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Written by Kon-Tiki
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Go outside and enter the house left of the fountain.
In there, talk to the elder.
Leave the house again and go north of the fountain.
You can now pass the gates.


Follow the lower edge of the forest until you reach a passage,
blocked by three blocks. Push the sidemost two down,
then push the middle one sideways. Go down to the next screen,
hop onto the moving platform and fall into the small pit behind it.
In the cave you're in now, just follow the road
until you find a hopping mushroom. Step on the switch and the door'll open.
Move into the room that now opened up and get the sword,
then move out of the cave again. Move up again, push the blocks
the same way as before, but up instead of down,
and move back to the screen to the left.

Now go around the middle row of trees and up, to the next screen.
Here, you have a closed door, two blue switches and a block.
Push the block up 4 times, then left 2 times, so it's on the rightmost
blue switch. Then stand on the left switch to open the door.

Take the left path and follow until you come to a closed door.
Beat all enemies on the screen here to open it up.
The next room will have two blocks, some bushes and three switches,
along with another closed door.

Push the upper block up once, then right once. Then push the lower block up,
then right onto the lowest switch. Push the top block onto the leftmost switch
and stand on the right switch to open the door.
Get the key and go back to the place with the 2 switches and 1 block,
where you took the left branch in the road.
Take the right one and open the door with the key you just got.

Go down and follow the path, either avoiding or killing the spitting plants.
Take the path upwards. Set the left dial to 4 (by hitting it with your sword)
and the right dial to 3. Get the key and go back and left
(down is just a hint to the dials) Follow the path, then in the room with the
two running goblin things, go up. Enter the cave and defeat the monster,
then step on the switch at the end of the corridor.
Go through the door that now opened up, and watch out for the hopping mushrooms
that're hidden there. Follow the corridor and exit through the door at the end
of it. Go right and kill the mosquitos. Open the door and continue right.

The next room has a round ball (ever seen a cubic ball?) with a face.
First follow the path and clear the bushes out. You'll notice a stone slab at
the end of the path. The trick here is to get that ballface onto that stone
slab by hitting it with your sword. If you're bad at this, leave the room and
reenter, don't touch the ball, clear the bushes out, then stand right above
the ball and hit it. Move to the ball again, stand right above it and hit it
again. Then move to the left of the ball and hit it. Move to the left of the
ball again and hit it again. Then move to the bottom of the ball and hit it.
Repeat this, then just stand as close to the right of it as you can and hit it.
It should roll onto the slab and turn into the first spirit: the forest spirit.
Talk to it, so it'll help you out.


Go all the way back to the cave. Now, you've seen those two pegs with that
heart behind it. Use your spirit on those pegs, so you can move in and grab it.
Then continue to exit the cave. Keep the mushrooms in the top corridor in mind.
Go down and left, then two screens down again. To your left is the entrance of
the forest. Go there and up. Smash the peg and go left.

There're two spitflowers here and a mushboing bud. It's cute, isn't it?
Anyways, go further left and you'll arrive at two crazy coots:
Collector A and Collector B. Collector A will tell you that he'll give you a
treasure he found in the forest if you find 4 scitter bugs. Time to find some.
It just so happens there're some of these bugs to the left of their houses.

In the forest to the left of the collectors' houses, go down to a place with
two blue switches and a closed door. Stand inbetween them, face on of the
switches and smash it with your forest spirit. While it's smashing, stand on
the other switch and the door opens. Go down and defeat all running goblins in
the next room to open the next door. In the next room, two walking shields
monsters will close in on you. Wait til they're both really close to each
other and smash them with your forest spirit. This'll get rid of their shields.
Just whack away on them and when they're finished, the door opens up.
Before you go though, go to the upper bushes and smash the top left one to
reveal a scitterbug. Chase after it and catch it. That's 1/4.
Now go down the door and get the key, then go back to the entrance of the
scitterbug forest.

Go left and use the key on the door. Here, push the bottom tombstone left,
the right one to the right, then move up, push the top one to the left and the
second one from the top up. Go left. Now beat all mosquitos, and grab that
scitterbug that's in the middle bush from the bottom row. That's 2/4.
Smash the pegs and go up. In this room, if you look closely, you'll notice a
slight difference to the bush at the top right. Slash with your sword to reveal
a switch. Stand on it and the door will open. Go up to the next screen.
Kill both shield monsters, grab the key and... oh my, that middle bush looks
different than the other two. Let's see what's under it, shall we? Scitterbug
nr. 3! 3/4. Now let's go back down, then right. Nothing in these bushes but
food, so stock up on health while you're here if you need it. Unlock the door
and go up.

BOSS FIGHT! (Nananananananana boss fiiiiight!Boss fiiiiiight!)

This guy shoots spiked balls at you. Just hit them so they'll go away from you.
Stay close to the boss, but keep enough distance to hit those spiked balls on
time. After he spits those balls, he'll open his big, fat... eye, and that's
when he's vulnerable. Hit him with all you've got (which is why you need to
stay close) until his eye closes. Keep in mind that he tends to bounce back
across half the screen. There's usually no use in running after him, as he'll
close his eye again before you're there. He won't close his eye while getting
hit, though. Just keep at it until he's dead mea... plant. Go to the top right
corner of the screen, and lo and behold... another different-looking bush.
Whack it and grab that last scitterbug. That makes 4/4.


Now go back to the collectors' houses (if you have trouble leaving the screen,
that mini-wall at the entrance of the room can be hit) and hand the bugs to
collector 4, then get your reward: An emerald, which will give your forest
spirit a new power: Growth. This power grows Hint Mints and Mushboings.
Remember that teensieweensie little cute Mushboing we saw earlier today?
Well, that's where we're going next. Go to the right from the collectors'
houses, kill the plants, use Growth on the Mushboing and walk onto it.
You should automatically jump onto the platform above you. Now walk north to
the next screen.


Jump off the platform (by walking into the gap at the end of it) and go north.
If you grow the Hint Mint there, it will tell you to visit his buddy in town
for a hint for the dials. I suggest you go back to the town, as there's still a
heart left to grab there, which is always useful. Next is a description of how
to go back to town and back. If you don't want to do this, skip the next

Go right, then down. Grow the Mushboing and jump up the platform. Go south,
jump off the platform, then east. Smash the peg and go south twice. You're in
town now. The Hint Mint is in the Elder's garden. Enter from the rear, smash a
bush or two and grow the mint up. The heart is to the right, in the garden of
the Knowitall Brothers. Enter from the rear, smash two barrels, then get the
heart. You might also want to check up on your sister to see how she's doing,
being the good brother you are. You don't really get anything from it, except
for the warm and fuzzy feeling of having done a good thing. Leave town again
(north), north again, smash the peg, go left, grow the Mushboing and go north

When you're back, set the dials to 3 4 4 and enter the door to get the key.
Go back east, curse at the mosquitos and go south. Unlock the door there and
grow the Mushboing behind it. Jump on the platform, go south, then north
(NO, not the same end you came from. That would be dumb), then right. Hop off
the platform and free the kitten. AWWWW, FLUFFYWUFFYKITTY!
Ahem... anyways, you can go left from this screen, but that's useless,
as you'll be in a forgotten corner between those platforms you just walked
upon. Literally nothing there, not even a bush to whack or so. Instead, just
grow the Mushboing, hop on it and go right, south, then up
(NO, not the same way you just came from. That would be equally dumb as before)
and hop off the platform. Avoid or kill the shield monster thingamajing and
go north twice, into Gaju Forest. This is where little fluffywuffy kittycat
will repay you for your kindness.

In Gaju Forest, you'll see a tiny Hint Mint. When you grow it, it'll tell you
to go right, and from there on, follow the little beastie. That's our friend
kittycat. AWWWW, HOW CUUUUUTE! FLUFFYWUFFYWUFFY KITTY! Ok, anyways, here're the


This will bring you to... THE DEAD TREE OF DOOM! Or just a hollow dead tree
with a bit of a cave below it. Either way, enter the thing.

Once inside the tree, go right and enter the room there. Alternatively, you can
fall into the chasm. Both lead to the same room. Push the switch and go back.
Note the Mushboing that's now at the chasm. Grow it and use it to jump over the
chasm. Enter the room above. The Hint Mint there tells you that you should keep
up with the poundings. This one's more an Obvious Mint than a Hint Mint.
Anyways, just keep pounding the stone structure, using your forest spirit until
it breaks. This takes 3 hits, so make sure you got enough mana for it. Go into
the next room and avoid the first spike thing. You can hide in the alcoves
above the corridor and in the very center of the wall after the first one, as
that's where neither the first nor the second one can hit you. Once you're past
them, enter the stairs.

