Final Fantasy Endless Nova

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Final Fantasy Endless Nova

From FAQ description:

"A lone solar system sits inside a large galaxy. The sun of the system is in the beginning stages of going supernova. For an unknown reason, however, it won't explode, and centuries go by with the people of the system forgetting about the danger."

"Four hundred years ago, a massive war left a once mighty nation in ruins. For decades, the people of that nation wandered aimlessly on the planet Coyas as nomads, not able to form a new civilization. It wasn't until an unnamed scientist discovered space travel and a way of making asteroids habitable that the people of the fallen nation were able to migrate to space. This was the beginning of the mighty asteroid colony called Finel Capital. Eventually, people discovered that there was a limit to space travel as a result of the impenetrable dome of asteroids and debris that surrounds the solar system. Thus, the name Hell's Dome was born."

"A young bounty hunter named Deren Star, along with his android companion Motor, does jobs in various locations around Hell's Dome. Recently contacted by an old friend, they attempt a seemingly standard job, but are forcefully thrown into a chaotic adventure instead, involving government conspiracy, religious fervor, and the fate of, not just their solar system, but all of reality."

Final Fantasy Endless Nova is a fangame done in the RPG Maker 2000 engine. With the exceptions of assorted editing errors and a shorter length, it could be considered the equivalent of an SNES Final Fantasy title, with a similar scope in story, and a battle system that plays like a mix between Final Fantasies II, IV and VIII.



Delita Hyral X, the creator of the game, made a basic walkthrough, available here.

Arrowned has written a detailed walkthrough, available here. (Local Mirror 22nd January 2011).