Seraphim Flame

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Astarot, the Grand Duke of Hell is waging war against the Seraphim, a certain order of angels, whom are led by Saint Michael. But now Michael has been kidnapped. Without their leader, the Seraphim race are weakened, except for one, Serafin. Can Serafin break into Hell and save his race from total annihilation?



First floor.

To obtain the key, you need to defeat several waves of enemies.

= Death key

Second floor left of gate.

To obtain the key, you need to hit targets, preferably without missing. To slow rate of descent, hold up while falling; however, this may still be difficult since you have to

The final targets will begin to move up and down.

Famine key

Third floor, left of gate.

After entering the first room and watching the cutscene, push the boxes onto the buttons. Take the lower path first.

In the upper-right room, look for a feather.


Fourth floor. Race against a phantom to win.

Hell's entrance

Go through the entrance. You will fight Zach. His main attack is firing a ranged ball through a portal. To hit him, go through the associated portal and charge before he launches the projectile. Otherwise, it can be dodged by teleporting through the opposite portal or by timing the portal entrance properly.

His alternate attack is to drop a short-timed explosive.

When he is low on health, he will occasionally floor spark you. Dodge by jumping.

First level Hell

Top left room: use the blue crate to open the door. Enter the teleporter, and unleash superweapon attack in the room.

Bottom left room: Feather. Head to the right, and push boxed to unlock both doors.

Top right room: Hit all orbs to unlock feather. Kill all enemies to open floor below.

Second level hell

Past the purple warp gate, or below the exit of Hell's arena.

First, below hells arena, solve the pushinb block puzzle. In the red gate, push the crate to allow the lower crate to be pushed below. Move the red gate's crate to the other button, and push the lower crate into position. Push the upper crate onto the original button, allowing travel through the purple gate.

From here, you can only push a crate into position, for use later.

Head through the entrace to second level via the purple gate.

At the end of second level (below the entrance, and next to a save point), there is a box falling down. Take out the orb, and push the box as it spawns to the right. Push it onto the button, and go east to collect the two feathers.

Astarot's Lair

Astarot first form is on a mount. He will summon monsters to do initial attacks. When they are destroyed, he will charge along the ground. To hit him, land just before he breaks and turns around, and then thrust towards him. After three hits, he will summon another volley.

In the second form, he will fly and use a variety of attacks:

  • He can use a thrust attack.
  • He can summon six arrows that will close on you. Dodged by jumping.
  • He can throw a semi-tracking projectile that doesn't damage, will stun you for a few seconds.

When he is defeated, collect the key and open the cell to the right.


There are 25 feathers, the locations of 22 are as follows:

  1. In tutorial area
  2. In tutorial area
  3. In tutorial area
  4. East of the famine trial entrance; between the spikes (walk to pickup)
  5. In famine trial, upper right trial; charge (Z) the box in the alcove near the red switch.
  6. After conquest trial, in secret area.
  7. Right of conquest trial entrance, above spike.
  8. Defeat Zack.
  9. First hell's room.
  10. South-west of first area of hell.
  11. North-east section of first area of hell.
  12. Below north-east section.
  13. Go through the green gate.
  14. Reward for Hell's Arena.
  15. Reward for Hell's Arena.
  16. Reward for Hell's Arena.
  17. East of second levels entrance.
  18. West of second level entrance
  19. East of second level exit.
  20. East of second level exit.
  21. Astarot's lair, first room.
  22. Astarot's lair, save point.