Kill all the mosquitos (just so they're out of your way) and go to the top of
the room. See the cracks? You're not heavy enough, but a good hit from a mallet
should do the trick juuuuust fine. Use the forest spirit on it to create a
hole, then fall into it. Grab the key and stand on the switch. The Hint Mint
tells you to pay attention to cracks. Bit late for that now. Exit the room
(far bottom right, in case you can't find the exit) and go back, past the
moving spikes, through the room with the stone pillar and Hint Mint, down the
chasm, up the stairs to the other side of the chasm and to the left of  that
room. Unlock the door and go down the next stairs.

Now you're in a room full of lice or two-legged grasshoppers or something like
that. Whatever they are, they're pretty nasty for a first-timer to this game.
The moment you get close enough and start hitting them, they jump away.
They're easy enough, but require some practice, so beware of them if you're
new. You'll have to kill all of them in order to open the door.

In the next room, ignore the big treestumps for now. You won't be able to hit
them yet. The Hint Mint tells you to think carefully about the order in which
you whack. This means you got to keep that spike-spitting plant alive for a
bit, but I'll get to that later. First, just go to the top right and enter the
door there. The next room will have another giant treestump. Ignore this one as
well. Make your way through the shield monsters and down to the bottom of the
screen to the next room. Now this is a familiar face... eye... plant... thing.
Just kill it in the same way you did before, go down and grab the emerald.
Forest Spirit Lucia now has a new power: heavy stamp. This one costs 6MP, which
is quite painful at the moment, but can take those big stumps out juuuust


Go back up and de-shield a couple of these shield monsters. Make sure you have
6Mp left, though, otherwise kill them all and reenter the room. When some of
these shield monsters are deshielded, they won't get in your way and'll provide
a nice source of MP after you use Heavy Stamp on the big stump at the middle of
the top corridor. Take that stump out, grab the heart behind it and finish the
deshielded monsters off to recover your mana, then leave the room at the middle
left. You'll be back at the room with the Hint Mint and the treestumps.
Remember the Hint Mint's hint? Right, mind the order in which you whack.

This points to the fact that this little piece is going to be REALLY heavy on
your MP, so make sure you're fully stocked on it and that the spike-spitting
plant is alive. Ignore it for now and take out as many stumps as you can.
When you're through the stumps, kill off the plant, gather all the coins and
continue through the corridor, to the two stone pillars. use the first power of
the forest spirit. The Heavy Stump won't work on these (and isn't economical.
The mallet will cost you 3MP on these, the Heavy Stump costs 6MP and is useless
on the pillars). Take both of them out and lo and behold: you're out of MP.

That's why you had to keep the plant alive and start using MP first. Anyways,
enough babbling. On to the next room!

In the next room, there're two blue switches, a closed door and a corridor
south. Obviously, pushing the two blue switches at once will open the door,
and as there aren't any pushable objects around, you'll need the help of your
trusty forest spirit. Only thing is... you're out of MP! Let's ignore the
switches and door at the moment and check that corridor at the south out.
Whack your way through the hopping mushrooms and... oh, it's a dead end.
Good thing you gathered the coins of those mushrooms, no? You can now use the
forest spirit for the two switches. I'll let you figure this one out, but will
give you three hints:

1) The mallet will end too fast.
2) The growth power won't do anything.
3) You'll have to be fast, or the Heavy Stamp power will be finished before you
reach the other switch.

Oh... I said I'd let you figure it out on your own. Ah well. On we go, through
the door. Judging from the pillars, the next room has a boss, so make sure
you're at full health and MP, then enter that room.

BOSS FIGHT! (Boooossy queeeen! Ooo-ooonly... ehhh... I'll shut up)

This one's nasty. The boss consists out of a central part, four buds at his
sides (one at each corner) and lots of mosquitos. The trick here is to mash
each bud into oblivion. This usually takes two Heavy Stump hits. Sounds easy?
You just do it with a group of mosquitos around you. Good thing that they take
one hit to kill and replenish quite some of your MP. Bad thing is that once you
kill one, another one takes its place. The buds produce these mosquitos, so
it's yet again in your best interest to kill as many off as fast as you can, as
that means less mosquitos to be reproduced.

Once all four buds are down, this entire boss is down, mosquitos included.
The Forest Emblem will appear. That's one, four more to go! Grab it, and Lucia
(your forest spirit) will appear. Talk to him... her... it... whatever it is,
talk and you'll go on to the next area.


As you'll go on to the next world to hunt down the next spirit and emblem, a
quick word on the areas. Each area represents a certain element. There are five
in total: Earth/forest, water, wind, darkness and fire. After you got all
these, the final area lies ahead of you. The further you get in these areas,
the more complicated the puzzles will get, as you'll need to combine more
elements in order to solve puzzles. You can only command one spirit at a time,
and parts of some puzzles is killing enemies in a certain order or finding out
the right order of going through several screens in order to fight the right
enemies. This is because each enemy corresponds to a certain element, and will
drop coins of that element only. Gather a certain element's coins and you'll
use that element's spirit. Might sound complicated, but it really isn't. You'll
see from this next world on. Only the puzzles can get a bit complicated, but
that's mostly from the later worlds on, when you got almost all spirits.
See it like this: It gives you a bigger challenge the further you go.
That's it for this musica... technical intermezzo. Onwards to...


Go right, use growth on the Mushboing and hop onto the platform. Go up to the
next room and squash all three pegs. Go left, get the key and hop off the
platform. You're now at the room to the north of the room you started in, so no
need to go back south. Just open the door and continue north. In the next room,
you'll meet your first set of water monsters: mohawk-haired sharks that walk on
two legs. There's also a sign there, telling you there's a town to the north
and the Great Whirlpool to the right. Best check out what the townspeople know,
first, so head on north, to Izuru Village.

In the village are two houses: The one of the Water Priest is to the right,
another one with a puzzle is to the left. The village also has another exit to
the north. Let's solve the puzzle in the left house first.

This puzzle is another one where you push boxes onto switches, then use your
spirit and yourself to trigger the last two switches. Here we go:

Bottom right one: Two right, one down.
Middle left one: One left, two down.
Top middle one: One up.
The top left switch and the one next to it are still free. 

They're easy enough to hit now. Just let your forest spirit mallet one down
while you stand on the other and the door will open. Go into the space behind
it and lo and behold... TWO HEARTS! WOAH MOMMA!

Ok, out the house you go, and to the north. The village's priest is ill (the
villagers and the priest will tell you if you want) and good of heart as you
are, you'll find the cure he needs. That requires you to go north, as the
Great Whirlpool sounds like something you need to be able to go onto or into
water for, which you can't just yet.

So, north of the village, the road branches off immediately. To the left is the
Water Temple, which you can't enter without the priest's permission, and he
can't give that in his current state, so we'll go right instead. What's there?
"Vapora Herb Cave. Danger: Monsters! Entry forbidden." We're Hell's Angels, we
are, so we defy any laws and enter anyways! Ha! That'll show 'em!

EEP! There's a monster here! A happy-faced blob! These ones can be a bit of a
pain if you're not careful. Once you kill them, two tiny ones will pop out, and
if you're not careful, one of them'll jump right at you. Just as sign of you
being either careless or dumb, really, so prove you're smart and responsible
and make sure the little puddings won't fly on you the moment you kill the big

Anyways, this cave starts with a corridor that's blocked with a door, one which
is blocked by two blocks, and a switch. It looks like hitting the switch will
make the blocks move apart, and they'll probably close up over time again.
Seeing the distance, you won't get there in time when you just walk. Let's give
this a try, just to make sure. Walk onto the switch. What's it do?
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Don't waste your mallet or heavy stamp on it, either.
They won't work. Just ignore the switch, go to the blocks,
push the left one up, then the other sideways and go through the corridor.
Just goes to show you: this game messes with experienced gamers' heads. Thought
it was funny. If you don't, then I apollogize. Anyways, onwards into the

In the next room, we have a Hint Mint in the center of 8 pegs. He tells you to
hit all of them. Nice going. 8 pegs means 8MP. Growing the Hint Mint costs 2MP.
Total: 10MP. How much do you have at the moment? 9MP. Go back outside to refill
on coins from that hopping mushroom? Naaaaah, you can just pound on two pegs at
once by standing in front of the part between them.

Once all pegs're down, the door to the north opens up, and you can go to the
next room. This one is another T-crossing. Go left and enter the room there.
Kill all punk-sharks so the door opens up. Go through the door to the north and
get the key. Then exit the room back south, back to the crossing, and go to the
right and into the room there. Unlock the door. There's some sparkling radish
there. That's the medicine the priest needs. Get it and head back out of the
cave (3 x south, then through the door you entered the cave from), then back to
the town (left, down) and to the priest's house (house to the right).

When you talk to the priest, you'll give him the herb/berry/radish and he'll be
better. He'll tell you the three Dagon Brothers (Water village, Dagon... get
the reference?) took over the temple and took the water spirit hostage. He asks
you to rescue him and gives you the water temple's key. Exit his house,
go north, then left and up and unlock the temple. It's time to free a spirit!

