Kingdom of Kroz

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Kingdom of Kroz

From wikipedia description:

"The Kroz series is a series of video games created by Scott Miller. The first episode in the series, Kingdom of Kroz, was released in 1987 as Apogee Software's first game. It was also published on Big Blue Disk #20. The story of the game places the player as an archeologist searching for the priceless Magical Amulet of Kroz in the mystical Kingdom of Kroz. The object of the game is to survive numerous levels of attacking monsters."



The original On-Disk hint sheet is mirrored on Theodor Lauppert's Homepage here.

Of particular note: On the title screen you can also activate a "Secret Mode" that starts you with extra Gems and other supplies. When the game asks you to select a skill level, press the exclamation "!" key (i.e. press shift-1) or press the letter "x", depending on which Kroz game you're playing. With Kingdom, Caverns and Dungeons use the letter "x" to activate the "Secret Mode", and on all other Kroz games use the "!" key.)