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La Mulana

From description:

"La-Mulana is a freeware free-roaming platformer game designed to look, sound, and play like a classic MSX game. It's heavily influenced by the classic Konami MSX game 'The Maze of Galious' and anyone who has played that title will probably recognize the similarities very quickly. You play the whip-wielding Indiana Jones-esque archaeologist Lemeza Kosugi as he investigates the ancient ruins of La-Mulana in an attempt to find its treasure and one-up his father, who is trying to get the same treasure as well."



This article needs a more decisive walkthrough than the ones currently available. Please add one if you know of one's availability!

White Knell has a number of La Mulana resources at his blog, including this translated version of the maps. The coordinate system involves the letter being a column, and the number being a row. This coordinate system is used by the other shown walkthroughs.

There's a full Japanese Walkthrough available too. Here's a google translation of it.

SomethingAwful goon DeceasedCrab has an 85 part video walkthrough of the game on his YouTube account, the first of which I'll show here (you should be able to get to subsequent parts by choosing the appropriate "related video" at the end). He has since redone a more concise version of 41 parts, with less extraneous ROM collection.

A dedicated wiki can be consulted as well.


Starman Junior also has a video walkthrough of La Mulana in his profile, in 27 parts, without commentary. This is the first of his videos:



  • The main camp and the screen left are first shops. In order, try to purchase Game Master, Hand Scanner and Glyph Reader in that order. These allow you more quickly determine what is going on.
  • You must speak with the main elder (press down on the main tent) to open the runes.
  • Algol is located to the far left. Requires Serpent Staff to defeat.
  • The waterfall to the far right requires a helmet and silverscale to go safely through and obtain the Birth Seal.
  • Shortcut: At exit to guidance gate, shoot the ground wall with shurkiens.

Guidance Gate

  • Warp point at D-2.
  • Life Jewel east of starting room (D-1). Press switch.
  • F-2 has shurkien. Jump onto the fake spikes and use a weight to receive the weapon.
  • C-3 has map. Place a weight on the pedistal.
  • E-4 has a secret passage next to the skeletion. Use it and push the block to the designated location and collect the grail; this allows you to teleport (by pressing 0-9 in the F2 screen).
  • A-6: Destroy the Sword, Shield, Helm and Armor, and press the button one screen to the right. Move to D-5 (accessible via the one-way door from the left), and place a weight at the new pedistal.
  • E-2: Use Birth Seal and kill top three enemies with Flare Gun to get a Cross.
  • C-1: Use Pepper on the stone face to obtain Treasure
  • B-3 to D-3 is an Angel bridge. Jump near the angels or edges of the screen. The top exit warps to G-2. Try to put weights in the pedistals at the end of the angel bridges.
  • C-4 has a gem. Destroy it to activate the left from B-3 to B-5.
  • A-6 Use Conception seal to open a shop that sells Detector
  • A-3 exits to confusion gate. Must open from the other side.
  • G-2 exits to shrine in the sky
  • A-6 exits to Mausoleum of giants.
  • If statue eyes in D-4 are following you, kill all enemies on screen to create third block at E-4. Move block into position at E-4, to open guardian at E-5.

Guardian is a two-headed snake that breaths fire. Try to hit the heads with throwing stars.

Mausoleum of the Giants

  • Warp is at E-3.
  • Press Switch at C-2, put weight on C-1, and collect Map at C-2.
  • Put weight on foot of right statue at F-4 to get Life Jewel.
  • Change icons at E-6 to Stars and place weight at G-3 (on the left) to unlock ankh jewel in same room.
  • At A-2, defeat two masked men without harming ghosts to get Throwing Knife.
  • E-6 has three symbols. Three to stars to get pedistal for Ankh Jewel. Three to Suns to create a pedistal at H4. All three to moons to prepare the guardian at C-5. You need to leave the room at least once in order to get all three symbol combinations.

Guardian is vulnerable only to melee attacks to the head. Dodge its ranged attack by jumping; it fires two volleys before using it's other ground punch. When it punches the ground, climb up the arm and strike the head.

Temple of the Sun

  • Warp point at C-1.
  • Map at C-1; press switch to open, and push statue into the corner to restore the ladder.
  • Life Jewel at D-4; kill both bats.
  • Ankh Jewel at B-5. Stand under eye for five seconds. (You may need to enter the room at C-5.)
  • Knife at D-2. Toss a Shiruken over the wall at the top face.
  • Boots at G-4. Destroy the pot and place a weight. Unplug the drain at the Spring in the Sky or obtain Feather. You also need to solve the pyramid.
  • Bronze Mirror at E-6, available after killing the guardian.
  • Talisman at F-4, available once Sphinx is destroyed.
  • ROM Diviner Sensation in a hidden shop at E-5.
  • Conception rune at G-4.
  • Miniboss at A-4. Enter the first building near the start, and hit the generator at B-2. The switch to exit is at B-1 on the left wall as you fall. Secret alcove at the top of the screen next to the ladder in C-2.
  • The platform in A-1 leading to the miniboss is aligned with the raised platform in B-1.
  • In the sun pyramid, you can walk through the wall under the sun. Exit left and press the switch to open the exit at the bottom of the pyramid (and reveal a pedistal at the tip).
  • You need a Flare Gun to open the sun, and jump into it.

