Fedora Spade

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Fedora Spade

From indygamer.blogspot announcement:

"Fedora Spade is a multi-episode detective adventure game with an 8-bit aesthetic, by the author of Missing. It can be described as a mix of Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom and Phoenix Wright."


Case 1: Prologue

The first case in the series concerns what appears to be an robbery gone wrong. Fedora Spade is just about to complete the case, but this is his final day to work on the case due to an ultimatum from the police department.

Case 2: The Red Ring

During a boxing match between an American and a Russian, the American boxer was killed. While the media reports that the american died from a punch, there is evidence of a trained assassin known as 4471 that sniped the American.

Daphne is now working to assist Fedora in this case, and reveals that they were assigned in order to act as a cushion against any screw-ups.

Case 3: Death Wears a Fedora

A mysterious death occurred in a remote mansion, and Fedora are asked to investigate the murder.

Case 4: The Last Job

Even though Daphne left the police force, the Crimson April incident has returned to haunt her.


Hint files for the games are available on the Studio Eres website. They aren't linked directly, but are linked to from the forums on the official website.

  • Episode 3 FAQ. (The questions and answers are held in separate files).
  • Episode 4 FAQ. Questions and answers within the same file.