Goldeneye 2D

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Goldeneye 2D

From BMcC's TIGSource Review:

"Here’s something pretty cool. You know how big game companies are always taking classic games and remaking them to next-gen spec (with sometimes dubious results)? Well… what if, instead, they took a time machine back to the Good Ol’ Days and remade popular game concepts from now? That’s right, folks—I’m talkin’ about demakes!

Goldeneye 2D is just that. A demake of the N64 classic FPS Goldeneye 64, made like a tie-in game for original Game Boy. Now, the gameplay isn’t quite the gadgets and espionage of the original (it’s more of a run-n-gun now), but that’s part of the fun, I think! Remakes today often aren’t 100% true to their sources, so why should demakes be? I’d really love to see several developers demake the same game to wildly different ends…"



bizn355's orgasmic video review on youtube shows an entire playthrough of the game: