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Floating Islands Game is a Lemmings-like puzzle game where you direct a brainless man to the destination. Within the 35 levels, you need to interact with the environment to move or stop the man, as well as to collect the bonus blue stars throughout the world.


Level Solution Blue Star
1 Time the bridge movement, then click sign to cross bridge Click on the blue stars above to create a constellation.
2 Change the traffic sign to up, then click on the spring board to launch the man to the exit. Click on green monster in the bottom right.
3 Click the cannon to aim it at the fruit, then click the button to shoot the left apple. Aim and shoot at the right apple.
4 Move the upper platform just right of the star. As the man lands on the platform, move them to thr right. Click the bone on the left for the star.
5 Click the hive. About 3/4ths of a second after the second smile appears, activate the sign to have the man walk under the large jump. The jump will partially disloge the star from the ground below. You need three jumps to make the star clickable.
6 Click the target icons in order (with numbers shown below), then click on the crow to bridge the man across the second gap. Alternatively, use the crow to get across both gaps. Fly the crow behind the "pet" on the right.
7 Shoot the cannon to knock the man over the plant. Quickly rotate it, then shoot the bell. Continue shooting the bell to dislodge it and reveal the star.
8 Turn all four bulbs off to build the bridge. For the right-most bulb, click the bird to move it away. Turn all four bulbs on after the man exits the bridge but before he reaches the exit. ]
9 The three signs point to clickable objects; click the stalactite to block the path to the mine, then click on the boulder to turn Timmy around. Block the boulder with the trap. To get the star, have it jump over the monster at the bottom right.
10 Click the lower wire to detach it, then shoot the upper wire with the cannon. At the right moment, click the white button to collect the gold star.
11 To scroll the map, use the right mouse button. Click on all civilians to build a bridge across the spiked pit.