Cactus Mondo Medicals

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Mirrored from on 3rd January '08' by Terry

Walkthrough: As Mondo Medicals is something so weird as an illogical puzzle game with solutions that are meant to be obscure, I figured a walkthrough would be appreciated. Please don't read this before you play or unless you're absolutely stuck... It'll ruin the whole experience.

The first level is easy. Walk in the direction that the arrow points and you'll end up in an infinite loop, walk the other way and you'll reach a door that takes you to the next level.

The second level is very easy. Get through the slide door in the first room and walk over to the next. Enter the slide door in this room as well, and walk up to the robot. Press Z to interact with it. When you get out of the room the exit will have appeared in front of you.

The third level is very easy as well. Just keep walking, you'll eventually get to a dead end that is really a slide door. Behind it is the exit to the fourth level.

The fourth level is a bit tricky. If you follow the arrows you'll end up in a loop. If you go in the opposite direction of the arrows you'll get to the exit.

The fifth level can be very tricky. There is a hint in level three to the solution in this one. Start by touching all the numbers from one to fourteen in sequence. After that you need to find number fifteen. When you're standing on number fourteen, you should be facing a corner straight in front of you. The pillar on the left of the corner has a secret entreance in which you'll find number fifteen. After that, the exit to the next level appears close to number eleven.

The sixth level is a regular maze. The exit of the maze is at located in the corner at seven o' clock. To get ther you need to get to the second left most passage in the maze's ten o' clock corner. From there you just follow the maze to where it takes you and you should be able to get outside the maze so that you can circle it and reach the exit to the next level.

The seventh level isn't too hard, but there is no safe route to beat it. On the left and right sides are two buttons. Once both of these are deactivated an exit appears on the opposite side of the room from where you started.

The eight level is very simple but still very hard. When you start, the exit is in the path to your right, but it's hidden behind a wall. To get to it you must simply push the button that is straight in front of you when you start.