Legacy of Flan 4: Flan Rising

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Legacy of Flan: Flan Rising

Something has crashed right in the middle of Flanville! Some say it was a meteor, some say it was a spacecraft. Whatever it was, it brought all kinds of nasty creepy crawlies with it, and King Flandoo has assembled a group of flan still wet-behind-the-ears to investigate!

Legacy of Flan is a single person role playing game set in Flanville. Your party of Flan must travel around the world killing monster Flan to save the Kingdom/gain flavor. King Flandoo has provided the party with a To-Do list (access with tab) with four quest chains (battle, exploration, investigation, and boss quests). Completing all tasks for each quest chain will earn the player an "A", though completion of secret parts will earn the player an "S". For receiving at least an "A", players will earn +10 luck (Boss Quest), +200 max life (Battle Quest), +100 max life (Exploration Quests), and/or +200 max life (Investigation Quests).



Combat consists of a series of "turns"; when a flan's action bar fills, it is their turn to attack. Enemies do not have action bars, but attack based on their speed stat. Spell affects are listed on the sides of the screen; beneficial effects on the right, enemy status effects on the left, and friendly status effects at the top. There are numerous status effects (documented in the skill section); all stack to increase time and severity (except Death Count). For example, recasting Poison on an enemy will cause the effect to last longer and cause more damage each second. The enemy has three status effects to use against the player:

Death: Instantly kills the party if time runs out.

Poison: Damages the party over time until cured or time runs out.

Slow: Action bars fill slower; strong slow effects may freeze the party completely.


Experience is rewarded during battle based on damage points (white), combo points (yellow), and bonus points (blue) which enter the shared experience pool each turn. White damage points are generated whenever a status effect, summon, or flan reduces enemy hit points. Yellow combo points appear whenever multiple hits are registered within one turn. Blue bonus points are generated based on your damage increasing stat-boosts. Bonus points are calculated before calculating enemy defense; they may exceed actual damage dealt. These points are distributed after each flan takes its turn; the acting flan receives 10% of the pool for each enemy in combat. The entire experience pool may be dumped into a skill category by right clicking on it during combat.

Flan Drops

Flan drops allow flan to change into another type of flan or may be used as experience. Flan have a 10% chance each combat turn of finding a flan drop; the quality/rank dependent on the party luck stat and current value. The luck stat is determined by the difficulty of the current enemies and any increased through use of the "Loot Drop" skill. The party value is based on the quality of flans in use; high level flan allow high rank drops. Accepting the flan drop immediately changes the flan's type to that of the drop. Rejecting the drop adds its converted experience to the experience pool. The rank of a drop corresponds to its rarity; the higher the rank, the less common the drop.

Flavor Drops

Flavor drops grant additional properties to the party during combat. Flavor drops are gained randomly after combat and the party may equip up to four. Unlike flan drops, flavor drops do not convert to experience when discarded. Some flavor drops may be stacked; these come in four levels with minor the worst, better second worst, major second best, and super the best.

Generally, stackable drops will reapply their effect and regular intervals while non-stackable drops will not. Most drop effects are on a decay timer like a regular effect. When a non-stackable drop effect wears off it usually will not be reapplied, but when a stackable drop effect wears often it will usually be reapplied shortly so the effect lasts for the entire combat.

Stackable Drops
Type Effect Minor Better Major Super
Regen Heal over time +3 hp/8s +7 hp/8s +20 hp/8s
Poison Damage over time -3 hp/8s -10 hp/8s
Roast Damage over time
Toxin Damage over time
Sleet Random damage
Speed Quicker turns
Acid Random Acid Rain attack
  • Note that stacking multiple drops with the same DoT effects can wreak serious havoc. The effects are on a timer like a normal skill effect would be, but they are also on a re-application timer. Each time the reapply timer runs out the effect is added again at the original strength, if the effect strength is high enough the effect timer will never run out. As an example, equipping two Major Roast flavor drops can cause the effect timer to never reach zero. I don't have hard numbers in front of me, but here's the gist.
  1. Effect is applied at beginning of combat, giving the enemy a 15 point Roast effect.
  2. Effect timer counts down to 2 before the reapply timer runs out.
  3. Original effect strength is added to existing strength, leaving a 17 point Roast effect.
  4. Timers count down again, and reapply occurs when the Roast effect is at 4 points. Etc.

If you commit enough flavor drops to a scheme like that you can cause significant damage to your opponents, with damage slowly increasing the longer the combat draws out. This can be incredibly helpful in later boss combats where you may simply be struggling to survive. Concentrating on staying alive and waiting for your flavor drop effect to eventually become overpowering is a viable strategy if you can find the right drops.

