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From TIGdb description: "As Primo Varicella, the Palace Minister at the Palazzo del Piemonte, you must engage in a vicious power struggle with the other ministers of the court, as well as contend with other interesting palace residents, such as Charlotte, the insane wife of your dead younger brother."

From Wikipedia: "Varicella is a 1999 work of interactive fiction by Adam Cadre, distributed in z-code format as freeware. It is set in an alternate history which features roughly modern technology mixed with Renaissance-style principalities and court politics. The player character is Primo Varicella, palace minister in Piedmont, who has to get rid of several rivals for the regency following the death of the king. The international situation in the game is described in passing: Piedmont is part of a loose confederation of kingdoms that make up a Carolingian League and is engaged in a war against the Republic of Venice."

Varicella cover art.jpg


There's an uncredited walkthrough for the game on the IF Archive, here (Local Mirror 27th Mar '08).

There's also a map of the entire game available here.


Type "Wake" to access the "Happy Fun Room" ending.