Garden Gnome Carnage

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Garden Gnome Carnage is a defense game written by Daniel Remar. Because the elves are extremely annoying, you have tethered yourself to a top of a mobile skyscraper to prevent the elves from dropping presents down the chimney.

The game has three controls:

  • Left and right arrows move left and right.
  • Space collects or throws a brick.
  • Shift calls one of three airstrikes.

The gnome will automatically move up and down, and will be pulled by the bungee rope to the center of the skyscraper. The gnome will knock down any elf it contacts, as well as sleighs and the friendly cat.


Protips are unlocked as you complete a game with a minimum performance.

  1. (unknown)
  2. (unknown)
  3. (unknown)
  4. (unknown)
  5. No airstrikes? Keep the cat offscreen until the princess arrives.
  6. (unknown)
  7. (unknown)
  8. (unknown)
  9. Rock the house and shake them elves off
  10. Erratic wind knock parachuting presents out of the sky
  11. (unknown)
  12. (unknown)
  13. (unknown)
  14. Press W to advance a level. Works up to level 15.
  15. (unknown)
  16. (unknown)

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