Gang Garrison 2

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Gang Garrison 2 is an entry in TIGSource's "Bootleg Demake" competition, and is an attempt to replicate Team Fortress 2 in a style of a cheap 3rd party ripoff.


Gang Garrison uses a simplified version of Team Fortress classes, giving each player a weapon of their own.

  • Runner, fast moving, uses a shotgun and can double jump.
  • Firebug, Uses flamethrower. Alt fire reflects mines and launches enemies.
  • The Rocket man, Uses rocket launhcer.
  • The Overweight, Minigun. Alt-fire recovers health (but leaves you vulnerable)
  • The Detonator, Places upto eight mines. Alt-fire to detonate.
  • The Healer. Fire heals a friend, Alt-fie uses needlegun.
  • The Constructor. Alt-fire allows deploying or removing a sentry
  • The infiltrator: Alt-fire toggles cloak. When cloaked, can perform a backstab.
  • The Rifleman: Can view further than any other class.

There is no secret character. You can quote the documentation on that.