Jet Set Willy Online

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Jet Set Willy Online

From author's description:

"Jet Set Willy Online is the worlds first Multiplayer Jet Set Willy game (and in all likelihood, the only one…). Featuring original rooms from both Jet Set Willy 1 and Jet Set Willy 2 and a whole host of new rooms for you to explore. Supporting up to 16 players, Jet Set Willy Online is the ultimate retro experience for the 21st Century and beyond.

Featuring multiple game modes including Willy Tag, Capture The Flag, Golden Willy, specially created maps to maximise the enjoyment you’ll get from playing with your Willy, a choice of over 40 characters to play including Maria, the wicked housekeeper and the ability to upload your own Willy and play with it - you can’t go wrong with a bit of Willy action.

An internet connection is required to play JSW Online, online. I bet you wouldn’t have worked that bit out had I not told you."



A full, connected map of the main level is provided on, including all the new locations.