A Game with a Kitty

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A Game with a Kitty is a platform game.

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Kicas Town

Oraga Cave

There are 5 bags of gold:

  1. Below the savepoint, jump almost as soon as you approach the horizontal bouncer.
  2. Left of the save point, there is a platform that starts to move left. Jump onto the platforms, and use the bouncer to reach the top. The bag is just to the right.
  3. Left of the savepoint is the moving platform. Head all the way to the left, working around hazards in the two lifts. Continue left and drop down. Flip the switch to the right to create a bouncer near the bag at the starting area.
  4. When swimming look for the sign saying watch out. Go up (dodging the crusher), and run to the left bouncer. Jump after being moved, and land on the platform. The bag is to the right.

Solicia Hills

Once you have 100 coins, you can enter the area to gain the run ability.

The bag of gold can found after going one screen upward at the first wall. Jump down between the two 2-block platforms to get the bag.

Strange Tower

  1. After defeating Glasses, make a running jump to the right. The bag is on a ledge.

Windy Whiskers

If you have at least 30 coins, you can gain the climb wall ability.

  1. Before the first long jump, head and jump left. You should see the bag in plain sight, but it is out of reach until you get an appropriate upgrade.

Lake Asgath

  1. In the first water section, you should see a star on the ground. To the right is a movable bomb launcher. Push it left, and have the bomb land on the star. Enter it, and head left while fighting against the current for the bag.
  2. In the first water section, after the bomb and spikes, you should see star blocks in a 2x2 pattern. Use the charge move on then, and climb up.
  3. After the first water section, head right and surface. It is located directly above the water on the left column, but can't be reached directly without the appropriate move.

Alibaba Heights

In this area, you can learn the charge move. Head as high as you can with basic moves, and head left.

  1. On the lowest exit, jump on the slow lift, and you'll be taken to the bag of gold.

Tower #2

You need at least 350 coins to enter the area.