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Magecraft is a game where you play a mage that was undergoing training. You slip out before graduation, in order to find out what's going on with another assignment.


  • When you kill an enemy, it leaves a blue glowing object. Collect this to improve your magic stats. If you get killed during a map, you will keep any XP gained this way.


  • Magic missile. Short range, but tracks targets.
  • Mana Shield: 3 shields.
  • Acid bolt: 1 Fire, 1 water, 1 earth.


  • Health: 40. Amount of damage you can take.
  • Mana: 40. Amount of mana you can use to cast spells.
  • Shields: 20. Amount of additional damage you are protected form.
  • Regen: 1. Rate of mana regeneration.
  • Cast Time: 2 (+1). Rate at which you can fill the cast-time bar.
  • Power: 2 (+1). Strength of magic spells.
  • Summon: 1.

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