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11th April '08:

Five new games added again since the last update. There are now 80 games on the site!
New additions are: Get Lost (pictured) courtesy of Richard Marks, The Sandbox of God and Vivid Conceptions courtesy of Chubigans, and You Have To Burn The Rope courtesy of GaryBuseyFan2005. I've also added a page (and walkthrough) for Karoshi 2.
There's also a ton of new template pages for adventure games thanks to Megane67. If anybody would like to add screenshots and fill in walkthrough information for them, feel free!
It's brought a problem to my attention that we should probably take care of sooner rather than later - confusing categories. Right now the way the site works is that any game that has a walkthrough is added to the All Games Category, which keeps the master list sorted. Any games page that doesn't have sufficient walkthrough information is added to the Needs More Info Category. If a page isn't added to either, it'll probably just get lost on the wiki over time :(
This is pretty confusing to new contributors, I think - it would be easy to assume that every game on the site should be added to the All Games Category, and in fact that should be the case, as it makes more sense. Also, the Needs More Info category is currently too vague - it includes La Mulana, which is almost complete, as well as, say, Harvest: Massive Encounter, which doesn't have any walkthrough information at all.
So in order to deal with this issue before the site gets any larger, I'm going to make a few changes to how games are categorised.
All game pages on the site will now be added to the "All Games" category: This should mean that there's a category holding every game on the site, including templates, which should prevent game pages from getting lost. It's also a more sensible use of the "All Games" category.
Game pages with complete walkthroughs will be added to a "Walkthroughs" category: This makes a lot more sense than adding them to a category called "All Games". I should be able to do this by mucking about with the database, so it probably won't involve too much manually editing pages.
Game pages with games that need more information will be tiered: They'll still be part of a "Needs More Info" category, but they'll be ranked by how much information they need. Right now I'm thinking:
Level 0: No walkthrough information whatsoever. (Example: Harvest: Massive Encounter).
Level 1: A basic FAQ that only deals with some specific aspect of the game/A "Let's Play" video. (Example: Darkside Adventures).
Level 2: Lots of various information about the game (or a video walkthrough), but no definitive, complete, text walkthrough available. (Example: La Mulana).
These changes will involve manually editing most pages on the site, so it'll probably be a long term thing.
I'm also hoping to put together a submission template to simplify the page creation process. Right now adding a game involves copying a template from another page and working from that, but it would be much nicer if there was a form you could just fill out and submit. I'm not quite sure how best to do this on a wiki, so suggestions are welcome!
Feel free to leave comments about this (or suggestions on how to better approach it) on the Discussion Page!

9th April '08:

Unfortunately, due to persistent problems with spam getting past Bad Behavior, I've had to disable anonymous page editing (at least until I find a better solution to the spam problem). User registration is quick and painless though!

27th March '08:

My apologies for the lack of updates around here lately: I've been quite busy with other projects for the last month or so. Help and contributions are always appreciated!
Since the last update, another five games have been added, bringing the total number of games to 75.
New this time are Nifty (pictured) thanks to Zachary Hinchliffe, Karoshi, Kudzu, Varicella, and Slouching Towards Bedlam.
Fans of the database aspect of this project may be interested in the newest addition to TIGSource: TIGdb, a database of indie games. It should be open to public contributions very soon, and with over 60 games already, it's well worth a browse.

25th February '08:

I've changed the frontpage of the wiki away from the splash page thing, replacing it with this news update system! From now on, new additions to the wiki will be rounded up here every five games or so. The old information from this page has been moved to a new about page. Five new games were added since the last update, bringing the total number of games to 70.
Added this time are Darkside Adventures (pictured), Goldeneye 2D, IVAN, Spud's Quest, and Bloxorz.
There's also a lot of new information on the Legacy of Flan 4: Flan Rising page courtesy of Kelson, as well as the beginnings of a Legerdemain page by an anonymous contributor.


Before March '08, updates were posted on Terry's Blog here.