You Probably Won't Make It

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You Probably Won't Make It is a platform game. It contains 18 levels and requires you to dodge through various spikes and traps within the level.



This is the first level where you have to double-jump to leap out of a pit. Walk off the side of the first platform, and just before you hit the spikes, make the double-jump.


Double jumping down the central area is helpful, but not required.


You can tap jump to make a short jump.


The jump to the column requires a pixel-perfect running jump.


You need to land between the two large spikes. You will die a lot because of the unfriendly collision box gives little room for error.


Hop jumping is required to get through some obstacles.


Don't bother; it's impossible.

While you may be able to cheat to skip to the right or otherwise use a pixel-perfect jump onto a ledge, the game will crash if you go through the door.

Level codes

The saved game is in the file "ypwmi.sav" in the same directory as the game. To warp to a specific level, change the number to one of the following:

  1. 2082537
  2. 4427005
  3. 5270047
  4. 7530798
  5. 4227935
  6. 7822456
  7. 1707727
  8. 3835547
  9. 9025276
  10. 4090855
  11. 7424206
  12. 7470037
  13. 9720028
  14. 3755407
  15. 5734956
  16. 8035775
  17. 1850436
  18. 4228707