"Manos" The Revenge of Torgo

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"Manos" The Revenge of Torgo is a fangame of the Splatterhouse series set after the end of cult movie "Manos" The Hands of Fate. It's story begins when the Terror Mask appears before Torgo to heal him and ask his help for defeating the Master and the evil god Manos.

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  • Left and Right arrows move Torgo. Down arrow makes him crouch.
  • Z jumps.
  • X attacks.
  • Up arrow + X uses a subweapon (you have to unlock them first).
  • Enter pauses.
  • F5 resets the game.


First, some tips:

  • Collect achievements so you can get 1ups from the bonus points.
  • Beat the game in Caretaker difficulty level first to get the Staff of Manos. Then beat the final stage in Slave difficulty to get the Holy Manos Grenade. Finally, use the Staff of Manos to go through all levels in Master difficulty.

And now, some information about the levels and bosses:

Scene 1: El Paso, 3 A.M.

  • Walk to the right, fight enemies and get used to the controls. You'll soon see some rivers and you must fall on them until you get a game over. No, really. When the alternate game over screen appears, pick the password option and you'll restart the level with 4 lives.

Boss strategy:

  • The giant snake will periodically spit out eggs, from which bats come out of. You're supposed to kick the snake just as it spits the egg so you don't become overwhelmed by bats.

Stage 2: Manos' Righteous Hands

  • When Torgo and the Mask are talking about the cultists' plans, a guy at the beggining of the level spots Torgo and throws a minecart at him. To avoid getting hit, you must quickly perform the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Jump, Attack). If you succeed, you get some points and the opportunity to skip most of the level.

Boss strategy:

  • You'll have to fight a bunch of cultists. Once they're all dead, kill Father Brazos with air attacks. Dodge the statues of Manos or hit them to stun them.

Stage III

  • A giant moth chases Torgo across a very fragile bridge. Keep jumping and moving foward to avoid falling.

Boss strategy:

  • Michael walks left to right and sometimes stops to shoot a fireball. It's a simple fight, but jumping over the fireballs can be hard. Try not to stay so close to him all the time.


  • When Torgo has to choose between three doors, only the ones in the background contain the items he needs to clear the level. The third one seems to only have a single healing item, but you can also enter a secret room through a fridge. The secret room contains a healing item and a 1up. After a moment, a Predator will point his crosshair at Torgo and follow him through the level. To get rid of him either make him shoot the Master's painting (worth more points) or trigger the level's boss fight.

Boss strategy:

  • Two floating eyes which move around the screen, periodically surrounding themselves with fire/lightining for a couple of seconds. Hit them when they're not attacking. After one is killed, the other will shoot a projectile every time it activates its shield.

The 5th Stage

  • This stage is just a battle against the Master.

Final Boss, phase 1 strategy:

  • The Master fights much like Dracula from the Castlevania series, alternating between attacks and teleports. You can hit him before and after he attacks, but it must be done very quickly.
  • His attack pattern is: fireball (jump) eye beam (confuses Torgo if it hits him, so duck), thunder (jump), fire pillar (walk away, then walk towards the Master), eye beam again (duck) and another type of fireball (jump).
  • In Slave mode, the Master won't use most of his attacks.

Now, if you're playing in Slave mode, the Lodge is destroyed and Torgo escapes. If you're playing on Caretaker or Master modes, the battle continues.

Final Boss, phase 2 strategy:

  • The Master turns into a monster. His hands make a circular motion a few times before moving to the top of the screen. Then the Master shoots some hand-shaped beams (duck under them), fireballs that drop to the floor (jump over the fire) and two pillars of thunder (stay away).
  • Two good moments to hit the Master are when the hands are moving towards the center of the screen (do a air attack) and when he's about to finish the beam hands attack (walk to him, punch, walk away).
  • If you're using the Staff of Manos, be careful because the Master's hands can deflect the fireballs into Torgo.

Now enjoy the ending, which features some cool moments and the return of LORON.

Achievement Locations

The game features a mechanic in which you can trigger glitches and easter eggs to get points. In the option menu you can see a list to check which ones you found and read hints about the others.

Here's some instructions about how they can be found:

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: At the beggining of a level, jump kick through the left side of the screen to unlock this.
  • My Walking ain't Going Nowhere: Torgo's walking animation must play when he isn't walking. This can be done easily by jumping on the stack of hands near the key in level 2.
  • Let's Not and Say we Did (Drown): Get killed by falling into the water in stage 1, but grind Torgo against the walls to make the death sequence take much more time to end than it should.
  • It's Dolphin Season: At the rivers in stage 1, face left, crouch and stand still to summon Occe the dolphin. Kick him in the face.
  • Dolphin Induced Volcano Friction: In stage 1, summon Occe in the platform where a wolf stands on. Let Occe hit Torgo and hold left to stop the knockback.
  • Quickest Time Event: Clear the QTE in stage 2.
  • Focus That Camera, Hal! Focus!: Near the end of stage 2, go from the bottom floor to the top floor, then walk down again.
  • Torgus Christ: Jump into a cutscene.
  • Streetsmart Bitchfucker: Break the 4th wall at the beggining of stage 2 and drop to the lower floor for some sequence breaking action.
  • Hair Deposit Past 4th Wall: Break the 4th wall at the right side of stage 2 and drop to the lower floor to enter a secret room.
  • Screw Gravity: In stage 4, Torgo must jump (without moving left or right) as he triggers the cutscene at the three doors area.
  • Stuck Hailing to the King: Jump into the corner of the screen when collecting a stone tablet, then try to walk into the wall.
  • I Survived the Hunt: In stage 4, make the Predator stop chasing you by triggering the level's boss fight.
  • In Your Face, Preddie: Encounter the Predator before collecting the stone tablets, lead him to the boss area and make him shoot the Master's painting.
  • The Amazing Three Armed Torgo: Near the end of stage 3, try to make Torgo walk against the end of the bridge while using the Staff of Manos repeatedly.
  • I Wanna be Left Alone: During the battle against the Master, break the fourth wall and walk away.
  • Silver Sand Surfer: Get hit by the Master's eye beam attack, then crouch and press left or right to slide.
  • On Top of the World: After defeating Master's second form, but before the next cutscene begins, run away from the screen.
  • I Collided With Solid Air: Before triggering the first boss fight, punch the invisible object above the little snake.
  • Torgo's Quest: Get a game over by falling into the water in stage 1, then choose the Password option.
  • You Were Supposed to Fall: During stage 3, make a hole on the bridge so a enemy can walk over it.
  • I Scrolled Forever Until The End: Check out the bottom of the Achievement list to get a lousy message.