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Holdover is a short but difficult platform game, where a young girl wakes up from a coma, to discover that the place has fallen into ruin.

Note: This game contains nudity.


The map is availabe from the official website. If you choose English, open the "Capture" tab and click on the map to proceed.


Level Hearts
1 0
2 40
3 100
4 180
5 280
6 400
7 450

The walkthrough for the game is shown in the various maps. However, the text of the walkthrough is in Japanese.

To advance through the game, you need to improve your abilities. The most important ability is underwater breathing, which is advanced by collecting blue hearts scattered throughout the map. The game is completed in this order:

  • Head to central area. On the left shaft, you have to head through three portions of water. In the lower-most water area in the column, you need to conserve as much oxygen as possible. Once you reach the next screen, jump at the first air gap that you can reach before continuing.
  • Obtain suit upgrade, in path left of central shaft. Crawl in the water under security turrets to go up. Dodge the laser beams, and carefully jump across the gap (with quick-save).
  • Collect 100 hearts, then stop the security system (located right of the shaft). With your suit, you should are able to run through a single laser beam, such as the right-most door in the basement to get the hearts required.
  • With the security system stopped for 60 second, run to the floor below, and exit via the right. You should be able to unlock a medical area.
  • Head into the submerged area, exit to the right, and receive the Leg upgrade.
  • Head down, and obtain the elevator code.
  • Get at least 180 hearts (or all you can reach for now), and head up to the elevator shaft to the roof. This is Network Room C.
  • Get the arm upgrade (the door bellow Network Room C), and reach Network room B.
  • Become at least level 5, and head to the administrative area below. First, disable security, then take the left shaft, disable security again, and take the left shaft again. Your final destination is far down, where you can get air and unlock the network room B.
  • Return to Network Room B.
  • Destroy 70 blimps.
  • Head to Network Room C.


The saved game file, save.dat is easily modified. it contains five saved games, the first of which is the quick save. Each saved game is 96 bytes long, and starting at offset 0x1C from a start of a saved game, you can adjust a bitfield to determine which hearts you have collected.