Ad Nauseam 2

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Ad Nauseam 2 is a shooter made by Cactus. You pilot a small fighter craft at the bottom of the screen, and need to destroy entities resembling faces.


  • Z - Forward fire
  • X - Shockwave
  • Z+X - Forward+backward fire
  • F2 - Disables motion lue (required for troubleshooting or performance)


Collect green plusses; every four will upgrade your ship. Collecting the red minuses will downgrade your ship.


The mooks in this game have a variety of attacks:

  • Grow six tendrals in semi random directions
  • Grow eight tendrals equally apart, then rotate.
  • Grow eight segments which are then launched from the main body as projectiles.
  • Grow four segments which then shoot short-range bullets
  • Split into five projectiles, which then release sub-projectiles. (Use the shockwave to repel them.)


  1. First looks like two eyes. This boss will attack from both eyes, spraying out projectiles in all directions.