Guardian: At B-1, kill both blue birds and put a weight at the generated pedistal. Push minecart at C-1 all the way down. At D-5, hold down to lower lift and push minecart down. At D-6, kill the blue bird to reveal the ankh.

During battle, you are in a mine cart which will always follow under you. To defeat the guardian, aim for the head. The guardian has two attacks; a volley of three fire breaths (four if wounded), and a quake (causing debris falling from the ceiling.) You will occasionally see a switch; contact it to take the upper route.

When you defeat the guardian, collect the Bronze Mirror in E-6. This opens many more routes.

Spring in the Sky

You require a Helmet for this area. Once can be purchased from the Twin Labrynth.

  • C-5: Enter the water, and surface as quickly as possible.
  • C-6: Healing point (if you have the appropriate ROM and spoke with the Fairy at the Infinite Corridor.)
  • E-3: Kill the boss, and Collect the Conception Seal at E-2.
  • D-1: Collect the Scalesphere.
  • C-2: Put weight in machinery, then whack the gear at D-2.
  • C-8: Kill the angler fish to unlock the boss and Anhk Jewel. This will kill one type of monster, and allows you to reach the boss.
  • C-5: Glove available once floodgate is open.
  • A-4: Use the Birth Seal to obtain a Life Jewel.
  • B-9: Unblock the gear to unplug an exit at B-10. This leads above the sphinx on Temple of the Sun, and allows faster access to boots.

Guardian Migera is at C-2, and is available once the Angler fish is killed and the machinery is ready. The enemy has several attacks:

  • Jumps out of water, and breathes fire
  • Sticks head out of water, Shoots scatter attack.
  • Jumps out of water, rams.

The boat automatically moves left and right. There is no control over this. When a wave contacts the boat, it will jump into the air.

The scalesphere does not protect you from the water during the fight.

Inferno cavern

  • Map at E-3.
  • Flare Gun at C-4. Put blocks on the desigated locations. (Hint: Push the bottom block and top left block to the left, then stack both of them on the designated point.)
  • Grapple Claw at G-5. Requires Ice Cape (or enough health and Gloves). Press the switch in the lava, and push the blocks into position.
  • Chain Whip at A-3. Put a weight on the left or right pedistal, and wait on the associated elevator. Put a weight on the top pedistal and collect the upgraded whip.
  • ROM 'Antarctic Adventure at D-3. It is a small blue cartridge on the ground on the right,
  • Left wall at D-4 is breakable.
  • Grapple claw is needed at D-4. Grapple the left wall, then kick to the right and grab the right wall when aligned with the fire that spews out quickly. Jump into the room to the left.
  • Teleport point at F-4.

Chamber of Extinction

  • Map at C-4.
  • Life Jewel at C-3. Press top-right switch; requires taking upper path.
  • Life Seal at F-4. With an Axe, break a block at H-5, travel through the hidden passages, use the Conception Seal to reveal a block, and push it to the designated location.

Twin Labyrinth

This area winds upon itself; as such, it is a more complex maze.

  • A-4: purchase a Scanner for use at J-4.
  • J-4: Purchase Dragon Bone.

Once you get twin statue, you can warp through some portals. You will also need to unlock the labyrinth:

  • Enter from Temple of the Sun at D-4.
  • Warp to G-4, place a weight on the pedistal, return to D-4, and place a weight on the newly created pedistal. This disarms the poison gas, and allows free travel.

The ankh jewel in plain sight at J-2 is a fake trap.

Endless Corridor

  • Warp at A-1. Also, speak with Fairy with Diviner Sensation.
  • C-1 has shop opened with Life Seal.
  • With the Endless key, you can open a path at B-1.
  • C-2: Get keyblade by killing all flowers.
  • Floor 2 is completed by entering gates in the proper order. (Lower left at B-2, Top at C-2, Upper left at B-2, and head to D-2. Unknown how to obtain this information.)
  • D-3: Complete the 20-second race by taking a shortcut right of the starting ladder.
  • A-3: After race, Twin Statue becomes available.

