Spud's Quest

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Spud's Quest

From author's description:

"Spuds Quest is a game inspired by the classic Dizzy series by the Oliver Twins.

King Arthur has put forth an announcement across the whole land that he is looking for wise and courageous treasure hunters. The treasures he seeks are; the golden hen, the golden harp, and the golden chalice. The finder of these will be rewarded not only with fame and fortune, but additionally with a prestigious position in the Kings service."



  • Arrow key UP : Jump
  • Arrow key LEFT : Move left
  • Arrow key RIGHT : Move right
  • SPACE BAR : Action / Inventory
  • F5 KEY : Load saved game
  • ESC : Return to title


David Newton has a complete walkthrough for the game available here (Local Mirror 25th Feb '08).

There's also a complete map of the game by evenartichokes on DeviantArt here.