Non-Stackable Drops
Type Effect
Minor Shield 50pt Shield Drop effect at start of each battle
Major Shield 100pt Shield Drop effect at start of each battle
Minor Life Reserve 200hp Cure Aura effect at start of each battle
Major Life Reserve 500hp Cure Aura effect at start of each battle
Minor Advantage Start battle with small stat boosts for speed, attack and defense.
Major Advantage Start battle with large stat boosts for speed, attack and defense.
Evercomet Comets fall on enemies every eight seconds
Auto-Bounce Flan automatically counter all attacks
Anti-Death 500s Resist Plus effect (prevent instant death)
Auto-Life 20s Life Wall at start of each battle
Stat Proof Start 50s Replenish Drop effect at start of each battle


Blue Skills
Skill Description
Attack A simple attack
Shock Hit Electrical attack
Shock Sweep Wide range electrical attack
Acid Rain Damages all enemies
Flan Blaster Lazer attack
UFO Beacon Summons random alien encounters
Flan Gas Transforms enemies into a weaker form
Slow Roast Enemies lose health while roasting
Flan-Bomb Random damage to all enemies
Blasteroid Powerful meteor attack
Icy Chill Ice attack on all enemies
King Flan Summons King Flan
Flud Puddle Reduces enemy speed to one for a short time
Clock Slap Enemies attack each other for a short time
Slammo Very powerful bodyslam attack

Red Skills
Skill Description
Quick Heal Simple heal
Cure Aura Heals when life drops below max
Group Heal A stronger healing spell
Life Wall Players are auto-revived for a short time
Toxic Toad Enhances damage-over-time attacks
L-Vitamin Max life boost, lasts duration of battle
S-Vitamin Gives a temporary speed boost
D-Vitamin Cures poison and slow effects
Resist Plus Instant kill attacks will be blocked
POW-Vitamin Increases critical strike chance
Sacrifice Converts each hp into 2 damage! But... you die
Magic Apple Players are randomly transformed for one battle
Bounce Enemies will be counter-attacks for a short while
Grand Heal A grand heal, of course!
Guardian Summons the Flan Guardian

Green Skills
Skill Description
Lucky Hit A chance at high damage
Chance Heal A chance for high healing
Rabbit Foot Better luck avoiding critical hits
Charm A Doubles max life for a short time and adds regen bonus
Charm B Doubles defense for a short time
Charm C Doubles attack for a short time
Swift Drop Doubles your party's speed for a short time
Regen Drop Regain life for duration of battle
Shield Drop Deflects all projectile attacks for a short time
Loot Drop Increases your chance for good drops
Life Drop Brings all flan back to life
Refresh Drop Cures all status ailments for a period of time
Cosmic Drop Chance of meteor showers
Mega Drop Greatly increases your chance of critical hits
Favor Shine Max life, attack, defense, and speed are increased for a short time

Purple Skills
Skill Description
Poison Inflicts poison damage over time
Mudslap Blinds enemies, slowing them down
Black Count Sets a timer for enemy's demise
Drop 10 Enemy loses 10% health, and so do all of your flan
Dark Toxin Enemies are infected with shadow poison
Weakness Enemies defense drops to zero for a short time
Unlucky Aura Lucky hits inflict extra damage
Plasma Rod Attracts random plasma bolts
Disarm Enemy attack power drops to zero for a short time
Wipeout Blasts enemies with less than 25% health
Dread Moon Enemies become weak against summoned monsters
Absorb You absorb the enemy's life
Eclipse Enemy attack and defense power is reduced for the rest of the battle
Shadowclip Attack power is enhanced for a short time
Flantom Summons the Flantom

Flan Types

Since a flan's statistics are based on its aggregate level in all four skill colors, it is useful to keep your flan well rounded level-wise. The B,R,G, and P columns below provide an easy reference to determine whether a flan drop will give you a favorable set of colors to work with. Note that the abilities don't need to be used, right clicking an ability will dump the current XP pool into that color without using the ability. Thus the Ninja's Poison ability is just as useful as the Iron Flan's Shadowclip for the purposes of leveling.

