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EndEffector is a horizontal-scrolling shooter.


As with most scrolling shooters, the ship you control can move along the four directions.

Your ship has two attacks: A forward shot that fires rapidly and covers a large area, and a charged shot. To use the charged shot, press and hold Z to place the energy ball. It charges as you hold down the key. When you release, it will fly in your direction. It is capable of penetrating small targets and inflict heavy damage.

Enemies in this game are known to use volleys of attacks, occasionally with limited space between bullets. The hitbox for your ship is small, allowing you to squeeze yourself between the waves of bullets which often cover the entire screen.

You are initially given one credit to complete the game. To obtain additional credits, you need to play the game as far as you can and depelete your entire supply of credits.

Scene 1

The first level is easy, and shouldn't give problems.

Scene 2: Solitary Lord

The initial attacks will come quickly. Try to hit multiple targets at once.

Deus Ex machine will not be much of a threat right now. At most, he will fire attacks (vollyes of missiles, and beams) that are easily dodged. When you enter hyperspace, it will release enemies in a circular pattern.

Scene 7

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