In the first room, there're three suspicious-looking bushes. Hit them, and
they'll reveal a switch. Three switches and no blocks in sight... let's just
step on all of them, one at a time, shall we? That opens up the block that kept
you from entering that corridor. Now you can continue, so do so. Go right,
ignore the locked door, whack the pots out of your way with your sword and
continue right. Kill all enemies and make sure all pots but one or two stay
alive. Push a pot on each switch (yes, you can push the pots) and the door
opens. Kill both crabs (watch out for the bubbles they shoot) and the door at
the top right opens up. Go through it to get the key, then go back south. Now
go left and unlock the door you had to ignore earlier.

The room you're in now has two exits besides the one you came from: one to the
north and one to the east. The north is kinda useless for now, so we'll just
ignore it and go right. The next room has four dials, two blobs and two Hint
Mints. The mints tell you to leave the top left dial alone, set the top right
one to the highest number and the lower left one to one number less than the
top right one. This gives this:

1   4
3   ?

It's easy enough to find that last dial's value. You don't even need to try,
you'll just know what it'll be. I'll tell you anyways. It's... 2!

1   4
3   2

Through the door you go and follow the corridor, but watch out for the moving
spikes (only one of them here). As before, there're alcoves in the walls you
can use to dodge these spikes. Go through the end of the corridor and step on
the switch at the end of it. Teensieweensie cuddlyfuddly Mushboing appears at
the dead end of that other corridor. Go back through the corridor you came
from, back to the room with the pool of water at one side and the possibility
to go north, east and south (the room to the left of the dials room).

Go north from here and grow the cute little Mushboing, then hop onto it and
onto the platform. Follow the platform and jump off the other end, then go
left. Be careful of spiky, angry blocks. They'll shake, come to life and dash
at you in a straight line, so make sure you're out of their range (diagonally
is ok). You can't kill these, so just go north. Ignore the heart in the next
room for now and continue north.

The next room has a puzzle again. Seems simple, but as the Hint Mint says,
you'll only have a small bit of time, so use your spirit power. Push the block
one down, then three to the right, four up and one right. Set your spirit power
to mallet, and use it on the right switch (the one that's not covered by the
block) and run into the door while it's mashing down onto the button. You'll
slip through. Follow the corridor to the next room. Bit much water here, and
the entrance is decorated with those pillars into the walls far more than
normal corridors, so you can rest assured, there's a boss coming. Prepare by
getting max. health and MP, then enter.

BOSS FIGHT! (Fight, baby! Fight! Disco arena!)

Dagon is your typical wizard-style boss. He looks like a fishman wearing a
dress (or long shirt and plaid skirt) and shoots a bubble at you, then
teleports. Avoid getting hit by the bubble while you run after the place he
teleports to, then just hit him with your sword over and over.


After Dagon is defeated, go the the little antechamber and talk to Mizuchi, the
water spirit. With his help, you can swim. He'll tell you to go after the
youngest Dagon brother, who's located in the Great Whirlpool. You'll also get a
short briefing of what I explained at the beginning of this world. Now leave
the room. As before, hit the tiny blocks that keep you from leaving.


As there's one heart we ignored before and can reach now, we'll just grab it
along our way outside. In the room south of the boss' room, hop into the water
and go left. You'll be at the bottom of the timed door again. Go south, avoid
killing the plant, but if you have to, do NOT grab the coins, or you won't be
able to swim until you beat a water enemy again. Hop into the water and grab
the heart, then grab the coins if they're still there. Otherwise reenter the
room so the plant's still there, kill it and get the coins. Go south. Avoid the
angry spike blocks and go right. Grow the Mushboing and hop onto the platform.
Hop off at the other end and go south twice, left, kill the blob to get the
blue coins and go south again.

You're out of the water temple now. Go right, then down into the village.
In the village, go to the water outside the priest's house, hop into it and
grab the heart at the far right edge of the village. That's all there is to do
in this village, so go down and right, towards the Great Whirlpool.
Make sure you got the water spirit activated, then hop into the water (there's
a gap in the edge which you can run off of), swim across the pond and get back
up on the other side, then go east.

Ugh, mosquitos! Kill them and grab their coins, so the forest spirit is now
active. Go north, east, north while making sure to keep the forest spirit
active. Use the Heavy Stamp on the tree trunk and grab the key, then go south,
west and south again, back to the mosquitos. Go south and unlock the door.
Go east and you'll get to a crossing again. Go south (To the right is a pond
with a mother toad blocking your way to an aquamarine and'll tell you her
baby's taken away by the middle Dagon). Follow the road and enter the cave.


In the cave, you'll be greeted by two blobs and two lice thingies. Kill the
lice to get the green coins. Once the forest spirit's active, go south and
pound the pegs. Once the pegs're down, kill the bubble-spitting plant to get
blue coins. Avoid the hopping mushrooms and leave the lever alone. Just hop
into the water and swim to the right. The lever is used to open the door just
north of the water, but when that door opens, the door in the next room closes.
Grab the key in the room to the right, then swim back, kill the mushrooms,
smash the pegs and go north, back to the room with the lice and blobs and
unlock the door. Make sure you got the water spirit equiped and go right, then
hop into the water and swim along it, avoiding the spiked balls as you go.
Continue east. Kill the running goblin, get the coins and mash both stone
pillars (three mallet hits each, remember?), then go north.

Ignore everything in this room, except the pot. Just smash it and go east.
Get some blue coins from the punk-sharks, then head back to the previous room.
DO NOT SMASH THE POT! Push it onto the switch to its left, instead, then swim
across the water and stand on the other switch. The door'll open up. Go through
it and west, then swim across the water. Kill all the blobs to open the door
north, then go through it. Follow the corridor, smash the pots, then kill the
spike-spitting plants to get some green coins and the forest spirit active.
Go back to the previous room, hit the pegs with the mallet and grab the key.
Kill a blob, grab some blue coins and swim across the water again. Leave east,
then continue east, back to the room with the punk-sharks. Unlock the door and
go north, but make sure you got full health and mana.

I don't know if this is another boss or not. It's just the middle Dagon
brother. We've had this guy before, but without the bubble-spitting crabs.
Kill'em all! You know how to by now. It makes it alot easier to kill the crabs
first, though.

Once the middle Dagon brother's killed, go to the antechamber, hop into the
water and get the little tadpole out, then leave the cave by going south
(again, hit the tiny blocks), west, south, west, along the water and west
again, then north through the cave's entrance.

Outside the cave, go back to the T-crossing with the two crabs, and go right
this time. Give the mother toad the baby toad. Another good deed for today.
You're a true boyscout! Just look at how happy they are. Awwwww, ain't that
cute! Now grab that aquamarine. You can now shoot bubbles, which will let you
pass through the squids that were blocking your way to the Great Whirlpool
earlier. Go west (god, this reminds me of those awful songs I put next to the
boss fights. Next one'll be a good song. I promise. Honestly) twice, then north
twice and east twice. Kill the crab, select your bubble power and shoot the two
squids out of the water, then hop in and enter the whirlpool.


Get out of the water and go west, kill all enemies (the plant requires your
bubbles to get killed) and the corridor will open up. Go north. This room has a
mosquito blocked in by bushes and an exit to each direction, the north one
blocked by a faced block, the west one having such a block down.

Leave the mosquito alone and go east twice while having the water spirit
active. avoiding or killing the crabs, then smash the weird pole with the face.
It should now be blue and sad. Go back to the room with the mosquito (west
twice), then north.

There are three bubble-shooting plants here. Come too close to them and they
won't open. When they're closed, you won't be able to hit them, so keep a
distance and shoot at them with your bubbles. Best is to take out one at the
sides first, or you'll keep getting pushed back into the mosquito room.

Once all three plants are killed, the block blocking your way disappears and
you can get the key behind it. Now return to the mosquito room and go east
twice again to switch the pole with the face to a red one with a happy face,
then return to the mosquito room. Make sure you still got the water spirit
active, then go west and swim across the water, avoiding the spiked balls.
Unlock the door and go north.

This room is similar to the mosquito room, but has only three exits and has a
Hint Mint instead of a mosquito, plus has quite a few enemies roaming about.
The Hint Mint says you can only beat mists in the left room if you freeze them
with ice first. Since you don't have ice, it's only logical to go north.

There's a pool with three fishes here and a block barring you from going east.
Kill all fish and the block disappears. Killing the fishes is easiest when you
use bubble, but it's possible with your sword too. Just choose what you like
best. Just keep in mind you'll need the forest spirit after this room. Once
done, make sure you have the forest spirit active and go east. The Hint Mint in
this room tells you to move the red block down. There just so happens to be a
red block and two sparkling blue ones, along with two switches, one above the
Hint Mint and one above the blocks.

