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A new freeware adventure called "Evonture" is in development by 18 year old Andrea Pignataro, who is living in the south of Italy. Andrea did all the production of his own from graphics to music and now has released a 100 MB demo which is available in Italian language through his homepage:


The game is 1st-person point&click, very much in the tradition of Myst, where you have to find out who you are and why you stay on an unknown island. But contrary to Myst, Evonture has an inventory and an ingame help-system built up in 3 difficulty levels. The game can be played on all Windows versions but recommends a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 to a maximum of 1280x1024 and also supports 16:9 monitors. It features 3D animations, special effects such as rain and snow, logical puzzles, can be played in a window or full-screen where you can also determin the tilt angle of your view. It uses blue-screen-technique (Croma-Key) to implement characters in the 3D environment. Once finished (sometime in 2009) Evonture is planned to have a 30 hours playtime where you'll travel through a very huge number of worlds and location.