God of Thunder

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God of Thunder

From author's description: "The year is 927 A.D. (as mortals reckon time) and the Almighty ODIN has summoned you, his faithful and heroic son, to The Great Hall of Asgard. Armed with only your enchanted hammer and considerable wits, you must journey to Midgard and destroy Jormangund!

God of Thunder was written by Ron Davis in 1993. It was never given much of a chance in the shareware market due to lack of funding, so this great game remains very rare. God of Thunder's unique combination of strategy and arcade action on the PC make it a classic favorite."



The author has made a hintbook for the game, which shows how to get through all the levels (with pictures).

If you start the game with the command "GOT /VOLSTAGG", you can refill your magic by pressing the "Z" key.

Michael Z. Gottlieb also has a full walkthrough for this game on Neoseeker (Local Mirror 1st Feb '08).

The Neoseeker site also has a gif of Ken's House of Wonders by qqwref, available here (Local Mirror 1st Feb '08).