The trick here is that the red block can be pushed only once and moves only one
tile, while the sparkling blue blocks slide in the direction they're pushed
until they hit something. Follow the Hint Mint's hint and push the red block
down, then push the lower blue one to the left, so that it hits the red block,
then up. Now push the right blue block against the left one, then up and left,
so it's on the switch there. Stand on the other switch and the way north clears

Go north, select Heavy Stamp and stamp out those tree trunks, then get that
third aquamarine. You can now shoot iceballs, which freezes enemies. We know
just the type we have to use this on, and where to find them, thanks to a
certain Hint Mint.

Go back south, then west to the fish room, then south and west. There are
fat-cheeked, angry blue clouds here. Just freeze them, then hit them with your
sword. Once all three clouds are gone, the road clears up and you can go north.
Not much to in the room north but go west, as the way further north is locked.
Go west, wait til the cloud is above the topmost switch and freeze it, so the
block of ice it turns into keeps the switch down. Stand on the switch at the
bottom, then grab the key. The Hint Mint here probably says you have to do so.

Pretty much everything feels done here. No more corridors to explore, and this
room has enough monsters to refill your MP completely, plus barrels in the
center (which needs to get hit with ice or bubble), which are easy on tossing
food around. Seems an awful lot like there's a boss fight up north, so be
prepared. Go north when you got full health and MP.

(Nananananananana boss fiiiiiight! Boss fiiiiiight!
Yeah, already had that. Said a good song, not a song I didn't do yet)													   -

This guy has the same face as the two previous Dagons, but faaaaar bigger! He
shoots fireballs at regular intervals, so avoid them. He also has the help of
about four Spanish helmet-type monsters which take one hit to kill. Kill all of
them and a new batch of them appears. Shoot ice at Dagon until he starts
shooting fireballs or you run out of MP. Run away from the fireballs and kill
the Spanish helmets to get more coins, then shoot ice at Dagon again, until
he's dead. Grab the water emblem, which makes 2/5 emblems, talk to Mizuchi and
you're off to the next area.



The wind area is basically a big desert. Kill the mushroom, grab the coins and
go to the next screen. Smash the pegs and you'll see some archaelogists who
have set up camp. They'll tell you one of them's out looking for three stone
slabs they need to get into the Sealed Ruins.

Go east, and watch out of the snakes that pop out of the sand and spit at you.
Walk around the oasis with the dead skeleton (yes, no living skeletons at THIS
oasis) and go south. Kill the scorpion, step on the switch and go back north.
Go east, grow the Mushboing, hop onto the platform and jump off at the other
end, then go north.

This place has a stone slab, a pond, a squid, two crabs and a hopping mushroom.
Kill the crabs, get the blue coins and leave the mushroom alone. Shoot the
squid (swim to the other end of the bushes for that), then swim to grab the
stone slab. That's 1/3. After that, kill the mushroom and get the green coins.
Go south, grow the Mushboing, walk across the platform, hop off at the other
end and go left. Go left again, avoiding the snakes, then at the archaelogists,
go down.

The Hint Mint here says there's something hidden in the tree, so we might as
well look. Check the top of the tree out. There's a heart hidden behind it!
Now go east.

Meet the lost archaeologist. He sure isn't doing much. Anyways, grow the
Mushboing and hop onto the platform. Grab the stone slab. That's 2/3. One more
to go. A bit further on the platform is a bubble-shooting plant. Kill it, grab
some blue coins and hang on to the water spirit. Don't let it change for now.
Go back off the platform, then west and north, to the archaeologists. Now go
east again, to the oasis. There's a small part at the bottom left of it that
you can use to enter the water. Swim to the slab and grab it, making it 3/3,
then go back west.

At the archaeologists' place, use the table with the wing pattern on it and the
door opens up. Go north into the ruins. Don't enter the ruins yet, but go east
and enter here. Kill or avoid the scorpions and go east. Kill the plant, grab a
coin so you got the forest spirit active, then mallet the shield monsters and
kill them. The door opens up, so go north.

This room has four dials and three chests. The chests all contain forest coins.
There's a corridor to the left, which has a Hint Mint that tells you the last
number is 4. The corridor to the right has a Hint Mint that tells you that the
first two numbers are 2 and 3. That gives:
2  3  ?  4
Every toddler and their little brother knows the ? is 1, so we'll just fill
that in on the dials. The door opens and off you go, to the north.

There's a blue chest and a tree trunk here. Smash the trunk, go further down
the corridor. Ignore the next chest as well. Keep smashing tree trunks until
you're out of MP. Then go back to the blue chest, smash it and grab the blue
coins. Make sure you do this BEFORE smashing the green chest, as the green
chest will give you the forest spirit again, which you'll need to finish off
the last two trunks. Go to the next room.

This room has two giant spiky eyeballs shooting light at you. They take four
hits each to kill, but I suggest hitting them with your sword three times,
then run for cover, as they'll start shooting at you again by then. After they
shot, give them the final blow. Grab the stone slab that's behind them and exit
the room.

Stock up on MP if you have to, then leave and reenter, so both hopping
mushrooms are there. Smash as many tree trunks as you can, then recharge your
MP on the mushrooms and smash even more tree trunks. Go south twice, then west
and exit this building.

Go west twice and enter this building. GO west again, kill the punk-shark,
freeze both clouds and the door will open up. Go through it. Watch out for the
snakes that pop up in the next room and go right.

Here are three patches of bushes. Each one has a suspicious bush, but don't be
hasty to cut them. The ones at the top and bottom contain a mosquito. Only the
right patch has a valuable suspicious bush. There's a key hidden in that one.
Grab it and go back, then unlock the door to the north and go through it. Watch
out for the angry spiky blocks in this room while following the corridor to the
next room.

It gets tricky now. There's a punk-shark here, a cloud, two forest coin chests
and three switches. First kill the punk-shark, then get your ice ready. Freeze
the cloud when it's above the lower switch, so it keeps a hold of that. This is
best done by luring the cloud under the switch, then running to the door, so
it'll come to you. Now open one of the two chests, grab some green coins, stand
between the two remaining switches and use mallet on one while running to the
other. Once all switches are pressed at once, the door opens and you can
continue. The next room has two more spiky eyeballs that shoot at you. Kill
them and grab the slab piece, then go back south and west. Be careful for the
angry spiked blocks. Follow the corridor and enter the room at the other end.
Go south, east and exit the building. Go east and enter the middle building.

Use the stone table with the wings and the door opens. Go down and talk to the
wind spirit, Kirin. She tells you she was imprisoned by the Gold Dragon, who's
in the Wind Tower, where the Wind Emblem is. She joins you, and you can now
jump. Exit the building again and go west.


Jump over the pit to the south. Watch out for snakes while walking to the next
room. There's a tiny Mushboing here, but as you don't have the forest spirit
active, you can't grow it, so just continue westward. Ignore the mushroom,
jump over the gap, grab the heart, jump back, kill the mushroom and go back to
the previous room. Grow the Mushboing and hop onto the platform. You're now at
some nest.

Kill the bird, get the wind coins and go north. Kill the next bird and jump
over the moving spikes. Continue east. Kill all the birds here (WWF sure won't
like this game) and a road opens up to the south. Follow it to grab a key, then
leave the room the way you came. Jump over the spikes again and go south. Hop
over the gaps to the other side and continue left. Unlock the door and go

If it isn't our good friend eyeplant thing. You know the drill by now. Once
done, grab some forest coins and go back north, grow the Mushboing and jump
onto the platform. Go north, kill the scorpions to get some wind coins, jump on
the moving platform, jump off at the other end and enter the next room.
Continue east, hop onto the blue platform and quickly off of it, onto the next
one, as the blue platforms will disappear from under your feet. Continue east.
Kill all mask birds here to open up the path north, then take this path.

Kill the punk-sharks, shoot a bubble at the bushes, kill the scorpion, get the
wind coins, jump onto the platform, grab the heart, jump back and reenter the
room. Kill the punk-sharks again, so you get blue coins and the water spirit
active. Now go left. Shoot the first scorpion in sight with your bubble, then
follow the path right next to the entrance down. Stand on the far end and shoot
a bubble at the second scorpion, so it's dead too. Now walk along the path to
the other side, and kill the third scorpion on an island with a bubble. Now
slay the scorpion near you, grab some wind coins and hop onto the place the
block was and grab the key, then hop back and leave the room.

Go south, then west. Hop over the blue platforms again and continue west. Open
the door and go north. Three barrels for food and an entrance that tightens
with a nice view next to it... it's boss time!

... Or so you'd think. The next room has 4 spiky eyes shooting light at you.
Just kill them all and grab the topaz. You now can shoot windslashes which can
move "wind blocks". You'll see what this does soon enough. Exit south, then
walk east, over the platforms and east again, then north and east. Enter the


The Hint Mint here tells you you need to use the windslash on those blocks.
There're two weird blocks here. Make sure you have the wind spirit active and
shoot both blocks twice with the windslash. The door north opens up, so enter.
The next room has a scythe tornado devil thing, which can only be hurt when
it's standing still. Avoid the tornado at all costs, unless you're masochistic.