Rank Exp Name B R G P Skills
1 25 Stan Flan * * Attack, Loot Drop
1 100 Poison Flan * * Shock Hit, Poison
1 225 Cherry Flan * * * Attack, Quick Heal, Refresh Drop
1 400 Toasted Flan * * Attack, Flan Blaster, Slow Roast, Mudslap
1 625 UFO Flan * * Attack, Flan Blaster, UFO Beacon, Black Count
1 900 Virtua Flan * * * * Attack, Shock Hit, Flan Gas, Cure Aura, Life Drop, Absorb
1 1,225 BBQ Flan * * * * Attack, Slow Roast, D-Vitamin, POW-Vitamin, Rabbit Foot, Disarm
1 1,600 Frosted Flan * * * Icy Chill, Resist Plus, Charm A, Regen Drop, Loot Drop
2 2,025 Ultima Flan * * * Shock Sweep, Flud Puddle, Chance Heal, Charm A, Poison, Dark Toxin, Weakness, Unlucky Aura, Plasma Rod, Wipeout
2 2,500 Rando Flan * * Flan-Bomb, Lucky Hit, Chance Heal, Rabbit Foot, Charm A, Charm B, Charm C, Swift Drop
2 3,025 Dino Flan * * Attack, Acid Rain, Blasteroid, Toxic Toad, POW-Vitamin
2 3,600 Robo Flan * * * Attack, Shock Hit, Shock Sweep, Acid Rain, Flan Blaster, UFO Beacon, Flan Gas, Flan-Bomb, Shield Drop, Plasma Rod
2 4,225 Vampire Flan * * Loot Drop, Poison, Black Count, Drop 10, Dark Toxin, Weakness, Disarm, Dread Moon, Absorb
3 4,900 Fuse Flan * * * Attack, Slow roast, Clock Slap, Sacrifice, Mudslap
3 5,625 Super Flan * * Slammo, Group Heal, Life Wall, L-Vitamin, S-Vitamin, D-Vitamin, Resist Plus, POW-Vitamin
3 6,400 Monster Flan * * * Attack, Bounce, Wipeout, Dread Moon, Eclipse, Shadowclip, Flantom
3 7,225 Cosmic Flan * Swift Drop, Regen Drop, Shield Drop, Loot Drop, Life Drop, Refresh Drop, Cosmic Drop, Mega Drop
4 8,100 Evo Flan * * Cure Aura, Group Heal, Life Wall, Resist Plus, Magic Apple, Guardian, Charm A, Charm B, Charm C
4 9,025 Dew Flan * * * King Flan, Magic Apple, Grand Heal, Favor Shine
4 10,000 Shadow Flan * Dark Toxin, Weakness, Unlucky Aura, Plasma Rod, Disarm, Wipeout, Dread Moon, Absorb, Eclipse, Shadowclip, Flantom
5 11,025 Crystal Flan * * Quick Heal, Group Heal, Toxic Toad, S-Vitamin, Resist Plus, Sacrifice, Bounce, Guardian, Swift Drop, Regen Drop, Life Drop
5 12,100 Big Flan * * * Attack, Shock Sweep, Flan Blaster, Flan Gas, Flan-Bomb, Blasteroid, Clock Slap, Slammo, Cosmic Drop, Disarm
5 13,225 Toxic Flan * * * Acid Rain, Flan Gas, Icy Chill, Flud Puddle, Toxic Toad, Resist Plus, Bounce, Poison, Mudslap, Black Count
5 14,225 Ninja Flan * * * * Attack, Shock Hit, Shock Sweep, Clock Slap, Slammo, Quick Heal, Cure Aura, Group Heal, Lucky Hit, Chance Heal, Rabbit Foot, Swift Drop, Loot Drop, Mega Drop, Poison
5 15,625 Iron Flan * * * Blasteroid, King Flan, Slammo, Bounce, Grand Heal, Eclipse, Shadowclip
6 16,625 Alpha Flan * * Attack, Shock Hit, Shock Sweep, Acid Rain, Flan Blaster, UFO Beacon, Flan Gas, Slow Roast, Flan-Bomb, Blasteroid, Icy Chill, King Flan, Flud Puddle, Clock Slap, Slammo, Quick Heal, Cure Aura, Group Heal, Life Wall, Toxic Toad, L-Vitamin, S-Vitamin, D-Vitamin, Resist Plus, POW-Vitamin, Sacrifice, Magic Apple, Bounce, Grand Heal, Guardian
6 18,225 Omega Flan * * Lucky Hit, Chance Heal, Rabbit Foot, Charm A, Charm B, Charm C, Swift Drop, Regen Drop, Shield Drop, Loot Drop, Life Drop, Refresh Drop, Cosmic Drop, Mega Drop, Favor Shine, Poison, Mudslap, Black Count, Drop 10, Dark Toxin, Weakness, Unlucky Aura, Plasma Rod, Disarm, Wipeout, Dread Moon, Absorb, Eclipse, Shadowclip, Flantom

Some flan have additional special abilities:

Crystal Flan (rank 5) - regen bonus never drops below 100

Big Flan (rank 5) - armor bonus never drops below 100

Toxic Flan (rank 5) - poison damage bonus never drops below 100

Ninja Flan (rank 5) - critical strike chance bonus never drops below 50

Iron Flan (rank 5) - strength bonus never drops below 100

Alpha Flan (rank 6) - all blue and red; auto sleet

Omega Flan (rank 6) - all green and purple; auto laser


Winter Fort

In the center among the ice columns. Entrance from the lower right part of the formation. Snook: Ah yes, this is nice. Nice and cold. Nice natural cold weather! Not that other creepy kind of cold caused by some sort of invisible secret boss!

