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Mirrored from on 20th Mars '08 by GB5 :-9'

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         | |    | | | |    | |  _ _
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  | | | || '_ \_   _| '  \_   _| /
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   \___ ||_| |_||_| |_\__/ |_| |_|
    __/ |                                           
   |___/ < Unofficial Walkthrough >
   by GaryBuseyFan2005


   < Table of Contents >
   1. Introduction
   2. Controls
   3. Walkthrough
     3.1 Tunnel
     3.2 The Arena
     3.3 Stairs
     3.4 High above
     3.5 The Rope
   4. Boss analysis
   5. Thanks to...
   6. Final words


   < 1. Introduction >
   This is a walkthrough (/FAQ/whatever)
   for the flashgame 'You Have to Burn the Rope'
   by Kianis. You can find the game here:
   This is my first walkthrough, so if you find
   any bugs or spelling mistakes please let me
   know (you can find my e-mail at the bottom).


   < 2. Controls >

   First you have to click using your mouse
   to start the game. You can actually click
   anywhere on the screen to start (thanks
   johanKøtbulle!) not just where it says
   'Click to start'.
   Once you have done this you use the following keys
   - Right arrow       move right
   - Left arrow        move left
   - Up arrow          jump
   - Space             jump
   - Any other key     throw axes
   For attacking (throwing axes) you can use just
   about any other key other then those mentioned,
   but I strongly recommend that you use shift
   or control or any other key that you feel
   comfortable with and not the windows key or
   something like that since that might unfocus
   the window and you'll have to click on it
   to refocus.


   < 3. Walkthrough >

   1. Tunnel
   When you first start the game you will be
   in a long tunnel. It's really easy, just follow
   it til the end (I assume you are already familiar
   with the controls, it you're not please have a
   look at Section 2 < Controls >).

   2. The arena
   As soon as you exit the tunnel the door will shut on
   you and a lifebar will appear at the bottom. This
   is the boss' lifebar. Oooh! :-D
   3. Stairs
   Now immediately jump up (don't go to the right!!!)
   in the shaft with the 'stairs' and make your way
   to the top. There will be an opening to the right there.
   Before you walk through it jump through a fire.
   Don't worry, you won't be hurt! The fire will only burn
   for a short while once it has been taken from the torch
   so move quickly from here on!

   4. High above
   Go through the opening to the right as mentioned before
   and jump carefully til you see the chandelier and the rope.
   Be careful not to fall down as you would have to start
   all over again!

   5. The Rope
   Jump across the gap and the rope will catch on fire
   (unless of course it has stopped burning, in that case
   you would have to make your way back to the staircase
   and the torches). From there on just sit back and enjoy
   the show. The rope will burn up and the chandelier will
   fall down, killing the boss.
   Congratulations you have finished the game!

   < 4. Boss analysis >
   The name of the only boss (it's a short game lol!)
   is 'Grinning Colossus' and as the game itself
   points out you have to kill it by burning the rope
   that hold the chandelier above him. There's no
   other way.
   The boss has three different states that it seems
   to choose from randomly. It either

   A. Stands still. (This might have been a good time
   to put a few axes in its head if it wasn't for the
   fact that it regenerated so fast.)

   B. Moves towards you (Get up on those platforms!)
   UPDATE: I just got an e-mail from Bros55 where he
   said that you can also go to the far left or right
   and that G.C. won't be able to reach you there.
   Thanks Bros55!


   < 5. Thanks to ... >
   - Friends and family
   - The ppl @ HumF
   - Kianis for making the game!!

   - Everyone that helped to improve this FAQ:
   Ove törnqvist
   björn ranelid

   < 6. Final words >


   GL & HF!!!