Go east, kill the plant, grab the forest coins, hit both pegs, DO NOT STEP ON
THE SWITCH! Open the chest to the far right to get some wind coins. Use them to
jump OVER the switch. Grab the key and go back. If you step on the switch, you
should see the (already obvious) effect of it. Leave the room the way you came.
Unlock the door and go north.

Here are three tombstones. Long time no see. Push the two tombstones at the
sides towards the middle and push the middle one up. The door opens. Climb the
stairs. Go south. There's a four-way crossroads here with mosquitos. Go south,
kill all scythe devils to open the door, grab the key and leave the room, kill
a mosquito and grab the coins so you got the Forest Spirit active, then go west
 Unlock the door, use mallet on the cracks in the floor and fall into the hole
you just created. Grab the topaz. You can now fly (against 2MP cost) to cross
bigger chasms.


Stand on the switch to drop the block and leave east, then north twice, then
south, then east. Make sure you have the wind spirit here. Use fly to get over
this chasm and go up the stairs. Go left twice, past the yellow birds, then use
another fly to cross this chasm, then use fly diagionally, southwards. Make
sure the scorpion doesn't knock you off the platform. Kill the scorpion to
replenish your MP, then fly straight north. Switch to jump. Jump over the two
small gaps, then use fly to reach the next platform in sight. Switch back to
jump, hop over that one gap, then use fly to get over the next gap (make sure
you use fly. It's frustrating to find out you equiped windslash). Exit west.
The next room just screams boss preparation room, so stock up on health and MP,
then go north.

BOSS FIGHT! (No more songs! Please! Have mercy!)

This guy's a golden dragon, as the wind spirit told you before. He'll fly
around the area and drops down now and then, sending some rocks flying towards
you. Make sure you stand right in front of him, in the middle, so the rocks won
t hit you. That's the time you should hit him. He'll also shoot in a straight
line at you. Just step out of the way and keep hitting him until he flies back
into the air. Keep hitting him until he's done. Get the wind emblem (3/5) and
talk to Kirin to get reminded of the purpose of your journey and to reach the
next world.



This area is a kind of giant haunted house. While most puzzles up til now
consisted out of having the right spirit active or pushing blocks and dials,
this area has alot of puzzles that require some good timing. If you can't get a
puzzle the first time around while doing the right thing, don't get mad, just
try again. You'll get it eventually.

Now, you start out in this area, and there's pretty much just one thing you can
do: enter Spirit Yomi's Hall. Cozy little house here. Talk to the person
blocking your path. The servant says that someone stole the emblem while Yomi
was away. Continue through the hall and talk to the next servant. This one says
Yomi chased that guy into a Nightmare Maze, but Yomi got lost. Guess who you
can go look for. Well... the next servant just confirmed this. Talk to the
statue at the end of the hallway to get to the Nightmare Maze.

Nice music in this place, no? Anyways, the topmost plant against the right wall
hides a chest. Open it to get some water coins. You'll need to have the water
spirit active. Go north to the next room and swim across the water and continue
east. Walk over the platforms without daudling, as they'll disappear from under
your feet and get your feet on solid ground near the running goblins. Hit them
til they explode in a rain of coins, grab the coins and continue eastwards.
Kill the snake that pops out of the ground at the top of the room, grab the
wind coins and go back. Avoid the running goblins, get on the platforms and
jump off at the other end. In the room with the chasm, water and barrel, select
fly and cross the chasm. Go north, defeat both masked birds and the scythe
demon to open the door. Grab the key and go back south, then east to the room
with the platforms. Go along the platforms until midway, then jump off and
follow the corridor north. Unlock the door.

The next room is a crossroads with a spitting plant. Kill the plant, grab the
coins and go east twice, then south. Take care of the tree trunk and grab the
heart. Now go back north, then east and north again. Watch out for the lower
statue. That one comes to life and shoots at you. Kill it and go left. Kill
all skeletons, so the door to the north opens up. Go north, avoid the angry
spiked block, open the chest at the other end and grab some water coins. Make
sure you keep a hold of the water spirit for now. Go back south and east, then
south and west twice, past the crossroads with the plant. Don't let the snake
in the middle of the widened road surprise you. Avoid it and DO NOT GRAB WIND
COINS. There's another one in the corner. Continue north. Swim across the water
 grab the key and leave the room again. Now go east again, past the snakes,
east some more, along the spitting plant and east once again. Now you're in the
room next to that bend with the skeletons. To your right is a passage that's
blocked by bushes. To your south is where you got the heart. Unlock the door
north and go through it.

In this room is a statue that comes to life and two buttons. DO NOT KILL THE
STATUE! Just ignore it shooting at you as much as you can and push it onto the
switch to the right, then stand on the switch to the left. The door north will
open. Go through it. Talk to the phantom. This is Yomi, the dark spirit. My,
what a dashing person you are now! (For those who are a bit slow with puns: You
can now dash)


Leave south twice, then cut the bushes away and go east. This room has a switch
at the bottom and a closed door at the top. If hit the switch-block, the door
will open, but closes again quickly. You'd have by far not enough time to
simply walk to it, so you'll have to dash. This one takes some timing, and
might fail on the first time. Keep at it! You can do it! See? That wasn't so
hard. It's only the first of this kind of puzzles, though.

The next room has another smilyface pole and two blocks. Change the face on the
pole to a blue, sad face and leave north, then east. Go south, and here'll be
another puzzle.

There are two pressure plates and two blocks with what looks like an eye or
something on them. One is blue-ish, the other red-ish (no, not radish). Pushing
the top block on the top pressure plate and the bottom block on the bottom
pressure plate would be a bit too simple. Instead, the top block has to appear
on the bottom pressure plate and the bottom block on the top plate. In other
words: Blue above, red below. Push the top block two to the right, four down,
one right. It'll be on the bottom pressure plate then. Now push the blue block
two right, four up and one right. Puzzle solved, path is cleared. That wasn't
so hard, now was it? Onward, to the east!

Here's a dirty little enemy. It's a floating mage that teleports itself and
shoots balls of light at you. It takes one hit to kill it, but the shots it
fires can get nasty in such a tight corridor. Kill him and the path to the east
opens up. Grab the key, go back west, then north. Unlock the door and continue
north. Open the chest and get the wind coins. Go back south and west. Jump over
the chasm, hit the smilypole so it's red and happy, jump back over the gap and
go north.

You're at a fourway crossroad with a skeleton in the middle now. Go north, into
a room with water, a blue blob and a statue shooting at you, both on an island.
Be prepared to run fast. Make sure you have the dark spirit ready. Go east and
immediately dash. There's a boulder rolling at the bottom of the room, and when
it hits a switch, a block pops up to block your path. Make sure you're past
that block before the boulder hits the switch. This may take a few tries as
well. Don't give up! You can do it! Go! Go! Go! Wasn't that hard with dash, no?
Go north. Kill the blob, grab the blue coins and go south. Don't dawdle, as the
ball will still roll and push that switch. Continue west. Swim across the water
and continue west. Here're one running goblins and two tiny mages. Cause major
mayhem to open the door north. Enter the next room.

Two Hint Mints, three coloured eye blocks and three pressure plates. Looks like
a puzzle, no? The Hint Mints tell you that the blue statue is uppermost, so
push that onto the top pressure plate. Now, for the sakes of making things
complicated, push the red (rightmost) block onto the left pressure plate and
the middle (black) block onto the right plate. Grab the key and go south, then
east. Kill the blob, grab the blue coins and swim across the water. Go south,
back to the crossroads with the skeleton, and then east. Unlock the door, and
something, definitely not those barrels full of food and the necessity for an
extra dark power to continue left, tells me there's a boss in the next room.
Stock up on health and MP, then go north.

BOSS FIGHT! (Nuh-uh!No shall do!)

This is another floating ball with nipples or something on its sides. No idea
what's up with those. The ball sometimes opens its eye and shoots four beams at
you. These go FAST! Make sure you dodge them. The eye stays open for a moment
after it shot, so close in and hit it! Hard! Through the eye! That's pretty
much all there is to this boss. Just kill it. Grab the amethyst. You can now
summon Yomi from certain statues. He will run away from you.



Exit south, then west three times. Kill both statues, so the block goes down.
Grab the heart and go back east. Use summon on the statue here and chase after
it (more like go sluggishly slow after it) from the bottom up, so it goes
upwards. When it transforms back into a statue, summon him again and move
towards him from the left. In the end, he should turn into a statue on the
switch, opening the door for you. Go through it.

