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Exit Fate character guide / FAQ as compiled on the Something Awful forums:

All 75 Optional + Story Characters

Optional Characters: Stromgaard Thunder - Ranged (None) Location: Alfheim - Inn Recruit: Once you convince Sally to let you use her boat, talk to him BEFORE you leave the island. If you missed him the first time, speak to him in Credence later in the game.

Mike Fire - Melee (None) Location: Mayfall City - Pub Recruit: Hire for 400 Arn.

Outsider Dark - Melee - *War Leader* (Row Strike) Location: Mayfall City - Pub Recruit: Hire for 1500 Arn.

Joe Thunder - Melee (Steal) Location: Amen Corner Recruit: Talk to him with Col in your party. Accept his request and you will have to complete a small dungeon with only Col and Joe. There is a chest with a spell in there so don't miss it.

Cid Ice - Ranged (None) Location: Madrigal - Inn Recruit: Talk to him and he will mention losing sheet music. Go all the way back to Blackwater Inn and get the sheet music from the innkeeper. Return it to him and he will join.

Francesca Dark - Melee (None) Location: Matrech Recruit: Recruit with Outsider (or maybe any Dark element member) in your party.

Midian Dark - Ranged/Mage (None) Location: Midian's Island Recruit: Sail to Midian's Island after Erin mentions him. Enter his house and try to reach the chest on the wardrobe. Push the crate in his house next to the wardrobe to drop the chest on him.

Paris Fire - Ranged - *War Leader* (None) Location: Bergstadt Recruit: Get an A rank in the Battle of Grunthall. Talk to him and he will join. If you missed the A rank, have Rock in your party and recruit him in Ansee.

Bartolli Ice - Melee - Castle Item Merchant (None) Location: Grunthall - Item Shop Recruit: Talk to him and he will complain about a late supply shipment. Go to Ansee. Enter the building in the northwest and wake up the sleeping dock worker. Get the Supplies from him and return it to him in Grunthall.

Richard Thunder - Ranged (None) Location: Mayfall Forest - Richard's Hut Recruit: After the first Battle of Mayfall, bring Ljusalf and speak to him. Agree to help him with the mist problem and defeat the boss at the end of the mist dungeon. The mist maze is annoying and the boss is hard so be prepared.

Naja Water - Melee/Mage (None) Location: Mayfall Forest - Mist Maze Recruit: Joins with Richard after defeating the boss of the mist maze.

Nomad Fire - Melee (Row Strike) Location: Mt. Bosch (North exit of Grunthall) Recruit: Talk to him and he will mention finding the city of Avalon. Go to the bar in Harlinton and the man on the far left will tell you where it is. Go pick Nomad up (he actually joins you here, so you can ignore Avalon if you want) and take him to the new area SW of Mayfall. If you removed Nomad from your party before completing Avalon, you can rerecruit him in front of the entrance to Avalon. The 'key' is back in Mt. Bosch, so take a good look around. (The code is CLVIII = 158)

Marian Lightning - Melee/Mage - *War Leader* (None) Location: Faraday University How to recruit: Clear Nomad's dungeon (Avalon). Bring Nomad and speak to her in the university.

Petra Dark - Melee (Wild Attack) Location: Bayside Town - Inn Recruit: Talk to her with a full party of all dudes including your Entourage.

Mai Ice - Melee - Castle Magic Merchant (None) Location: Harlinton - Inn Recruit: Talk to her and defeat her in battle. She has very high PDF so magic is your only option.

Wilona Water - Melee/Mage - Castle Record Keeper (Scan) Location: Mayfall City Recruit: Have an A rank in total MAG of active group members. To get an A rank, you need to have 400+ MAG.

Meiko Water - Melee/Mage (None) Location: Blackwater Recruit: Keep telling her your war stories. You can only tell a story after every war campaign. Earliest she can join is after retaking Mayfall City for the second time.

Klaus Light - Melee (None) Location: Various Recruit: Find a cat in the following towns (in order): Blackwater (Building), Matrech (Building), Mayfall City (Training Ground), Bergstadt (Governor's House). After you talk to him in Bergstadt, go to the front gate of Elysium Castle and he will join.

Griever Lightning - Melee - *War Leader* (Column Strike) Location: Blackwater Recruit: Talk to her with Klaus in your party.

Johnny Ice - Ranged - Castle Blackjack Dealer (None) Location: Ansee Recruit: After the second Battle of Mayfall, win 5000 Arn from him in Blackjack

King Light - Melee (None) Location: Bayside Town Recruit: Bring Johnny and arf arf arf

Mandala Ice - Ranged (Smokescreen) Location: Blackwater - Shiro's Basement Recruit: Inspect the column in the upper-right corner of the room she's in. Defeat the boss who spawns.

Deke Dark - Ranged - Castle Teleporter (Focus) Location: Amen Corner How to recruit - Have Joe in your party then talk to him in front of his house after the second Battle of Mayfall. Defeat the Iron Golem then go back to the castle. Enter the left building in the courtyard and speak to him.

Myst Dark - Melee/Mage (Focus) Location: Myst's House (SE of Matrech) Recruit: Visit him ~3/4 times to watch his experiment. After recapturing Mayfall, he will be looking through the nearby books. Read the magic book in front of the bones and it tells you to get certain ingredients. The ingredients are: (Any Herb | Leather Belt, Charged Jet: Chest in Myst's | Memento | Sea Serpent Toxin Liquid: Buy for 500 gold from Mayfall City Pub. | Brown Clay: 'Steal' this from a Hermit encounter in the Western Pass.) Once you have them all go back to the spellbook and try the experiment.

Derek Dark - Melee (Row Strike) Location: Myst's House (SE of Matrech) Recruit: He's the experiment.