Shrine of the Mother

  • B-2: Crystal Skill. Requires Mulana talisman.
  • F-3: Map, accessible from Twin Labyrinth. Attack statues until they reutnr fire, and place a weight on the pedestal between the towers.
  • C-2: Life Jewel; requires all four seals.
  • E-2: Diary. Requires Talisman, Lamp of Time. Stop the pillar from falling, and collect the diary before time restarts.
  • A-3: Death Seal. Requires bombs.

Confusion Gate

  • D-5: Map, pass by treasure chests.
  • A-4: Body Armor, enter via Katana, and escort key fairy.
  • G-6: Combination is 642315 (1 represents first weight on a pedistal)
  • F-5: After reading the monument at D-3. head to F-5 to get Mini Doll. THis needs to be brouhgt to the Mausoleum.
  • Defeat Shu at D-4 to obtain the Endless key at C-3, after the mini doll.
  • Defeat the enemy at D-1, lure the lizard at B-3 into the light, and Destroy all pots at F-2 while Lamp of time is active. You can reach this path from the Tower of the Godesss.

Graveyard of the Giants

  • D-3: Map. Defeat the enemy.
  • D-4: Gauntlet. Take out the eye in D-6, use Birth Seal at D-4, and reach the top.
  • E-3: Bomb. After obtaining the Plane Model from Tower of the Goddess, Defeat the Kamaitachi mini-boss.
  • B-2: Silver Shield. With the Katana, break the floot to allow collecting the shield at B-1.

Temple of Moonlight

  • C-2: Map Place weights on pedistals that open the chests from left to right: Upper left, Upper Right, Lower, then center.
  • C-4: Shoot the smiling face to open an elevator to the top. Hitting the incorrect one seals off the faces and blocks access to the Axe.
  • B-3: Axe Use the knife to destroy the wedge, and dodge the boulder by clinging onto a nearby wall. The chest opens when the boulder hits the bottom-right corner.
  • A-1: Ice Cape Place a weight on the pedestal.
  • E-3: Serpent Staff. Shoot the button on the wall at E-3 (using the elevator) and climb the area to the right to collect the staff.

Tower of the Goddess

When you first enter, the room will be dark. Jump onto the center platform in the middle of the screen.

  • C-7: Read the tablet at this location, then head to the Mausoleum of the Giants at D-5. Destroy the button on the right side, allowing access to the left area.
  • C-4: Mace. Correctly place the weights on both sides of the scale. Easiest pattern is pushing 6 of the 7 stones right, left, right, right, left, and left. Stand on the right side to get the mace. This item can be lost forever if handled incorrectly.
  • C-8: Map. Place a weight on the pedestal behind the wall.
  • D-2: Plane Model. Place a weight at A-2, and defeat the two Vimana to get the plane model.
  • A-5: Eye of Truth. Place a weight at A-2, and a second weight at A-4.

Tower of Ruin

  • Life Jewel at first room. Put weight on pedistal to the left.
  • Spear: Drop down central shaft to catch on tunnel to the left. Press the button and head down.

Chamber of Birth

Dimensional Corridor

True Shrine of the Mother

Collection Order

The main puzzle items need be collected in the following order:

  • Game Master, Hand Scanner, Glyph Reader. (Surface)
  • Shurkien, Grail (Guidance gate)
  • Throwing Knife (Mausoleum)
  • Helmet (Twin Labyrinth)
  • Knife (Temple of the Sun)
  • Bronze Mirror (Temple of the Sun)
  • Ice Cape (Temple of the Moon)
  • Conception Seal, Scalesphere, Gloves (Spring in the Sky)
  • Birth Seal (Surface)
  • Grapple Claw, Flare Gun (Inferno Cavern)
  • Serpent Staff (Temple of the Moon)
  • Feather (Surface)
  • Boots (Temple of the Sun)
  • Axe (Temple of the Moon)
  • Life Seal (Chamber of Extinction)
  • Pepper (Confusion Gate), Treasure (Guidance Gate), Anchor (Confusion Gate)
  • Mini Doll (Confusion Gate)
  • Endless Key (Confusion gate)
  • Keyblade, Twin Statue (Endless Corridor)
  • Katana (Twin Labyrinth), Silver Shield (graveyard of the Gianys)
  • Fake Scanner, Dragon Bone(Twin Labyrinth)
  • Lamp of Time (Twin Labyrinth)
  • Talisman (Temple of the Sun), Diary (Shrine of the Mother), Mulana Talisman (Surface), Crystal Skull (Shrine of the Mother)
  • Eye of Truth (Tower of the Goddess)
  • Bombs (Graveyard of the giants)
  • Flywheel (Confusion gate)
  • Woman Statue (Chamber of Birth)
  • Pregnent Statue (Temple of the Sun)
  • Ocarina (Temple of the Moon)
  • Death Seal (Endless Corridor -> Shrine of the Mother)