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Xorpl is a small platformer.

There are two branches within the game. The first occurs early on and is identified by cactuses. The second is in the rising lava room. While the branches don't change the set of rooms you enter, it does affect the ending.

There are three possible endings:

  • You return to the city:
    • Head Right at cactus area, and top path from rising lava area. You return to the city,
    • Head straight down at cactus area, then take lower path.
  • You are thrown into water:
    • Head down and left at the cactus area, then take the lower path.
    • Head right at cactus, and take lower lava path.
  • You enter a white background area:
    • Head straight down, and take upper lava path.
    • Head down and left and take upper lava path.