Mondo Agency

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Mondo Agency

From author's description: "This is cactus entry for the winter competition at

"Welcome to Mondo Agency! An eerie cyber FPS with horror and puzzle elements. As an agent it is your mission to kill laser indians and save the president!

Turn off your lights and turn up your speakers for maximum enjoyment!""

Mondo Agency is the sequel to Mondo Medicals.



Cactus has a full video walkthrough up on YouTube. Each video shows two levels each.

<youtube>HbGK6Ue9GL4</youtube> Submission 1 & 2

<youtube>V717NAWobEk</youtube> Submission 3 & 4

<youtube>4XrOWp2CAPc</youtube> Submission 5 & 6

<youtube>MwYDNsZQDzY</youtube> Submission 7 & 8

<youtube>deIv4R1vdbg</youtube> Final Submission and End