You're now in a more house-like environment. Of course... nobody has three
tombstones in his house, but still. Push the bottom tombstone up and leave east
 Kill the mushroom and get some forest coins. Smash the pegs. Now kill the
skeletons to get some dark coins and go east. Dash over the platforms. Don't
just walk, or they'll disappear while you're standing on them. These are faster
than the previous ones, so dash! Grab the key and kill the scorpions. Get some
wind coins and fly over to the little piece of ground at the top (or bottom)
and then to the left. Leave the room, hop over the chasm to the north (this one
works with just jumping, no need to fly) and go north while still having the
wind spirit active. Windslash one of the blocks at the side up twice, grab the
heart and leave south, then west.

Push the middle tombstone left, go to the top of the room, unlock the door and
leave north.

This room has two spirit statues, two gaps and across each gap, there's a
switch. Turn the left statue into a spirit and guide it to the switch. If
you're not so confident or good at this, move it to the side of the gap first
and let it turn into a statue again, then summon it again and move it to the
switch. It's perfectly doable in one pull per statue, though.

Anyways, the door is now open, so go north. This room has bastards of enemies.
There're a couple of ghosts flying around, and you obviously have to kill them
to get through the door to the north. Only thing is... these ghosts fade out
when you try to hit them! Ignore them for now (but make sure you don't walk
into them) and go east. The rightmost statue here is one that can turn alive.
The other two are actual statues. Continue east. Dash past the moving spikes
(needs a bit of timing to go through this unhurt), then continue south. Walk
along the right wall, get on the moving platform, avoid the bubbles shot at you
(shouldn't be too hard) and leave to the west.

Another one of those spiky rocky eyes shooting at you are here. Kill it, then
open either the blue or the wind chest. Grab the coins, go north, then west and
either shoot bubbles, ice or windslashes at the ghosts. Don't grab the dark
coins, or you won't be able to kill the other ghosts. Once they're all dead,
head north.

Crossroads again. Can't go north due to that statue in the way. Go left, then
north, past the ghosts. To avoid the last ghost in this room, just hit it with
your sword and it'll faze out for a moment, allowing you to pass.

Here's a fun room. It has some skeletons. Then some more... and some more...
There are two stone sarcophaguses... sarcophagi... uhh... you know what I
mean.. which keep generating more skeletons. Take these two out and the door
near the top left opens. Get the amethyst behind it to gain your third dark
power: Crash. This allows you to damage enemies and certain objects by running
into them. Quite nice to get to the upper and right arm of the latest
crossroads, so go back there (south, then east).


At the crossroads, crash through the statue and go north to grab the heart
behind it. Now go south, then east, back to the room with the three statues.
Kill the living statue and stock up on MP, right up to the max, then go back
west and north, then east. Crash through the statues here and go east. This is
a room with three chests with black coins, surrounded by bushes, which you can
get food from. Nothing else, except another exit. Sounds like it's boss time.
You know the drill: full health and MP, then enter the boss room.

BOSS FIGHT! (STOP! It's boss time!)

This boss looks TOUGH! It's a giant, walking stone/metal golem or robot with
axes as hands, which shoots scythes at you. He sometimes stomps the ground,
then dashes at you. Nasty little fellow! The only way to hurt him, is to use
crash on him. If you run out of MP, there's a skeleton dispensing machine to
the left. Just get some skeletons, kill them, grab the coins and crash into
mr. Golem some more. Make sure the skeleton dispensing machine isn't destroyed,
or you'll run out of MP. This all is easier said than done. Once he's killed,
grab the dark emblem. That's 4/5. Talk to Yomi. You're now on to the...



WOOHOO! Final area before Paradise! We're almost there! YAY! WOOT! HOUPLA! This
one is harder to find your way around in. It requires more exploration, due to
the big amount of ways to go. If every screen is a crossroad, it's not as easy
to get the right road as fast anymore.

Anyways, go north, then west. Kill the punk-shark as last, so you can get the
blue coins and have the water spirit active. Leave east, then south, then east
again. Make sure you keep the water spirit alive (ugh, bad song reference
again). Kill all fish, cross the water and go north. Step on the switch.
Hurray, shortcut! No need to get here with the water spirit anymore!Continue
west. Kill the spike-spitting plant and grab some forest coins. Now go north,
grow the Mushboing (awwww, fuzzywuzzywuzzy tiny eeniemeenieweenieteenie
Mushboing!), hop onto the platform, open the chest, get some dark coins, hop
off the platform again and go south and east again. Make sure you keep the dark
spirit. Keep going south, then east. Crash through the stone statue blocking
your path and enter the Flame Cave.

The Flame Cave starts out with one of those floating mages that shoot
lightballs at you. Avoid walking in lava. That hurts in real life, and it
definitely hurts in this game as well. Hurray for realism in games! Go west
(groan), then north.

This room has a passage made by rocks at both sides, and blocks at the entrance
 There's a key in the middle. To the top left and top right of the room are
switchblocks you can hit with your sword. Each block only stays triggered for a
short time, but you'll have to have both blocks triggered at the same time.
It's time to dash then! Hit one switch, dash to the other and hit it as well.
This requires some timing, so don't pout when you can't do it from the first
time. Keep your head up and try again! YOU! CAN! DO! IT!

Once both switches are on, the blocks disappear and you can grab the key. It
would be stupid not to do so, so go ahead and grab it. Go south, then east.
Kill or dodge the mage while unlocking the door and go north. Kill all rolling
larva to open the door. Go north. There's a flamethrower here. Avoid it. You
can't kill it, so don't bother trying. Go east now. Kill both lavadwellers and
continue east.

There're two flamethrowers that circle their flames around in this corridor.
Dash by them on the right time, then continue south. Kill the bubble-spitting
plant, grab water coins and hold on to the water spirit for now. Go back north,
past the flamethrowers and west, along the lavadwellers, back to the first
flamethrower. Go north here.

Shoot a bubble at each vase. When both flames are out, the door opens. Grab the
key and go back south, then east, to the lavadwellers. Unlock the door and go
north. There's one rolling larva here and there're two hopping lice hidden in
the bushes. Kill them all to open the door north. Before you go north, though,
make sure you got the forest spirit active (from the coins from the lice) and
go east. Smash the two pegs, stomp the tree trunk, smash two more pegs and grab
the heart. Now go back west and then north.

There a huge chasm here, lava pools on the other end, a change in music and the
possibility to go left and right. Go left, kill the floating mage, grab some
dark coins, go right, past the chasm, to the right again, and crash into the
stone statue there. Go north. The statue at the end of the lava pool, in front
of the two barrels, is one of those living statues, so be careful.

Continue through to the other end of the corridor. LEAVE THE CHEST IN THE NEXT
ROOM ALONE! Step on the switch, kill the mage, crash the stone pillar, then
open the chest and get some wind coins. Now move west.

Use a windslash to take out the bushes on the other side of the chasm, then
jump across it. Just jumping works fine. No need to fly. Talk to the fire
spirit Leo to get him to join you. Who would've thought a fire spirit with the
name Leo would look like a lion. Anyways, he gives you the task to defeat two
dark beasts in order to get the fire emblem. You also can walk over lava now
and shoot fireballs.


Walk across the lava to one of the chests, open it and grab some wind coins.
Get away from the lava, jump over the chasm and go south twice, then west and
south twice. Kill the mage and get some dark coins. Exit the cave, crash the
stone statue and exit west.

Now go north, then west twice. Kill a scythe demon and grab some wind coins,
then leave east. Go north three times. Jump over the chasm, walk behind the
tree and grab the heart. Now go back south, kill the rolling larvas, get some
fire coins and enter the cave.

Inside the cave, there's a Hint Mint and two vases. Shoot a fireball at each
vase to light them, so the door unlocks. The Hint Mint probably says this
already. Go north, then west. Kill the skeleton (how can you kill a skeleton?)
and grab the black coins. Go east and north, holding on to the dark spirit.
Use summon on the statue and move it out of the way. The statue a bit further
 attacks you. Leave east.

In this room is a firebreathing tapir or something like that. Kill it and go
south, then east. These red clouds are killed by shooting fireballs at them.
They'll grow with each fireball, and explode when they've grown too big, taking
everything near them along, so stay away when you shoot the final fireball.
Once all clouds are gone, the block in the middle of the road disappears and
you can go on east. Don't do so yet, though. Go back west, then south. Kill the
mosquitos, grab some forest coins and go north again, holding onto the forest
spirit. Go east, and now east again.

Use the forest spirit to stomp on the peg. Hit the smilyface on the pole so
it's blue and sad, then go back west again, past the clouds, to the room with
the two snakes.

Kill a snake, grab the wind coins and go east twice again. Fly over the gap and
hit the smilyface pole again so it's red and happy again. Open the red chest
and get fire coins. Light both vases and move north.

