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Here you can find games by categories.


  • Category:Adventure - Games containing a beginning and an end, with dialogue- and/or narrative-driven story telling
  • Category:First Person - Games played from a three-dimensional first-person perspective
  • Category:Platformer - Games consisting of running and jumping
  • Category:Puzzle - Games containing abstract problem-solving
  • Category:Roguelike - Games using a character-based, usually ASCII, graphical design
  • Category:Shmup - Shoot-em-up, games centered around hitting lots of enemies using different kinds of weapons
  • Category:Stealth - Sneak-em-up, games in which it's preferable to avoid confrontial combat
  • Category:Strategy - Games in which decisions made now, will be important later
  • Category:Tower Defense - A sub-genre of real-time strategy games, in which your resources are only used for defensive measures


  • Category:Remake - A new version of a game
  • Category:Unique - If somebody describes this game to you, it's impossible for you to mistake it for another game