Move or Die

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Move or Die

From BigBossSNK's indygamer.blogspot description:

"Driving in the middle of nowhere, a group of friends run over an old man. The resulting chaos (or not) is a multi sided Flash game called Move or Die, masking it's complexity behind two facades. One is a convincingly scripted and acted movie, the other an emotional intelligence test.

On a practical level, you are asked to decide what the best course of action is, depending on the situation, and then persuade those who disagree to follow suit. The options open to you are presented clearly, and the responses of the game's characters never break your suspension of disbelief. If your judgment is off, you will eventually reach a lesser ending, quickly remedied by the scene rewind save system."



Terry Cavanagh has a walkthrough in the comments of the indygamer.blogspot review. (Local Mirror 5th Jan '08).