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1. Head north towards the mountains.
2. Enter the tent on the right.
3. Take the SCREWDRIVER from the table.
4. Search the BACKPACK for a PULSE READER and a PACK OF GUM.
5. Exit this tent and enter the tent in the middle.
6. Grab the BELT from the BED.
7. Examine the SHOES to acquire a pair of SHOELACES.
8. Exit the tent and head west.
9. Go south and meet the scientist.
10. Head west after the short conversation for a small cutscene.
11. Enter the structure, then head west twice.
12. Talk to the janitor (Wilson), then head west.
13. Return to his location after helping him out with the broken door.
14. Talk to him again and tell him that you have the PULSE READER.
15. He will pass an access CARD to you.
16. Head east and use the access CARD on the CARD READER.
17. Enter the room and the scientist will start a conversation with Yerik.
18. Use the SWITCH next to the wall once the conversation ends.


1. After the cutscene, grab the BROKEN POT from the floor and exit the room.
2. Head east until you've reached the area with a generator and several frozen crates.
3. USE the PACK of GUM in your inventory by right-clicking it.
4. This will produce a piece of USED GUM.
6. Combine USED GUM with CRACKED POT.
8. Examine the generator's ENGINE.
9. Use the SCREWDRIVER on the plate marked DANGER, COOLING.
10. Four SCREWS will be added to your inventory.
11. Use the SCREWDRIVER on the COOLING PIPES to break them.
12. Exit this screen, then use the BUTTONS on the right side of the generator.
13. Use the EMPTY POT in your inventory to WATER.
14. Use the BUTTONS again to turn off the generator.
15. Now place the POT WITH COLD WATER near the ENGINE.
16. Use the BUTTONS to turn the generator on again.
17. Head west until you've reached a room with a large hole in the ground.
18. Take the BROKEN PICK from the floor.
19. Now head back to the generator, and the cup of hot water should be ready.
20. Use the BUTTONS to turn off the generator.
21. The next few steps must be done quickly, else you would have to heat the water up again.
22. Use the PACK OF HANKIES in your inventory on the CUP OF WATER to acquire it.
23. Head east twice, towards the tent.
24. Use the POT OF HOT WATER on the METAL ROD, which is lying on the ground.
25. Now grab the METAL ROD.
26. Head west until you've reached the room with tentacles.
27. USE the PACK of GUM in your inventory again to produce a piece of USED GUM.
28. Combine the piece of USED GUM together with the METAL ROD.
29. This will produce a METAL ROD WITH GUM.
30. Use METAL ROD WITH GUM on the CRACK on the floor to acquire a higher access SECURITY CARD.
31. Head west once and use the new SECURITY CARD on the CARD READER, then enter the room.
32. Grab the LENGTHENING PIECE from the top of the NETWORK BOX.
33. Grab the DIPLOMA on the wall.
34. Enter the next room to your left, and grab the SAFETY MANUAL from the wall.
35. Exit back to the corridor.
36. Head west until you reach the room with a large hole in the ground.
37. Use the POWER LENGTHENING PIECE on the RAILING, then head down.
38. Search the system admin to find a DVD.
39. Head left, then search the POD to trigger a cutscene.


1. A NECKLACE will be added to your inventory.
2. Climb out of the cave and head right until you meet the scientist.
3. The PULSE READER will be added to your inventory after the conversation.
4. Use either the DIPLOMA or SAFETY MANUAL on the PRINTER to produce a piece of PRINTED PAPER.
5. Exit the room and keep heading left until you meet an UNKNOWN PERSON.
6. Head west twice and use the SECURITY CARD to enter the network room.
7. Use the DVD on the DVD READER. This will cause an explosion in the next room.
8. Exit back to the corridor and head left for another encounter.
9. A new path will be revealed. Enter it, then shut down the TERMINAL.
10. Exit the dark room and head west for another short cutscene.
11. Go left and retrieve the ROPE suspended above the hole.
12. Head back to the network room (use the SECURITY CARD), then move left.
13. Grab the PIPE which is stuck to the STEAM CHAMBER.
14. Use METAL ROD on BROKEN PICK to separate the PICK HEAD.
15. Combine the red PIPE with the PICK HEAD to create a LOOSEN PICK.
16. Use the BELT on the LOOSEN PICK to create the essential PICKAXE.
17. Exit back to the corridor and head towards the generator room.
18. Go right once, then read the PR MANUAL.
19. Right-click on the PULSE READER to reveal a SPOT.
20. Use PICKAXE on the new SPOT.
21. Head left three times to find Wilson the Janitor working on a panel.
22. Talk to him, and ask him for help.
23. Both of you will head to the SPOT.
24. Head left to the generator room.
26. Click on the POWER LENGTHENING PIECE, then use the generator BUTTONS to turn it on.
27. Walk around a bit while Wilson works on the SPOT, then return find him gone.
28. Grab the OBJECT which resides inside the METAL.
29. Use the POWER UNIT on the NECKLACE, then head right.
30. Wait for a while until you hear the voice, then right-click on the NECKLACE.


