Macarena of the Missing

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Macarena of the Missing.png

Macarena of the Missing is an adventure game written for TIGSource's Bootleg demakes contest. It is based off the game "Limbo of the Lost", and follows the story of Admiral Horatio after he dies and enters the Macarena.


  • Left click to move, interact, or interrupt certain dialogue (resulting in a different dialog path.)
  • Double click on an arrow to travel quickly.
  • Right click to examing an object or item.

Blue Key

To get the Blue key:

  • Get the pill from Puck.
  • Get the steroids from Dick Fallout.
  • Get the duck from the pirate
  • Use the pill on the zombie.
  • Get the mirror from the King.
  • Give the steroids to Peek.
  • Put the mirror in the holster, and aim it at the generator.
  • Use the duck on Peek to open the door.

Red Key

  • Get rings from Speedy.
  • Head to the Grue room.
  • Move the torch to the right side, then stand on the grating.
  • Move to the room below the grate, and climb across the rings.
  • Get the key.

Green Key

  • Get the brains from the zombie.
  • Get the plunger from Minestrone
  • Get the hammer from Tranny.
  • Put the brain in the vat inside Mama Cranium's room.
  • Put the plunger in the slot within Mama Cranium's room.
  • Smash the vat with the hammer.

Final room

Once you get all three keys, head to the northern most room and use the three keys in their slots.

Place the seal on either book to start the ending. To get the good ending, you must speak with all characters and cannot skip any dialog other than the final one.