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Coil is a flash game written be Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsel. It is a purely mouse driven game representing conception.

Stage 1

Moving the mouse will turn you around, with a slight propulsion forward. Find an egg (large cell) and enter it.)

Stage 2

The cells within are repelled by your mouse. Try to seperate them into their three colours.

Stage 3

Circle the mouse around your cell to roll left and right. Avoid the obstacles to reach the bottom.

Stage 4

Trap food with your tendril, and reel it in.

Stage 5

The controls are as follows (move mouse over to activate):

  • Left red organ: rotate to the left.
  • Right red organ: rotate to the right.
  • Brown lower membrane: Move forward. (Your tendrals face backward.)

Stage 6

Try to with the other target.

Stage 7

Try to go as high as possible.