The Hint Mint here tells you that the red clouds can take down walls when they
explode. There just so happens to be a weird, pulsating wall and a red cloud
here. Lure the cloud near the pulsating wall and shoot fireballs at it until it
explodes. Go through the stairway that now appears, grab the key and go back.

Go south, open the middle chest, get the wind coins, fly over the gap, hit the
smily pole so it's blue and sad, then fly back and exit west twice, then north.
Take the firebreath tapir out and go north. Unlock the door and get the ruby
 You can now lay bombs, which explode after a set time and can take down walls.
They'll hurt you as well if you get too close, so be careful.


Go south again and place a bomb against the pulsating wall. Go down the stairs,
grab the heart and go up again. Now go west, kill the statue, grab some dark
coins, cast summon on the statue so you can move through and go south.

Kill a monster here, so you can get a fire coin. Once you have the fire spirit
active, go west here, lay a bomb against the pulsating wall and enter the
staircase once it's blown up.

There's an enemy that explodes when you come near, right around the corner.
Once it's gone, follow the path along the chasm, avoinding the second exploding
monster. Continue west.

A couple of fire chests and some barrels with food... Looks like another boss.
 Prepare, then go in to face him.


This is an armoured armadillo or something like that. It just tramples
on-the-spot, then moves to another random spot, tramples there, then moves
again. If you're in its way, tough luck. You can't hurt this one in any way,
except through bombs, so guess where it'll go next and place your bomb there.
If you place them strategically, you can cover a couple of possible places at
once. Keep in mind that you got a limited amount of MP here. The only way to
recharge your MP, is through the two chests, and they won't reappear after
using them. If you're out of MP before the boss is dead and the chests are gone
already, go to the entrance of the room, hit the tiny blocks, exit and restack
on MP, then challenge him again.


Once this boss is killed, go north. You're outside again. Go north, past the
snake (DO NOT KILL IT YET! Wait for it to head back into the ground to go past
it) and open the chest there. Get the forest coins, grow the Mushboing, kill
the snake and get the wind coins. Hop onto the platform and go east.

Jump off the platform and use fly to get on the land a bit further north of the
chasm. Fall into the tiny hole above the large hole, then go north.

Go east, and if you don't have the wind spirit active, go down right next to
the flamethrower. Open the chests there for some wind coins. Now fly onto the
moving platform and back off at the other side. This takes a bit of timing, as
you'll miss the platform with an inch if you jump at the wrong moment.
Go north.

Three firebreathing tapirs are here. Kill them all and the path to the west
opens up. Follow it, then go north at the room with the pool. There's a
volcano spitting out boulders here. Beat it up using your sword, then go
further to get the key. Leave south, unlock the door and go east, past the
tapirs, then south, over the chasm and west.

Beat a water creature up, grab its coins and swim through the pool to the
north. You're now back in the room you unlocked the door from. Go west, across
the water now.

In this room is another fire creature that explodes when you get close. You can
douse it with a bubble if you want. That's exactly what the Hint Mint says,
too. Go south.

There are two exploding flames here. Walk STRAIGHT south until you're between
them, then turn left without moving an inch. BE VERY CAREFUL! Now, shoot a
bubble at the flame to the left and move towards it once it's doused. Then turn
to the flame to the right and shoot a bubble at it as well. If any flame
happens to explode, leave and reenter.

Once both flames are doused, push the resulting balls onto a switch and stand
on the remaining one yourself. The block to the south will be removed and you
got access to the chests with the dark coins. Grab them, go north, then west.

Another running puzzle here. Crash through the statues with your dark spirit.
If you're not fast enough, you can still leave west, just only to see a Hint
Mint. It tells you to light the middle and bottom oil lamps. Just reenter east,
then walk around the blocks and you're where you were heading. What was the
rush for?

A couple of rolling larvas, a locked door and a weird, fiery block... Get some
fire coins here, then leave west. Hop onto the platform and shoot fireballs at
the bubble-shooting plants while avoiding their bubbles. Once they're both
killed, hop off the platform at the same side you got on it and go through the
door that is now open.

Put a bomb between the two vases and walk on. When the bomb explodes, the door
behind you will close and the one ahead of you opens up. Go further and grab
the key. Both doors are open now, so you can leave south again. Now go east and
unlock the door, then go south.

Remember what the Hint Mint said? Light the middle and bottom vases. Leave the
upper two unlit, like this:

x     x
F     F

The door will open up and you can get the third ruby. You can now literally
throw flames, and melt orichalcum. It seems the big fiery rock to the north is
orichalcum then. Go ahead, melt it, then go north, into another boss
preparation room. Get ready, then head north to face the boss of the Fire Area.



This one is a fox with seven tails and a bit of an aura. He'll jump around the
playfield, trying to land on top of you. He sometimes changes into two floating
 firebreathing heads. These heads take 1 hit each, then give a whooping 6 coins
each. The fox in his normal form can only be hit by your flame attack (the
firethrowing, not the fireball).

Once he's defeated, grab the fire emblem. WOO! 5/5! Talk to Leo and ask him to
take you home to Paradise city!



Finally, here we are! Paradise! We'll soon be through the game! Get the cure,
save the sister, be the hero! Hurray!

Follow the path and continue north at the crossing. You'll arrive at a tree
with an ugly green person standing in front of it. Talk to him. He will ask you
to give the spirits to him. Agree (there won't be any advancement in the game
if you say no, so you don't have much choice).

You're allowed to curse now.

It's time to get all the spirits and their powers back. GAH! I know a certain
old man who's going to get his ass kicked! Anyways, go east. Note that there's
a smily pole in the upper left bush here. Hit it to make it blue and sad, then
leave west and go north, to talk to the white, shiny person there. She'll
disappear and a key will appear. Was that person a key? Nobody will ever know.

GO east again and unlock the door. Continue north. Walk along the chasm,
avoiding the angry spiky block and go east. Avoid the two spike-shooting plants
and the shield monster here (yes, easier said than done) and go north. Beat
both eyes, then get forest spirit Luca back. Go south again, defeat all enemies
 then get the heart.


Leave west, then south. Make sure the smilyface pole is on red and happy and go
south. Pound the peg and continue south. Oooh, lice! We all like them! Hop on
the platforms and go east.

Push the lower tombstone right,
the leftmost one up,
then the middle one right.
Finally push the block up.

Grab the emerald. You have Grow back.


Now go west twice. Smash both pegs, then the third one as well. You're now in a
room filled with Hint Mints. Two of them need to be grown in order to open the
door. The first one is in the bottom right, the lowest one of the three. The
second one is the one at the far north, to the right of the door. This is a raw
sketch of the correct ones:
x  O   x
x         x
x         O

The door is now open, so go through it. Not much choice but to go west here, so
go west. You'll be at a pond with water, a small land bridge and some
punk-sharks. Head north.

Avoid the moving spike and grow the Mushboing. Now walk on it, hop over the
chasm, grab the key and... no way back but to fall into the chasm and reappear
at the door. Leave south, then go east. It's dead obvious what lies beyond the
closed door. Prepare, unlock and enter.


Or just a little bit. It's the same old eyeplant again, now with two
spike-spitting plants. Take the two spitting plants out first, then take on the
eyeplant. He seems to get weaker each time you meet him. Might just be an idea,


Anyways, grab the emerald.


Go south again, then west, then south again. Smash the big tree and talk to
Mizuchi. Water spirit freed! Go north again.


Swim across the water to the west, destroy the plants and continue west. Kill
all five blobs, then continue south. Hop into the water and swim across it,
avoiding the whirlpools. This is easiest when sticking against the outer walls.
Once across, go west.

There are two running goblins and a crab here, along with an aquamarine which
you can't reach yet. Go south, into the water and across it. Avoid the
whirlpools and the bubbles that're shot at you. YOU CAN DO IT! C'MON! YEAH!
C'MON! Once across, go west.

This room is another sliding iceblock puzzle.

Push the middle block to the left.
Push the top block up.
Push the bottom block up.
Push the right block left, onto the middle switch.
Push the top block left.
Push the middle left block up (the one right next to the aquamarine)
Push the rightmost block left, onto the upper switch.
Step on the lower switch.

Grab the aquamarine. You can now shoot bubbles again.


Leave east. Swim across the water again and leave north. Defeat both running
goblins and get their coins. DO NOT KILL THE CRAB! Smash the first peg, then
kill the crab and grab the water coins. Go stand against the next peg, face
down and shoot two bubbles, killing two squids. Jump into the water and grab
the third aquamarine. You can now shoot ice again.


Go north. Freeze both clouds, then kill the two snakes that hide in the top
corners. Now talk to wind spirit Kirin, so she will join you again.


Jump across the gap and continue north. You're at a horrid crossroads now. Jump
on the first platform and immediately jump onto the platform to your right and
exit east.

