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Bonesaw: The Game is a platform game written by Kyle Pluver, concerning the story of the Golden Knights hockey team.

Puck locations

Level 1

  • Located in the first area, jump up on the first area.
  • Located in the second area, break the bomb to cause the puck to fall.
  • After the zig-zag area, look at the top-left area.

Level 2

  • After going up from the first area, head to the right and jump over the spikes to get the first puck. Head back left.
  • After the large area of punching blocks, jump up and to the left.

Level 3

  • To the left of the area (set of breakable walls at the entrance), carefully break the top portion of the wall, and jump to the top.)
  • At the end, there is a bomb switch. Clear out the breakable blocks, return to the beginning, then trigger it. Quickly run to the right before the puck drops into the bottomless pit.

Level 4

  • At the start of the level, press the switch and go all the way to the right. Try to return before the gate closes to get the seonc puck.
  • At the bomb drop area, break the bricks to the top-right. Get the puck.

Level 5

  • Before the arena, step onto the bush on the right. Head to the left to get the puck.
  • In the arena, use the bonesaw on the bomb switch to the right. Get the puck from the top.
  • After arena, destroy the left bomb switch.

To defeat the first boss, jump over him, and attack from behind.

Level 6

  • As the start of the stage, hit the bomb switch near the exit and climb up.
  • In the room past the ball puzzle, climb directly up and then go right. Follow the top to get the slasher, and reuturn and take the slightly lower path to reach the puck.
  • At the end of the same room, there is a bomb switch near the exit door. Hit it with the slasher and head to the left over the cannons to reach the third puck.

Level 7

  • Hit the first bomb switch and quickly jump back.
  • After the dark region, look for a cannon in the bottom-left corner. Use it to free the blue button.
  • After said room, go up to free the silver ball, and move it to the right.

Level 8

  • After hitting the second bomb switch, jump up to the red switch. This allows you to reach the puck you just saw.
  • Complete the arena section.
  • At the exit, head all the way to the left and use the cutter to hit the bomb switch. You will be lifted up to a platform for the puck.

Level 9

  • In the first room, look down at the "!" sign, and jump down to the button. This unblocks the pad to the left, where you can jump to the puck.
  • Just before the blue door, use a cutter to break the blocks near the puck. Run across the bridge as it collapses.
  • In the exit room, head left to see a "!" sign. Jump across the gaps quickly, as the platforms collapse when touched. Collect the puck.

Level 10

  • In the first area, jump onto the collapsing blocks to the right to reach the puck at the top of the area.
  • Defeat the boss without using the bonesaw.
  • Hit the bomb switch in the exit area (using the bonesaw or cutter).

Level 11

  • In the second room, bound the blue ball all the way to the left. If you have trouble with the ball falling into the red switch area, try a bomb jump over the red door rather than opening the switch.
  • With the cutter, will fall down and see an "X" sign with a down arrow. To the left is a bomb switch that needs to be hit by a cutter. Hit it to create a platform to reach the second puck. (If you don't have a cutter, you can destroy the blocks above the blue-ball room exit to get the cuttern.)
  • When you reach the breakable wall section, break the upper three blocks on the left (keeping the ones below.) You should see breakable platforms above; destroy the upper block in each wall-platform to reach the puck.

In the exit to the blue ball area, you can break blocks above the room exit to get the cutter.

Level 12

  • In the second room, the puck is after the drop-down on the right cliff. A platform is extended if you hit the bomb switch, but you can still get it simply by dropping down and braking the bricks.
  • In the third room near the room exit, jump up above the room exit, and head to the left. Break the bricks to reach the puck.
  • In the final room, hit the switch with the bonesaw or slasher. Jump to the right and land on the platform containing the puck.

Level 13

  • In the room hwere you need to defeat SLUsers, run along the top and gain speed from the left-blowing wind to land on a wall-platform.
  • Press the red switch, and head to the left. This extends a platform, when you an jump up and break the ice blocks.
  • After this room, you can hit the bomb switch and jump up the spring. If you don't reach it, you can return through the door to retry.

Level 14

  • After the ball room puzzle, take a running jump to the left of the first blue switch. Climb up and destroy the bomb switch to drop the puck.
  • After the spring, there are destoyable bricks on a bridge. Take out the right two cracked bricks to get the puck.
  • After the spring, there is a bomb switch. Destroy it to create a platfom you can use to climb to reach the top of the area. Jump all the way to the left.

In the room after the ball puzzle, look for destroyable bricks to the left of the bomb switch. You can get the slasher in the secret room.

Level 15

  • To the right of the entrance, there is a set of bricks that can be broken open. Press the white switch to access the puck on the far left.
  • Defeat the boss without using the bonesaw.
  • Destroy the bomb switch, and catch the puck just before it falls down the pit.

The giant penguin is vulnerable when it's mouth is flashing red, after it uses it's freezing breath attack.

You can also smash the ice spikes if necessary.

Level 18

  • In the area with the orange and red button, break a secret wall to the right of the orange button. Look for a secret door in the cracked blocks. Finish the secret area to return to the previous screen at the second puck.

Level 24

  • Look for cracked walls near an early exit. Enter the secret door behind the destroyed walls, and strike the lower three bomb switches before releasing the cannon. Have the bomb bounce across the three raised platforms.
  • After running across the lava, spring to the top. Use the top-most wallspring to leap far to the left; you should land on a golden puck platform. Return to the right.

Level X-1

Requires 15 pucks.

  • Located above the entrance.
  • After the two arenas and jumping across the bomb drop area, you will finally reach the exit. Climb up on the right-hand side until you reach a yellow-colored wall. Break it open to reach the second puck.
  • In the room starting with blasting metal blocks with a bomb snail, the puck is to the right of the exit. Jump up, and punch the monster into the spiked area. Encourage him to move to the right, and collect the puck as soon as he reaches the button.

Level X-2

Level X-4

Requires 70 pucks.

  • First puck is at the bottom of the first large shaft. On the right, there is a bomb cannon. Have ti shoot to the side so that it bombs the floor beneath it. Then, follow it down to get the puck.


Let's play

This game was featured as a Let's Play by UltraJMan: