Every message is different, and they are rather witty.
-With your map, go to the toll booth.

-Talk to Blind Jimmy Trouble. Exhaust all topics.
-Look through the box to the left of Jimmy on the ground.
-Take the HEAVY ROCK out of the ground
-Go back to the Market Street.

-Go into the store of Babylon.
-Talk to the Baron again. 
-Leave the store. Walk right. Talk to the Baroness again.
-On your map, go the Widebeard tower

-Look into the window
-Look at the safe inside the Baron's house. Nelly says she needs the help of a more 
experienced thief.
-Climb out of the window(the arrow at the bottom right).
-Go to the Barnacle(the bar)

-Enter the Barnacle.
-Talk to Captain Rehab. He won't teach you until you prove you're a pirate. You need 
the guild's tattoo and you need to know the Pirates Oath.
-Talk to Barman Friday.
-Ask him about the tattoo.He states:
"Well a lot o'pirates tattoos are pretty ropey...
but the guild tattoo doesn't go overboard
'tis no eyesore, nothing over the top
it's not dynamite
bit it represents the black heart of every illiterate buccaneer"
These are clues to finding the tattoo you need.
-Talk to him about the oath. He'll tell you it's written on the wall. 
-Go outside and look at the graffitti
-Go to Market Street

-Go to Bjorn and Olafssen's.
-Look at tattoo stand. Take the plain SKULL AND CROSSBONES TATTOO.
-Talk to the bird about everything new. In particular, talk to him about piraglyphics. 
The coot will tell you that Bloodbeard supposedly posed as a man named John Morton 
Franklin. Keep this in mind.
-Leave and go to Widebeard Tower.

-Read the lone gravestone on the left of the hill. The gravestone reads "J. M. 
Franklin". Sound familiar? 
-Use your SPADE on the grave. You will get the PHRASE BOOK.
-LOOK at the PHRASE BOOK. On the cover, you will find a special(seemingly poorly 
spelled) code reading,"QUIK! GOWD, SLVA N C B The PRYZ!", which translates to "Quick! 
Gold, silver and sea be the prize."
-Go to the Market Street. Go to Bjorn and Olafssen's and show the coot the phrase 
-Go to the Barnacle

-Look at the graffitti on the wall. Now's your chance to crack the code. I can't really 
tell you what the code means(cause I don't know), but I can tell you that it is the only 
thing allowing you to decode the message, so it is important in that sense. The way you 
solve the message is you switch to letters at a time by clicking two letters in box on 
the bottom right side of the screen at a time until the system is solved. For instance, 
if I selected A, and then chose C, then every A in the message will become a C and every 
C will become an A.
-Remember if you are lost and feel you have screwed up beyond repair, you can reset your 
message to its default by realphabetizing the letters in the box(they were alphabetized 
when you started).
-Please try and solve it yourself(it's more fun that way). But if you are having trouble 
or if you just want to get past this as fast as possible, then scroll down to the answer.
-Okay, nosey. Since you've scrolled, I'm assuming that means you've already solved the 
puzzle and would like to check your answer. So here's the quickest way I know to solve 
this puzzle.

-Read the message
-Go into the Barnacle and Talk to Captain Rehab. Recite for him the Oath(in your face, 
Captain Rehab!)
-Now you need to show him the tattoo. But you need to make sure it's the right one first. 
Show Friday the tattoo. He will tell you it's right.
-Talk to Rehab again. Tell him you have the tattoo. He'll be convinced you were a pirate 
and admits he thought so all along(yeah F***ing right!), and gives you the 
CAT BURGLAR(how cute.)
-He offers to buy you your next drink. So take advantage and ask Friday for a bottle of 
Cat Guts(she won't drink anything else anyway.)
-Leave and go back to Widebeard Tower

Go back into the window(notice nobody's seems to care about an opened grave?).
-When you go into the window, she lets the cat out, but he stops and looks at the fish. 
You need to shield the fish from vision, so use the ink on the fish tank(it's octopus 
ink, don't worry)
[hint:IF you haven't already gotten the ink already, don't worry about it, the cat won't 
eat the fish anytime soon, so you can go back and get it. Read above if you don't know 
where to go.]
-When the cats finished, you'll have the GATE PASS. Go back to the toll booth

-Show Jimmy the gate pass. He'll open the barrier and you can get through. Hooray!
-Enter into Saul Island. As you transition, notice the sun moving, signifying the 

Walk past the huge gates to the left. Keep going to the left until you get to the monkey
-Look at the monkey(El Mono)
-Talk to him three times.
-Try walking through the doorway. A barrier will keep you from getting past. There's 
nothing you can do without magic, so go back to the wall.
-Talk to the hole in the wall left of the door.
-This nobody is persistent, so talk to them again. He will show his face this time. Talk 
to him once more to engage him in conversation.
-Exhaust all topics.He will give you FLAG BLUEPRINTS to make their flag( for the flag, 
you'll need a rainbow, a shamrock, and a big pink flag to put it on. Make sure you talk 
to him about not having enough money, and he will give you two DAALDERS.
-Go to the Barnacle.

-Go inside and to the donation box. Put one of the Daalders in, granting you access to 
the Rogue's Gallery. Go inside
-Take one of the POSTCARDS from below the bloodbeard portrait.
-Take the MOUSTACHE from the skeletons face.
-Go to Widebeard Tower

-The rope blocking the stairway to the right ofthe tower is now gone, so go up the stairs.
-Talk to Horance. Exhaust all topics.
-Now, take a good look at the dog in her arms. Notice what it has in it's mouth...
that's right, a four-leaf clover. You need to swipe the clover from the dog, so use 
the CAT BURGLAR on the dog. However, the cat isn't so brave when going up against dogs, 
so you need something to make it tougher.
-Feed the CAT GUTS to the CAT BURLGAR, turning it into a FIERCE CAT BURGLAR.
-Use the FCB on the dog. He will get you the CLOVER.
-Go back down to the ground outside the tower.
-Notice the envelope by Nelly's feet. Pick up the ENVELOPE, then read it.(hmm, how very 
-Go back up to the roof and talk to Horence again. Exhaust all new topics.(a gift voucher 
to the Store of Babylon? Sounds tempting.)
-You want that gift voucher, so you need to pretend you are Angelo Lightfoot, so how would 
you go about doing that? Horence says he has a moustache, so use the moustache you got 
from the Rogue Gallery, disguising yourself.
-Talk to Horence, now as Angelo Lightfoot(pilot extraordinaire). You only have to give 
her one compliment, but you can say all four if you want to hear her remarks to each.
-Go down to the pipe by the foot of the ladder and try to open it. She can't get it open 
with her bare hands. So use the HEAVY ROCK on the pipe twice.(I'll bet you were 
wondering when you would finally use it.) Notice the sound echoes up to the end of the 
pipe directly under the ship.
-Talk into the pipe. This will trigger a small cut scene.
-With your newly obtained GIFT VOUCHER, head to the Market Street

-Walk into the Store of Babylon and talk to Mme Leatherette again. Her delivery of pink 
flags didn't come in(Damn sea monsters!), but apparently the Baroness' drawers will fit 
the bill quite nicely.
-Leave the store and walk right. Talk to the Baroness again. She immediately dislikes her 
pink drawers after she finds out they're out of fashion, but she needs something to 
replace them. She wants something cutting-edge, daring, and scandalous. But remember, 
she won't accept anything from Nelly. Keep this in mind.
-Go back into Babylon and talk to Leatherette.
-She'll reveal to you a section of rather....intriguing underwear. As much as I'm sure 
you'd like to see Nelly in one of them, she won't buy any for herself.
-Look at all of the underwear. All of them fit atleast one of the qualities the 
baroness is looking for, but only the Saucy Sue fits all of the qualities(the big 
-Ask Horence to buy the Saucy Sue(don't talk to her. Click on the Saucy Sue and select 
use.)She'll throw the price your way(expensive!).
-Lucky for you you've got a voucher. Use the VOUCHER on Mme Leatherette. She will accept 
it, and you can get your underwear(for the Baroness of course.)
('I wonder what was in that box titled, "Moby Dick"')
-Go back outside and try to give the Baroness the underwear. She won't accept it from a 
pirate, however. She wants it from someone notable. Perhaps a suave, italian macho man?
-Use your moustache disguise again. Offer the underwear to her as Angelo Lightfoot
(jet-setting fashion guru) She will accept it and change right away(EEWWWW!!), leaving 
her old pink underwear behind.
-Pick up the underwear
-You now have two of the things you need. Now for the rainbow.
-If you haven't noticed by now, the 'hook-a-duck' game that was closed before is now 
open. Talk to the man standing there. Exhaust all topics. When you ask about the prizes, 
he states the following:
one duck=seawater
two ducks=telephone diectory
three ducks=penny whistle
four ducks=potted cactus
five ducks=shell necklace
six ducks=playing cards
seven ducks=rainbow scarf
eight ducks=Baron Widebeard's spoken-word album.

-As interesting as local seawater sounds, the only one you're interested in is the 
rainbow scarf. But lets hold off on the game for a second.
-Go into Bjorn and Olafssen's.
-Offer them the POSTCARD in exchange for the ihook. They want a signature to prove its 
-Use the QUILL on the POSTCARD, and Nelly will sign it(totally legit)
-Give B&O the newly signed postcard, and they will trade it for the ihook
-Go back to the hook-a-duck game and give your last daalder to play the game.

-To play Hook-a-Duck, grab the hooked stick on the side of the stall. You have to hold 
the stick while you play. Simply click on the loops abovethe ducks head to catch them
-after playing once, you'll soon find out this game is a little unfair. 
-Talk to the man again, and he will give you your daalder back.
-Give it another try. This time, right after you pick up the hooked stick, hurry and use 
the magnetic ihook with the stick to switch hooks. You have to be quick to give yourself 
enough time to catch the seven needed to get the rainbow scarf(there's a very short time 
limit). The ducks won't move while you're in your inventory screen, so you just have 
to be quick on the draw.[Hint:If you don't get seven, you can always tryagain by 
returning your prize. You can do this as many times as it takes]
-After you get seven, you'll obtain the RAINBOW SCARF
-now that you have the three items, use the SCARF with the UNDERTHINGS, then use the 
CLOVER with the UNDERTHINGS. you now have yourself a flag.
-Go to the Gate on Saul Island.

-Give the flag to the leprachaun and he will put it up right away(much to the pleasure 
of his leppey friends).
-After the cutscene, pick up the ORANGE
-Try to throw the orange into the Monkey's mouth. Apparently Nelly didn't play alot of 
softball as a kid.
-Pick up the orange again.
-Walk over to the pipe(slightly above the furnace) and use the heavy rock to bash it 
away(breaking the machine).
-Use the orange with the pipe, and it will shoot into El Mono's mouth, stopping the 
-Enter the cave

-POOR SPOONBEAKS! Walk into the doorway to the left, and you will be trapped(there's 
nothing else to do, so don't worry about missing anything.
-After a cutscene, you will have your choice of dialogue. There are 50 different 
choices to make on your dislogue, but only one will get you past this part, though 
you should try atleast some of them to hear some funny remarks from the Baron. To get 
past, you have to say the following:
1. I can help you.
2. I can give you information
3. Information about pirates
4. Pirate codes.

-After that, you will give him your phrase book and he will crack down on trying to 
figure out the message on the wall.
-Pick up the LOOSE PEBBLES on the ground.
-Flick one stones at the bell, causing a loud noise. While the noise is going on, 
quickly use the crank to the left of Nelly. Then use the buttons behind her.
-For this part, the only thing you need to worry about is the magnet. you have to get 
the magnet right above the Baron by moving the lever up and down between the four 
notches, then pressing the large button onthe control panel to move the three parts. 
Again, try to figure it out yourself, but if you can't, simply follow these directions 
Give up? Here is the answer. For quick reference, I will refer to the notches a 1-4. The 
top is 1, and the bottom is 4.
-Press the button with the picture of the magnet, and the Baron will be lifted up by his 
iron feet, trapping him. Then, frilly leprechauns will come and beat him up, taking his 
gold and releasing the fowl from their prison(no I'm not making this up). This will 
trigger a long cutscene.

Congratulations! You've beaten the game(but what's this? A possible sequel? Stay tuned). 
Hope you had fun!