1. Grab the WIRE, then exit the ship.
2. Head left, and talk to the wounded soldier.
3. Enter the HOLE in the ground.
4. Search the person lying on the ground to acquire a BULLET.
5. Head all the way to the right and enter the door to the left. (just before the guard)
6. Use the PULSE READER on the shining METAL PIECE on the ground to acquire it.
7. Exit the place, then try to walk past the guard.
8. After a little questioning, he will let you pass so enter the door on the right.
9. Click on the LIGHT, then on the DRAIN right below it to make it fall.
10. Exit the room, then attempt to move west.
11. The guard will search you before allowing you to pass.
12. Head left, cross the plank and enter the room right next to it.
13. You'll end up in a room filled with water.
14. Click on the METAL WRECK to acquire a BATTERY.
15. Exit this room and go past the guard again.
16. Click on the BOX located inside the room with the ALIEN PROGRAMATOR.
17. You will acquire a SMALL METAL PART and a SMALL KEY.
18. Click on the LIGHT to put it back in an upright position.
19. Use both SMALL METAL PART and SMALL KEY on DRAIN to slip them in.
20. Head back to the room filled with water and examine the HOLE.
21. The SMALL METAL PART and SMALL KEY will be in your inventory again.
22. Head back to the surface, go right past the ship and cross the river.
23. Use your PICKAXE on the HEAD OF STATUE to reveal a LATTICE.
24. Click on the VINE, then use either your WATCH or a SCREW on the VINE.
25. Click on the VINE again, then the LATTICE to slip it in.
26. Use the SMALL KEY in your inventory on the BARS to unlock it, then enter.
27. Head right, then use the PULSE READER on the VINE to swing across.
28. Search the person lying on the ground to acquire a LIGHTER and a METAL PART.
29. Use the PULSE READER on the VINE again to swing back, then return to the surface.
30. Enter the ship, your original starting point.
31. Left click on the FLOOR PLATE to move it and reveal a FLOOR PANEL.
32. Place the BATTERY inside the FLOOR PANEL to transfer power to the door.
33. Use both METAL PARTS in your inventory with the METAL PART.
34. This will produce a METAL KEY WITH 2 PARTS.
35. Use the METAL KEY WITH 2 PARTS with the KEY LOCK on the right side of the door.
36. Enter this new room and you'll hear a voice again.
37. Search the person lying on the ground for a third METAL PART.
38. Left click on a PLATE on the wall to reveal two cartridges.
39. Click on the cartridge to add a BLUE CARTRIDGE and a RED CARTRIDGE to your inventory.
40. Exit the ship, go back down the hole and head all the way left.
41. You will arrive at a METAL DOOR with a KEYLOCK next to it.
42. Combine the third SMALL METAL PART with METAL KEY.
43. Use METAL KEY on KEYLOCK, then enter the new room.
44. Click on the CONTROL CONSOLE, then use the TELEPORTER. A cutscene will be triggered.


1. Use the SCREWDRIVER on the PANEL next to the door to reveal a POWER CONSOLE.
2. Climb the CRATE, then USE the SCREWDRIVER on the LIGHT right above you.
3. Use the WIRE on the POWER SUPPLY which was just revealed, then climb down the CRATE.
4. Exit the room, then head right to encounter the robot.
5. Quickly run back left and hide behind the boxes.
6. Click on the HEAVY OBJECT on top of the boxes when the ROBOT is close enough.
7. Use the pickaxe on the slightly ajar door behind you to open it.
8. Enter the room and grab a BLUE CRYSTAL, then exit this room.
9. The broken robot WRECK has a second BATTERY which you can collect by examining it.
10. Head back to the room with the ALIEN PROGRAMATOR.
12. Click on the LAPTOP to program the BLUE CARTRIDGE.
13. Retrieve both BATTERY and BLUE CARTRIDGE, then return to the blue ship.
14. Exit the teleporter room and head right.
15. Use the SCREWDRIVER on the PANEL to reveal a POWER CONSOLE.
16. Use the BATTERY on the POWER CONSOLE and enter the new room.
18. Left click on the PANEL to reveal a SHAFT, then click on the SHAFT.
19. SAVE HERE. The storyline branches out after this, offering two endings.

You now have two endings to choose from:
- Destroy the ship and the necklace (longer ending)
- Use the ship, fulfil your task (shorter ending)

Shorter ending

1. You'll find yourself back in Antartica, head north towards the mountains.
2. Keep going west until a cutscene triggers, watch the ending.

Longer ending

1. There's a CONTROL STATION which houses a BLUE TABLET in this room.
2. Grab this BLUE TABLET, then leave the blue ship using the teleporter.
3. Exit the teleporter room and head right.
4. There's a small passage here heading towards the back, click on it.
5. You'll find yourself in an opening, click on the ROPE LADDER to climb down.
6. At the swamp, try and use the VALVE to find out about the leak.
7. Use the VALVE again to turn it off, then use the METAL PLATE on the PIPE.
8. Put the PICKAXE on the METAL PLATE (not the PIPE), then use the VALVE again.
9. Return to the surface to find that the wounded soldier has disappeared.
10. Examine the SLOT next to the door, where the soldier used to rest his head on.
11. Use the STONE PLATE on the SLOT to open the door, then enter it.
12. Use the BLUE CRYSTAL on the HOLE to reveal a hidden entrance. Enter it.
13. Go east to find the captain, who will prevent you from proceeding.
14. Use the SCREWDRIVER on the BULLET to acquire GUN POWDER and an EMPTY BULLET CASE.
15. Use the EMPTY BULLET CASE on the METAL ROD to create a BARREL.
18. Use FIREARM on the captain to acquire the KEY CARD, then head west twice.
19. Use the KEY CARD on the ARMY CHEST to acquire a CUTTING TORCH.
20. Return to the room with a LASER FENCE.
21. Use the CUTTING TORCH on the CABLE beneath the LASER FENCE. (near the left)
22. The right position is where both red and black cable overlap each other.
23. Use the CANNON CONTROL to complete the game and watch the ending.

(Thanks to Groogokk for the corrections)