Fitch (Yes that Fitch) Fire - Ranged (None) Location: Elysium Castle Recruit: After retaking Mayfall, find him in the training room in the west wing

Alex Water - Melee/Mage (None) Location: Oischin Forest Recruit: After events at Cento Temple, go to the eastern side path off the icy area closest to the Matrech side. Speak to him and solve the mystery.

Hawk Thunder - Melee (None) Location: Sibet Town Recruit: Talk to Bartolli in the castle until he mentions needing fresh herbs. Go to Sibet Town and recruit Hawk in his garden.

Teej Thunder - Melee (None) Location: Credence Recruit: After the trial, talk to Teej with Cid in your party. Enjoy the show.

Nikolai Ice - Melee - Castle Blacksmith (None) Location: Bergstadt Recruit: After Gaia's Heart, talk to him and he will mention that he remembers "bronze buildings." Talk to the blacksmith's wife in Harlinton and she'll mention him. Return to him and he'll join.

Reod Fire - Melee/Mage (Steal) Location: Port Jargo Recruit: Talk to him and watch the show. Watch the show again with Joe or Rorschach in your party.

Tiffany Water - Melee/Mage (None) Location: Faraday University Recruit: Bring Teej to see her in the school.

Venkal Fire - Melee - Castle Menu Painter (None) Location: Faraday Recruit: Talk to him in his house in the southwestern end of Faraday (west of entrance). Inside the Academy, find the art appraiser (northeast) then return to Venkal. Head to the large house in the northeast corner of town and confront Walters.

Darwin Water - Melee/Mage (Scan) Location: Faraday University Recruit: Give him the Rainbow Ore from Vishnu Citadel 2F. Return 10-15 minutes later.

Shadfork Light - Melee (Wild Attack) Location: Cento Temple (Courtyard) Recruit: After clearing Elemental Mansion, accept offer to race and lose on purpose.

Tong Wu Lightning - Melee (None) Location: Cento Temple (Inn) Recruit: Bring Shadfork and talk to him

Sef Light - Melee (None) Location: Trarcia Recruit: After clearing Vishnu Citadel, talk to him in Trarcia. He asks you to go to the Magma Caverns NE of the city to rescue a friend. Officially joins after clearing Magma Caverns.

Soth Dark - Melee (None) Location: Magma Caverns Recruit: Joins with Shin after Sef's sidequest.

Shin Dark - Melee (Column Strike) Location: Magma Caverns Recruit: Joins with Soth after Sef's sidequest.

Yomiko Lightning - Ranged (Smokescreen) Location: Ashton Port Recruit: Talk to her with Rorschach. Go through the dungeon and defeat the boss.

Gilbert Dark - Melee (None) Location: Shadow Clan Village Recruit: Joins with Yomiko.

Avelion Light - Melee (Aura) Location: Valduz Recruit: Speak to her then follow her to Mt. Ea, which is right next to Valduz. Defeat the boss at the peak of Mt. Ea.

Ice Ice - Melee/Mage (None) Location: St. Reinard (In an unmarked house in the western part of town) Recruit: Bring Avelion in your active or entourage party to snap him out of his insanity

Marcello Dark - Melee (Steal) Location: Jargo Port City Recruit: Have Reod in your party to unlock the door, Marcello will be inside and ask you for a Black Ruby. You can steal a Black Ruby from Hoarders, which are found in the wilderness surrounding Vishnu Citadel.

Sormaus Fire - Melee (None) Location: Forgotten Cave (NNE of Levier) Recruit: Talk to him and defeat the Demilich.

Frore Ice - Melee (None) Location: Trarcia, Madrigal, Harlinton, Niflheim Recruit: Try to recruit the white-haired man in Trarcia and he says he has to lay low. Find Kella in Niflheim and she'll go to Trarcia after him. Follow her there, then chase Frore to Madrigal. Report back to Kella in Trarcia and she'll head to Madrigal. Rinse and repeat for Harlinton Inn. One last trip to Niflheim and he's yours.

Luther Light - Melee/Mage (Aura) Location: Muspelheim (In the house above the save point) Recruit: Escort him to the vampires mansion north of town, after defeating the vampire Luther will join you.

Vanrushal Dark - Melee (None) Location: Nocturn Keep Recruit: He joins when you defeat him while escorting Luther

Story Characters:


Light - Melee/Mage - *War Leader* (None)

Ljusalf Water - Melee/Mage - *War Leader* (None)

Ayara Ice - Melee (Wild Attack)

Col Thunder - Ranged (Scan)

Carson Ice - Melee (None)

Royston Thunder - Melee (None)q

Sally Water - Melee (None)

Yan Angwa Dark - Ranged/Mage (None)

Rorschach Water - (Steal)

Deus Light - Melee (Aura)

Bast Fire - Melee - *War Leader* (None)

Shiro Light - Melee - *War Leader* (None)

Keyser Water - Melee - *War Leader* (Column Strike)

Rock Ice - Melee (None)

Ryan Light - Melee/Mage (None)

Angel Ice - Melee (Column Strike)

Jovian Fire - Melee - *War Leader* (None)

Merrick Thunder - Ranged - Castle War Simulations - *War Leader* (None)

Orlando Water - Melee/Mage (Focus)

Eander Thunder - Melee - *War Leader* (None)

Erin Fire - Melee - *War Leader* (None)

Jasper Water - Melee (None)

Harvey Fire - Ranged (Smokescreen)

Nashal Light - Melee - *War Leader* (None)

Beau Water - Melee/Mage (None)

Bruce Fire - Melee (Wild Attack)

Tarlia Ice - Melee (Row Strike)