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Walkthrough: Reactor 09


In this walktrough you will not know how to get the 4 endings nor how to get more trust by Matt, I'll only explain how to actually finish the game.
It's recommended to use this walkthrough only if you're stuck somewhere, if you finish the whole game only with this, the game will probably lose most of it's appeal.

Part 01

Get the old newspaper on the cupboard, then head to the room and get the wrench, the pipe piece, the oxygen tank and open the medikit. Search it and you'll get some smelling salts. Search it again, and you'll get some bandages. Use the smelling salts on Matt, he'll wake up. Talk to him ans ask him to open the door again. While the door is opened, quickly use the pipe piece on it.

Part 02

Finally, you get outside. Go to the Control Center and talk to Irene and ask her where are the plan of the facility. She'll tell you they are on the cupboard, and now ask Matt to force the lock with the pipe piece. You must say that Irene said the plan is in there and then tell him that's because you should know this place since you're stuck. He'll force it, and then ask him to see the plans. As he don't believe you helped to build the triad reactors, you'll have to show him the piece of newspaper you found earlier. Talk to Irene and ask her to enter the water pipe. Talk to her again and ask her if she can the pipe and open the hatch now, obviously, she'll say no. Before leaving get the scissors on the panel, the matches on the drawer, the tape on the cupboard and the pastic bag under the table.

Part 03

Now go outside the control center and head to water supply pipe.
Once you're there, get the hidrogen tank and open the case with the wrench. Close the air supply. Get out of there and head to the hallway again. Go to the room, open the case, and ask matt to cut the firehose with the scissors. Matt will ask you what for and you'll have to tell him it's for the repairs. Get to the water supply pipe again. Put the firehose piece on the broken pipe, however it's not enough, you must use the tape. Now you must open the vent. Once the vent is opened, proceed to the level measuring device. You must set the first slider to 0, the sencond to -2 and the last to 3.
Then press the button. Now get back to the control center and talk to Irene. Tell her everything is fixed. She'll open the water pipe, now get moving !

Part 04

Once you're in the water pipe, open the manhole at the right and enter into it. Once you're on the sewers, Matt will faint, and will get hurt, you must use the bandages and lift him. By the way, get the oxygen meter. Keep going to the right. When the oxygen meter start making "beep", put the plastic bag on your head and use the Oxygen Tank on the bag.
After you finally get to the reactor door, Matt will wake up.
The door is locked, so you'll have to blow it up by putting the hidrogen tank near the door, open it, and use the matches on the gas. Once the door is "opened", proceed to the next area.

Part 05

First, go to the cooling pumps chamber at the left and take the bucket at your right.
Now head to the reactor's control center. Once you're there, get the dirty jacket on the cart of dirty clothes. Enter the door at the left. There's someone snoring in the left toilet cabin. First get the small ladder, then fill the bucket with water from the wash basin. Use the bucket full of water in the toilet cabin and the snoring guy will show up. His name is Rolland. Tell him you wanted to go to the control room but it was locked and he'll guide you inside.
Once you're in, use the reactor control panel. Once Clyde give the walkie talkie to Rolland, go outside and go to the elevator. When you're here, climb the ladders. Now you must do this quickly:
Set the dirty jacket on fire with the matches and put it on the exhaust I recommend you to be near from the exhaust. Then ask Matt to open the vent at your left. A magnificent green flame will go out through the exhaust. Get the iron chain under the exhaust. Climb down the ladders and put the small ladder under the pressure vent. First try to use the remote box at your right, it won't work but now you can use the walkie talkie to ask Rolland to move the crane. Move it to right untill it's as near as possible to the lever. You'll have to move it 3 times to the right, but Rolland will finish by moving it too far, you must ask him to move the crane to the left once. Now, chain the lever to the crane hook with your iron chain, then tell Rolland to move the crane to the left and we're done with the steam producer.

Head to the cooling pumps chamber again.
Hit the backup pump switch (it won't work) and read the sign at your left, it will indicate you a phone number. Now get to reactor 09 's control room. Look at the locker, it will indicate you a name, Pavlin. Head to the security room, grab the phone and make a call to the water supply.
In order to have more water pressure, you must tell her you need more water pressure, she will ask if you're talking about Reactor 09, you must say "Yep.Exactly that one".When she ask you who you are, tell her you are Pavlin and she'll increase the water pressure. Go to the cooling pumps again and activate the backup pump. Now you can just go to the security room again, and you'll face one of the endings, depending on Matt's trust.

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