Here's a moving platform and a spiky eye that shoots at you. Jump on the
platform while avoiding the projectiles (jumping over them works well). Jump
off onto the tiny little piece of ground and further to the side. Hit the
smilyface pole so it's sad and blue, and go back onto the tiny island, then the
platform, then the main land and leave west.

Now hop onto the blue platforms until you're at the other side of the chasm
(the left) and leave there. Slash away the plants, jump across the gap, grab
the key, jump back and leave east.

Jump across the room again, to the right and leave there. Go to the smilyface
pole again, switch it to red and happy, then go back to the crossroads room and
go north.

Unlock the door and grab the second topaz. You can shoot windslashes again. Go
south again, then east.


Kill the spiky eyeball using windslashes, then jump onto the little piece it
was on. This is quite a tough jump, so it can take a few tries. If you're out
of MP, go south of the crossroads, then south of where you got the wind spirit,
kill some enemies there, get the water spirit, go back to where you got the
wind spirit, kill the two blue clouds, then kill the two snakes. You should be
at full MP and with the wind spirit then.

Anyways, go north from the piece that spiky eyeball was on. Now, first of all,
kill all the snakes. Then use the windslash to move the two blocks at the sides
one up, then the middle one one to the side. Be careful at that last one, as
you could push one of the side blocks to the middle as well, blocking your path
 Continue north, then east.

You're now in a corridor with a switc block and two skeletons. Go to the east,
defeat both scythe demons, then the spike-spitting plant at the far right and
grab some forest coins. Hold onto the forest spirit and go west, then north.

Stomp the tree trunk and grab the last topaz. You can now fly again.


Go back south and west. Fly across the chasm and talk to Yomi, the dark spirit.
You can now dash again.


Open both chests to get wind coins, then fly back across the chasm and leave
east again, to the skeleton corridor. Beat both skeletons up, then hit the
switchblock and dash to the exit to the south.

The next room looks like a puzzle that needs summon, so ignore it for now. Just
go south, defeat the middle statue, and open the chest. Now go up, left and
down while keeping a hold of the forest spirit.

Slash the top bush, then immediately move right and follow the path til you're
at the lower wall. Cut the lower left bush away and hit it three times with
your mallet. The door will open up. Go down and grab the next amethyst. You can
now summon again.


Go back north and east. Summon both statues and drive them onto the switches.
Once both switches are pressed, the path to the right will be open. Take it.

Hurray, fire enemies! We're getting there! Go south. There's another puzzle
with those pressure plates and pushable blocks with eyes in them. The Hint Mint
tells you that the colours in opposite corners should match.

Push the right block two up and one to the right.
Push the bottom block two left and one down.
Push the left block three right and two down.
Push the top block one up and two left.

Grab the third amethyst. You can crash again now.


Exit north, then go right. Crash through the stone statues and grab the heart,
then go back west three times. Fill up on MP from the chests, then crash
through the stone statue and free Leo, the fire spirit. Go east twice.


Cut away one bush, so you can shoot fireballs at the red cloud. Make it explode
on the spot it's in, so it lights the vase at the other end. This removes the
blocks, and allows you to go north. Go north.

There's a firebreathing tapir here and a whole bunch of orichalc. Ignore it and
go east.

You're now at two volcanos and a pulsating wall. Clean out the right volcano,
as there's a key under it. Grab the key and go east.

Unlock the door and grab the ruby. You can now place bombs again. Go back west.


Place a bomb at the pulsating wall. When the explosion's over, enter the
staircase. Kill the statues and grab the third ruby. You can now throw flames
again. Exit the room and go left.


Kill the firebreathing tapir and start melting orichalc and go north. The next
room is another boss preparation room. Stock up on MP and health and let's get
back at this old guy!


The boss is another flying dragon, quite like the one you fought at the end of
the Wind Area. You beat him the exact same way as before.


Once he's out of the way, go north. If you're too low on health (or MP, for
whatever reason you would've used that on him), go back to the boss preparation
room and stock up, then come back and go north.

Talk to the shiny white person that surely isn't a key. She tells you to enter
the tower and get the emblems back. Good god, it still isn't over! Sure is alot
of value for your money.

When you're inside the tower, go west first. There's a Hint Mint here, which
tells you that the power of dark can awaken the golem. Go north and kill the
spitting plants. Get the forest coins. Ignore the yellow wavy tile for now. You
can't do anything in there without the Wind Emblem.

Go back south, then east, then north. In the bottom right bush is a Hint Mint.
It suggest you use Grow. Use Grow on the weird plant until it explodes (takes
three times). Gather the coins and go up the stairs.

Now go south and east. You're in a big room with lots of plants and cracks in
the floor. There're also alot of lice in the plants, so be careful when you cut
them down. Smash the rightmost central crack and drop down the hole.

Hit the smilypole so it's sad and blue, then step on the switch and leave west

Go north from the golem room and get the Forest Emblem. Now exit south and go
east twice. Change the smilypole to a red, happy face and leave the room.

Go north and up the stairs again. Use the symbol that stands there, defeat the
statues and get dark coins. Now go back downstairs, then south and west.

Remember what the Hint Mint told you? Dark powers awaken the golem. Use summon
on him and he'll attack you. Keep hitting him with your sword while doding his
eyebeam until he's killed, then grab the key and go east, then north and up the

Now go west, defeat the crab, unlock the door and get the Water Emblem. 3 left
to go! Exit the room.

Go south, east, past the room with the cracks, then north. Use the symbol that
blocks your way to make it disappear. Kill all the crabs and go down the

Swim to the bottom of the room, shoot ice to cut the bush (bubble won't get
past the spiked ball), then swim to the spot the bush was on and shoot at the
bubble-shooting plant. Swim to where the plant was and toss a bubble at the
plants, then swim there and get on land again. Exit west.

Avoid the shots from the spiked eyes and leave south. Beat a skeleton up to get
some dark coins, then leave the room and go west.

You're now in a room with a small path along a pit, with fans next to it. Walk
along the path (don't dash, it's too dangerous), past the fans. Be careful,
though, as they'll push you off the path when you pass. Adjust your course
accordingly. If you fall off (and trust me, you will), just try again. Cussing
and cursing is allowed at this point. Open the chest and get the wind coins at
the end of the path, then go back along it. Grab the heart at the bottom left
if you want (and can. I couldn't, as the fans kept pushing me back right when I
was about to land). Otherwise, make your way out of this dreaded room.

Fly over the chasm, grab the wind emblem and go east, then south. Check the
symbol and step on the swirling tile.

Kill the spitting plants, fill your MP with forest coins and step back on the
swirling tile.

Go east and use grow on each plant until each one is gone. Get the key that now
appeared and leave west, then north and west. Go south from the room with the
chasm and shooting eyes, get some dark coins and go north twice.

Unlock the door, use summon on one of the two golems and defeat it. Repeat this
for the other golem. Now get the Dark Emblem. One left to go.

Leave the room and go south across the chasm-eye room to the one with the
skeletons. Use the symbol there and drop into the pit.

Grab the Fire Emblem. By now, if you read the tombstones that appear whenever
you grab an emblem in this tower, you'll know the full backstory of the game.

Anyways, step on the switch and go north twice. Now go south to the main room
with the blue star. Use the symbol there and step onto the blue star.

Walk up towards the girl and talk to her. Now walk down and talk to key-person.

A quick little cutscene later, you find yourself back in Paradise. Go north
from the crossing on (no idea how to get to the chests to the right) and be
prepared for the final boss. LET'S KICK THAT OLD GUY'S ASS! He shouldn't have
tricked us! Well... that's A motivation to beat him.

Anyways, onward to the final boss! Talk to him and...

He's a floating skull with five pedestals surrounding him, one of each colour.
Now and then, he'll change into an array of coins, from every colour. Hit each
pedestal with its corresponding element. Watch out for his attacks. He has an
attack for every element: dropping ice on you, shooting green bullets, sending
out tornadoes, rings of dark clouds, and a fiery swirl. Just avoid them.
They're pretty much all the same. When defeating pedestals, focus on one at a
time. This will keep his attacks to a minimum, and makes it easier to walk
 around. Some pedestals are harder to destroy than others, though. Do try not
to end with the dark or forest pedestal, as it'll make the rest of the boss

The forest pedestal (bottom left) takes 1 hit from Heavy Stamp.
The dark pedestal (top right) takes about 7 hits from Crash.
The water pedestal (bottom right) takes 5 hits from Ice.
The fire pedestal (top center) can be taken down with the flamethrower.
The wind pedestal (top left) takes about 8 hits from Windslash.

Once the pedestals are down, the skull will shoot out circles of bullets.
YAIKS! You probably'll be pretty low on health by now, so stay away from him,
dodge the bullets and use your elemental attack on him. When you're out of MP,
or when you still have a fair amount of health, run to him, avoid his bullets
and charge attacks, and slash away at him with your sword.

When he's defeated, walk up to him and talk. Now just sit back and enjoy the
final cutscene.


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