Clean Asia!

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Clean Asia!

From author's description: "The eyes of mankind have decided to leave their hosts and take over the earth. Their first move was to escape to the moon, where they developed their hostile weapon technology. Ten years later they return and forcefully take over some prominent countries in Asia. Thailand and New Korea has both succumb to the hostile threat, while China insists on dealing with the eyes themselves and refuses any helping hands from around the world.

Clean Asia! was designed for (and won) the Autofire 2007 competition at, it has three levels and two selectable ships (with distinct controlling differences and weapons/abilities), fourteen bosses and around ten regular enemies."

Clean asia.png


Little known fact: You can collect the guns on the New Korea stage and use them to fire at the enemies!

Johto Ken offers a couple of strategies on the yoyogames forums.

There are a few videos of the levels on YouTube:


Thailand (Attractor) (by sfsix)


Thailand (Reflector) (by ClickingTick)


New Korea (Attractor) (by ClickingTick)


China (Attractor) (by ClickingTick)