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Karoshi 2 Walkthrough

By Terry Cavanagh (http://www.indiefaqs.com)

Level 0: Jump into the spikes.

Level 1: Push the block into the left wall, and hit the switch below.

Level 2: Push both blocks to the left so that the top one falls onto the bottom on. Then you can crush yourself by pushing the lower block.

Level 3: Don't let the split screen confuse you! Push the block down and onto the switch, then jump into the spikes.

Level 4: The blue number corresponds to a block on the right. Jump on the switch until then number changes to "3", then run underneath the block to the right.

Level 5: Collect the shotgun, then use the mouse cursor to shoot yourself.

Level 6: This level is mirrored horizontally. Jump into the spikes once you've worked out a path.

Level 7: You can fall through the block at the far right.

Level 8: Collect all the coins, then talk to the guy below. Press "R" to restart and repeat.

Level 9: Everytime you jump in this level, gravity gets progressivly stronger. Just ignore the coins and jump to the right.

Level 10: Walk out of the screen to the left and hit the switch.

Level 11: One of the ledges will have a bin on it. Walk off the screen on that ledge. In the new screen, another ledge will have a bin on it - walk off the screen on that ledge, and so on, until a block appears that you can use to crush yourself with.

Level 12: Press K!

Level 13: Jump, and press "L". Then jump off the screen to the right.

Level 14: You can't jump in this level! Walk to the right, and during the second fall head left.

Level 15: Walk to the right and hit the blue switch. Then back on the first screen, jump up to the top left, and jump to the right into the spikes.

Level 16: Hit the switch with one block, then the one with 2, then the one with 3, and finally the one with 4.

Level 17: Just hit left and right repeatedly until the counter at the top left of the screen reaches 100.

Level 18: Avoid the bubbles!

Level 19: Quickly go to the right before your "helpers" destroy your ledge! Then jump over the platforms above into the spikes.

Level 20: Jump into the spikes. Just try not to get dizzy :D

Level 21: This level extends into a number of screens above. Keep going up until you can jump enough to the right to reach the spikes.

Level 22: When you get to the console, type "delete", or type "die"

Level 23: Hit the switch, then run to the left!

Level 24: Click the red button with the mouse.

Level 25: When you hit a blue switch, press "R" to restart in a different part of the level. Then just hit the red switch.

Level 26: Press "K" a few times.

Level 27: Touch the spikes three times.

Level 28: Jump to the right and fall off the edge.

Level 29: Use the mouse to remove grey squares. Use the block at the right hand side to crush you.

Level 30: Use the mouse to reposition yourself in the level. First place yourself close to the red switch. Then position the mouse cursor under the block to the left. When you stand on the switch, move.

Level 31: Jump off the edge to the far right. Don't hit the blue switch!

Level 32: Stand still for a while!

Level 33: You can "double" jump on the yellow markers.

Level 34: Press escape, and select level 32. Jump into the sign. Hit the blue switch, then jump into the electric current.

Level 35: Slowly make your way to the right. If you go too fast, your path will be blocked.

Level 36: Hold left for a while. Jump into the spikes.

Level 37: Just wait!

Level 38: You can use the mouse cursor to place ledges in this level. Use them to reach the spike in the upper right hand corner.

Level 39: This level's a bit unfair. There's a fake block on the screen that you can jump through (it has a little red pixel on it). It's on the forth row from the bottom, about half way across horizontally.

Level 40: Press "D"!

Level 41: Walk off the left of the screen.

Level 42: Press escape!

Level 43: Everytime you press "R", you're given an extra player character. Manipulate things so that you've got one on each switch.

Level 44: You can't see yourself in this level, but the switches should give away your position!

Level 45: Press escape. Then just jump off the edge.

Level 46: The mouse cursor destroys white blocks. Stand underneath the block to the right (after jumping so that you don't destroy its support) and use the mouse to remove its support and crush you.

Level 47: The mouse pointer can be used as a ledge! Use it to reach the spikes.

Level 48: Insert any audio CD into your CD rom drive. If you don't have one, go looking for the version of the game that skips this level :(

Level 49: Press Z to remove your head. Then use it to jump into the spikes.

Boss 1: (Boss Battle) Walk to the left, and let your head crush you.

Boss 2: (The Final Boss) Use the mouse cursor to remove green blocks. Use this to create a ledge to jump to the right.

Boss 3: (Final Final Boss) There's a trick block on the floor. Fall through it.

Boss 4: (Final Final Boss 2) Go to the right and under to get to the switch below, then trigger it and go back to the head.

Boss 5: (Really the Final Boss) You can jump higher than normal in this level with each succesive jump. Once you can jump high enough, jump up to the head and crush yourself

Boss 6: (This time I swear it really is the final Boss) Walk to the left and jump. When you step on the blue switch, you'll be able to see yourself offscreen. Stand under the jumping head.

Boss 7: (Ok, can this please be the final boss?) Just hold right.

Boss 8: (I bet this is not the final boss) Click somewhere onscreen to place the boss.

Epilogue 1: Run after the spike! When it reaches the right wall, jump on it!

Kart Racing: Just time your jumps right so that you don't hit the pink blocks. In the last scene, get crushed by the head.

Shadow of the Bossus: Jump to the right, then into the spikes above you to the left.

Final Scene: Tap jump repeatedly to finish. Choose the heart to end peacefully, or choose the spikes to eternally replay the first level.