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  • ...w the maze to where it takes you and you should be able to get outside the maze so that you can circle it and reach the exit to the next level.
    3 KB (488 words) - 16:23, 2 January 2008
  • ...ssic MSX game. It's heavily influenced by the classic Konami MSX game 'The Maze of Galious' and anyone who has played that title will probably recognize th This area winds upon itself; as such, it is a more complex maze.
    15 KB (2,615 words) - 11:56, 13 January 2010
  • After making it into the tunnel, you will arrive in a small maze of moving to the right, go into the maze and get around the edge of the
    31 KB (6,144 words) - 07:35, 19 January 2008
  • down the spike maze, and save. Congrats, you’ve passed your last the right and save. Then jump up and go left to the spike maze
    26 KB (4,892 words) - 12:58, 23 January 2008
  • ...screen to the right of the first save point in Stonecastle. Navigate the maze without taking any damage to open the heart gate.
    40 KB (7,248 words) - 14:55, 3 October 2009
  • Yomi chased that guy into a Nightmare Maze, but Yomi got lost. Guess who you statue at the end of the hallway to get to the Nightmare Maze.
    85 KB (16,045 words) - 13:29, 28 January 2008
  • with a maze of rocks. This is a kind of maze. There are many holes and caves, and they all lead
    43 KB (8,251 words) - 12:16, 1 February 2008
  • 79 light blues, head down towards the bottom of the sea. You will see a maze of metal bars. Head all the way to the right to find the entrance of the maze. From there you should be
    44 KB (8,322 words) - 05:48, 5 February 2008
  • for the boss. The entrance to the shoot maze is high
    3 KB (626 words) - 13:04, 10 February 2008
  • |_ 2 _| sarcophagus; it's a maze that leads nowhere. _____| |_____ The second room is a huge maze, and if you want to get
    89 KB (9,128 words) - 05:50, 14 October 2009
  • ...a puzzle game which involves shuffling a piece of block across a suspended maze. The objective is basically to get the block to fall through a square hole
    2 KB (267 words) - 13:14, 25 February 2008
  • twice. Enter the passage. Finish the maze and enter the green
    3 KB (605 words) - 04:01, 6 March 2008
  • ...iting the bullet in strange/unexpected ways. Explore the fantabulous sewer maze! See the disembowling dragon in the parking lot! Play as a human or embark
    2 KB (331 words) - 09:38, 12 April 2008
  • ...mist problem and defeat the boss at the end of the mist dungeon. The mist maze is annoying and the boss is hard so be prepared. Location: Mayfall Forest - Mist Maze
    11 KB (1,871 words) - 15:51, 27 February 2009
  • * Eversion point 6/7 on lowest portion of the maze on the right of the map. ...trees. Eversion point at top-left. Eversion point 1/2 within cloud area of maze. || A simple run through. Eversion point between second set of roses.
    5 KB (787 words) - 17:59, 30 August 2011
  • '''Muon''' is a platform maze game. You will need to navigate a series of 10 platform mazes, and in orde To help passage through the maze, you start with three boost canisters. They can either be used to jump hig
    704 bytes (112 words) - 21:31, 7 December 2009
  • no sand pits here; instead, the area is essentially a giant maze. Telling you which ways to go to get the various to enter a one-room maze. Follow the directions to reach its end; when you walk in, head down a room
    887 KB (95,942 words) - 11:05, 22 January 2011