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Hotel B123O is a little Italian freeware game where you have to guess the right door in order to reach the next heat.

In every heat you there are three doors and you have to guess which is the right one. You have only one possibility (every error detracts one point from the current score), but for every right choice your score increases three points.

When you make the second mistake in one heat, you lose the game.

To reset your record click on “Azzera Record”.

To turn off the sounds click on “Suoni On/Suoni Off”.

To play again after losing a game click on “Rigioca”.

The label "Punteggio" indicates the current scoring.

The label "Manche" indicates the current heat.

“B123O” (it is read BIZEO and the pronunciation is “Bizèo”) is a term that indicates a situation where you have only one right choice out of three, with the possibility to discard one wrong choice.

In this situation there is a periodic 33,3% probability of guessing the right door, but if we discard one wrong choice there is a periodic 66,6% probability (and not a 50% probability, as it is erroneously, but possible to think).

This is due to the fact that at the beginning we “lose” because of the low probability, but if we go on and we discard one wrong choice, our probabilities move on from “1 out of 3” to “2 out of 3”.

Also, if our choice is not the one we discard, we are going to have much more chances to hit it if we change it quickly.

In conclusion.......a veritable probabilistic paradox!

Hotel B123O is a software created by Andrea Pignataro (2009)

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