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A great Roguelike/RPG/IF game that takes place in a fantasy world called Phenomedom. You play the role of a "Manipulator" (Magic User) who has woken up in his cell, deep in the bowels of the Boogadah jail with minimal memories intact. As you explore Phenomedom, the plot unfolds through paragraphs you unlock by finding a green ? or saying the right thing to an NPC.

official page

Legerdemain at Encyclopedia Gamia


The author actually said he didn't want people to make a walkthrough, but that he was planning one that would fit the game nicely and not ruin the experience too much. I was thinking some small guides would be nice in the meantime though. Like maybe spell, item, and creature lists. A list of all the whispers would be nice too (they are essentially in game hints, but it takes a long time to get them all). Maybe some guidelines for how different skills work, and some startup strategies for each of the five philosophies. It's hard to tell how far along in the game I am, but I might be about halfway? Anyways if I have time i'll start posting some incomplete versions of the previously mentioned lists, as well as my take on some startup strategies (I have one of each class at level 5). I think anybody who doesn't mind ascii graphics and likes plot should play this, as it's well written, challenging, and fun.