Mushroom Swamp

Mystic: Sometimes... I see things... strange images. Wait, I'm starting to see some now! A dead tree... a dark room... then a butterfly! Strange, I know.


The following is a list of the requirements for each step of the four quest lines. Consult the list of world zones to find the various targets. For the Exploration quests you will generally need to reach the center of the given zone to receive credit. It is possible to 'skip' some quests if you meet their requirements prior to completing your current goal.

Battle Quest

  1. Defeat a Grand Alien!
  2. Become a UFO flan!
  3. Defeat a Boney Bite!
  4. Find a Dino drop!
  5. Defeat a Doom Bloom!
  6. Find a Robo drop!
  7. Defeat a Pumkatroll!
  8. Find a Super drop!
  9. Defeat a Grabagoo!
  10. Find a rank 5 drop!
  11. Become Iron Flan! - A (+200 HP)
  12. ? A+
  13. ? A++
  14. ? S

Investigation Quest

  1. Talk to Fennel
  2. Find Maladro
  3. Find Jooba
  4. Talk to Doc Doo
  5. Talk to Assistant
  6. Talk to Mayor
  7. Talk to Neptus
  8. Talk to Noob
  9. Talk to Scholar
  10. Talk to Scholar2
  11. Find Lost Scholar - A (+200 HP)
  12. Random Scholar - A+
  13. Hidden Scholar - A++
  14. Secret Scholar - S

Exploration Quest

  1. Flan Fields
  2. Flower Garden
  3. Crash Site
  4. Lonely Oasis
  5. Winter Fort
  6. Dead Flan's Pit
  7. Forbidden Corridor
  8. Monk's Temple
  9. Mushroom Passage
  10. Mushroom Swamp
  11. Crystal Mountain
  12. Pudding Passage - A (+100 HP)
  13. ? A+
  14. ? A++
  15. Secret room in Monk's Temple - S

Boss Quest

  1. King Aliagoo
  2. Space Widow
  3. Flonster
  4. Trimeow
  5. Gorgapud
  6. Mechaflan
  7. Death Pudding - A (+10 lck)
  8. Hades Crawler - A+
  9. Hades Flan - A++
  10. ? S

World Zones

Ingame World Map

Zones are listed approximately in the order they appear in the Exploration Quest.

Name Creature Sightings Friendly Flan Sightings
Flan Fields Common Alien, Uncommon Alien, Grand Alien, Necro Ominous Fennel, Doc Doo, Goober, Cheese, Random Scholar (A+)
Flower Garden Space Goo, Doodle, Grand Alien, King Aliagoo Scholar, Scholar2, Maladro, Smithfurgen
Crash Site Jerry Germ, I see you, Space Goo Jooba, Cookie, Ponderous, Neptus, Noob
Lonely Oasis* Unhappy Turret, Larry Germ, Jerry Germ, Space Widow Mayor, Remmy
Winter Fort Boney Bite, Monbass, Unhappy Turret, Flonster Assistant, Snook
Dead Flan's Pit Monbass, Flandroid 01, Gearboot, Hades Flan Creamer, Monkie, Lost Scholar
Forbidden Corridor
(Between the Pit and the Temple)
Pumpco, Doom Bloom, Flandroid 01 Secret Scholar (S)
Monk's Temple Doom Bloom, Brikitty, Mechkaw, Trimeow, Hades Crawler Coffee
Mushroom Passage
(Between the Pit and the Swamp)
Silkill, Maul Wall, Mechkaw, Gorgapud
Mushroom Swamp Maul Wall, Pumkatroll, Demdo Hidden Scholar (A++), Mystic, Porky
Crystal Mountain Blorba, Demdo, Watcher, Mecha Flan
Pudding Passage
(First section of ??? area)
Venus Trap, Watcher, Grabagoo
Death's Den
(Second section of ???, same graphic set as Pudding Passage)
Skull Bob, Grabagoo, Brikat, Death Pudding


  • The Lonely Oasis doesn't always display in the top left when you enter it, but it's obvious by the scenery. This appears to be a bug.