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Eversion is an entry in TIGSource's Commonplace book competition. A colorful game with goomba-like dudes to step on, gems to collect and a princess to save.


The objective in Eversion is to reach the flag at the end of the level in order to reach the princess. There are also many gems in the world that you need to collect as well; they remain with you even when you get killed or quit the level without clearing it.

World 1

World 1 has one eversion point, under the wall.

World 2

World 2 has two eversion points:

  • At the top between the two flowers
  • At the end within the set of 4 gems.

World 3

To get through the first castle, you need to use the series of eversion points above each obstacle.

An eversion point is located between the two shriveled flowers.

An advancing wall of doom is near the end of the map.

World 4

This is your introduction to enemies that attack from the water.

An eversion point is near the end.

World 5

At the start, there's two eversion points to layers 4 and 6.

In the first half:

  • Eversion point 5/6 in the row of thorns
  • Eversion point 4/5 above the two highest shriveled roses on the left.

In later half:

  • Eversion point 5/6 in the square to the right of the three secured gems.
  • Eversion point 4/5 in the ground left of the-

World 6

This is an autoscrolling level.

  • Eversion point 6/7 on lowest portion of the maze on the right of the map.

World 7

  • Eversion point 1/2 left of the middle structure; jump on the tree and head up the column.
  • Eversion point 2/3 at row of clouds on the left.
  • Eversion point 3/4 at the the structure before the water jump.
  • Eversion point 4/5 at the starting structure, in the corner.
  • Eversion point 5/6 at middle structure (which looks like a hat)
  • Eversion point 6/7 at first row of roses.
  • Eversion point 7/8 at gem counter.

You can only advance to world 8 from world 7-8. In order to do so, you will need to collect all 240 gems.

World 8

This world, unlike the other ones, is composed of rooms that are created and destroyed depending on which world layer you are visiting. When you reach the end of the room and proceed to the next one, the old room is destroyed, and you must go through the next room. Unless you find an eversion point, you will alternate between the two rooms.

Layer First set Second set
8 Identified by Two rocks moving back and forth in thorns. Eversion point: Jump to the top, and springboard over the obstacle. Springboard to the square just right of the upper platform. Eversion point 6/7: To the right, there are a batch of monsters. Springboard to reach the high bricks. A small area, with an entrance at the top. Eversion point lower down. 6/7 point within small drop area that contains rocks.
7 Scattered blocks. Eversion point between thorns in the middle. Breakable floors start and end the level, and a open central area proceeds. . Eversion point before second set of breakables.
6 A series of thorns starts the area. Jump into the set of thorns identified by a gap for an eversion point. Eversion point between two thorns, but you can't use them until you clear the room. 5/4 Eversion point at the end.
5 A wide watery gap, with hands that try to grab. Eversion point at set of two blocks at the bottom, but this extends a vine. Enemies in small cages. Eversion point in empty cage. Everstion point 3/4 at roses at the top, requires springboarding through the cage.
4 A simple run though. Eversion point below empty tile. Springboard across the map. Eversion point on set of three bricks.
3 A maze of trees. Eversion point at top-left. Eversion point 1/2 within cloud area of maze. A simple run through. Eversion point between second set of roses.
2 Eversion point on clouds above start. Eversion point at gap in roses.
1 The entrance to the castle. An extended decoration area.

(The previous version of Level 8 randomly cycled through layers, and often required a lot of waiting. This was changed since the latest version.)

Once you reach the castle, you will receive the best ending. Look at the nice heart in the background! <3


  1. Starting world. Trees and vines block.
  2. Solid clouds. Trees and vines block.
  3. Trees can be passed without problem.
  4. Clouds no longer block the player. Bricks can be broken by jumping. Vines still block.
  5. Vines removed. Can't open boxed gems. Bricks can be broken by jumping.
  6. Bricks collapse when you walk on them. Thorns added.
  7. Monsters slightly faster, and there are some indestructible hostiles.
  8. All hostiles are indestructible; at best they are stunned.