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Covert Front 2 Walkthrough
An adventure game by Mateusz Skutnik
Play it here: 

 1. Click on your box of MATCHES, then click on the screen to illuminate your 

 2. Move forward twice, then climb the stairs.

 3. If your match burns out, light another one.

 4. At the top of the flight of stairs. To your left is a hole. There are 
two green cables leading to another area. Follow that to the next room.

 5. You will see a wall. There are three bricks which are slightly loose.

 6. Find these three bricks and click on them to unlock the generator in the 
room to your left. Head left.

 7. Grab RESISTOR I from the top of the generator.

 8. Push the generator knob down to turn on all the lights in the tunnel.

 9. Go back on room, then head right to return to the area with a small hole 
towards your left.

10. This is a junction with two exits to the left and right. Take the right 
tunnel all the way to the end to find five canisters.

11. At the bottom right of the middle canister is RESISTOR 3. Grab it.

12. Go back to the junction with exits on both sides, and head left. Go 
forward once, then turn right to find a switch.

13. Pull this switch to open a gate inside the sewers (which you will discover 

14. Head down the stairs and enter the hole with red bricks. Keep going 
forward until you reach a sewer junction with two visible holes in front of 
you and towards the left. 

15. Enter the hole towards the left and move towards the end of this small 
tunnel to find a FUSE. Grab it.

16. Return to the sewer junction with two holes and enter the one in front of 
you. Keep moving forward until you reach a grey room.

17. Grab MOVIE REEL 2 from the floor, then head right to find a locked metal 
door. You will return here before the game ends. Head back to the sewer 
junction, then go right.

18. The tunnel above the ladder should be accessible. If not, check step 12 
and 13, then return here. You can read the note on the bottom left if you wish.

19. Enter this new tunnel. There is another note that you can choose to read. 
Proceed forward twice to find yourself in a new room with five visible exits. 
You can examine the note on the wall, photo and map on the desk if you like.

20. Let's say the rooms from left to right are numbered 1 to 5. 

21. Enter room 4 and grab the red PIECE OF WIRE from the table to your right. 
Exit this room.

22. Enter room 5 and grab the multicolored CABLE from the desk to your right. 
You can read the notes on the bed if you like. Exit this room once you're done.

23. Enter room 1 and check the tool box to find a SCREWDRIVER.

24. In this same room, click on the metal box on your upper right.

25. Use the flat end of the screwdriver on all four screws.

26. Place the fuse just next to the switch, then place both resistors and red 
wire at the bottom of this switch. The red wire should go in the middle.

27. Flip this switch to activate the equipment in room 2. Exit this room and 
enter room 2.

28. There's a panel which can be opened with the screwdriver on one of the 
machines in the middle of the room. Click on it.

29. Use your screwdriver to remove the panel, then plug the cable in your 
possession into the machine to send a coded message to your superiors.

30. Once the message has been typed out, click on the word SEND to transmit.

31. The printing machine on your left will begin to blink. Click on the right 
button to print out a piece of code. You will need this for room 3. This code 
will always be different in every new game, so take note by writing it down.

32. Enter room 3 and click on the small panel next to the door on the right.

33. From top left to bottom right, the numbers are: first row - 8 0 5 9 6, 
second row - 3 4 2 I 7. Use the code from the printing machine in room 2 
(marked week 18), then press the single button in the third row once all eight 
numbers are keyed in. Enter this new room once the door has been unlocked.

34. Grab MOVIE REEL 3 from this reel storage room, located at the far right. 
Exit this room back to the junction with the four wheels, then head left.

35. You can read the notes, check out the photos and view the cameras in this 
room, but it isn't necessary. MOVIE REEL 1 is just in front of you, but you 
need to release it by pressing a small green button just underneath it first.

36. Now place each movie reel on the projector to watch them (click on the 
small black screen).

37. MOVIE REEL 3 contains the four wheel combination required to unlock your 
final exit. Keep watching until the end, a scientist will walk past the 
combination you need.

38. Take note of this combination, then grab all three reels before you exit 
this room. You will find yourself back in the place with the four wheels. 
Now move the wheels into position as shown by the movie reel.

39. If you need help with the wheels, here's how. From left to right, move 
the wheels until the half-circle black spot in each is pointing in these 
directions: Southeast, West, Northeast and Northwest.

40. Return to the locked metal doors to find yourself inside an elevator. 
Make sure you have the PLANS, an UNRECOGNIZED item, and all three MOVIE REELS 
before you leave this place.

41. Inside the elevator, look to your right to find a button. Click on it. 
A cutscene will play.

42. Hand all five items in your possession over to the mysterious man, then 
grab his CARD. Read the card in your possession.

43. That's it! The continuation of the story will be told in Covert Front 3.

- Tim W.